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January Reading List

Books I have read in January – okay, this is going to be an extraordinarily long post, so if you are busy, then I would save this for later. These are the books I have read this month and my recommendations regarding them.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse.

I knew before I started reading these books that Percy Jackson had all the hallmarks of a series I could get obsessed with. Fictional hero stuff? Check. Tons of allusions that could draw me into the world of wikipedia and obsessive googling? Check. A SERIES of these types of books? Double check. Let’s add that author Rick Riordan actually lives RIGHT here in my city and the obsession meter clearly goes off the chart. These books are excellent – quick reads, obviously, because they’re kids’ books, but they have some funny inside-type jokes for people who know a bit more about mythology — like when Apollo makes a comment about how he hates when girls turn into trees…which of course, is one of my favorite scultures of all time.

Salem Falls, Plain Truth

The first Jodi Picoult book I ever read was My Sister’s Keeper. I bought it about four years ago, read it, cried my eyes out, threw the book across the room and vowed to never read another word this depraved woman wrote. My friend K-Sizzle changed that by obsessing over her. After hearing K-Sizzle sing her praises unceasingly, I decided to read Plain Truth, because I am also tremendously interested in the Amish. And, then, I was hooked. So, my recommendation here is: read Jodi Picoult. Expect a twist at the end (I am proud to say I figured out both of these books before the ending). And FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, do not read My Sister’s Keeper. That book does not deserve to be read. Bleh.

Daisy Miller, Washington Square

I read Daisy Miller in a college English class, but even with my love of reading, far more of my time in college was spent either sipping margaritas or hanging out with my cute boyfriend, so I really just skimmed everything I read back then. These books…well, they are what they are. Beautifully written, gloomy stories that show how little choice women had in the past and how constricted society was. But, wow, they are beautifully written. Recommendation: read. Daisy Miller in particular is a must-read if only to get a better grasp of our literary heritage.

Mine are Spectacular!

Just the cover of this book should be enough to tell you, don’t read. I liked the authors’ book “The Men I Didn’t Marry.” So, when I saw this book at the library book sale for 25 cents, I bought it. It was fluff, obviously, but the thing I most have against Kaplan and Schumberger is that their “jokes” or their humor in their books feels completely inserted. Like they have a formula. Three paragraphs, then insert pop culture reference. Four pages, then joke about how men are not dependable. Etc, etc, etc.


Oh, man…..Wideacre. Philippa Gregory is another of my obsessions. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE historical fiction, especially all her Tudor books. Wideacre is a different type of historical fiction. Imagine an English, super-crazier Scarlett O’Hara. One who’s not opposed to anything. And, let’s just say, what she does to her sister-in-law Celia is MUCH worse than Scarlett stealing Frank Kennedy. Recommendation: Read, read, read. Prepare to be creeped out tremendously, but to not be able to put it down.

The Memoirs of Cleopatra

This is a LONG book. Really long. I just googled it and it says it’s almost 1,000 pages long. But it is tremendously interesting, especially if (as I have said about 12 times in this post alone) you’re the kind of person who gets obsessive about things rooted in history. It has tons of detail and provides for much wikipedia-ing during and after reading. One caveat: there are a lot of battles in this book — I mean, what can you expect from a books that features a lot of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony — so those parts can get a little wearisome. Read, but expect it to take you a while.

The Three Weissmans of Westport

Meh. I was attracted to the cover of this book, but I really didn’t like it that much. I felt this was unusual for me, because I’, usually a fan of anything that riffs off Jane Austen, but I just wasn’t feeling the whole love stories of the geriatric sluts vibe (and there are both male and female 50+ sluts in this book). I give it a pass.

Mini Shopaholic

I always am lured into reading any new Sophie Kinsella (or Madeleine Wickham) book that comes out. This is typical Shopaholic fare — funny scenes with Becky, feeling a little sorry for Luke, etc. But I found myself feeling very concerned for Becky’s poor little girl. Eeek. Recommendation: read, if you’re looking for something light and fun. However, if you’re not already a Kinsella reader, I say bypass this one for now and go read her “Remember Me?” instead as it is fantastic.

So, there you are: my January book list. I warned you it would be long. Let me know if you’ve read any of these, have any different opinions, want any additional detail on the books or have any suggestions for my next month’s list. 😉

Just Call Me a Genius

Okay, so about two or three days each week, I forget to put deodorant on in the morning. I don’t know why – I guess I just have a mental block against it.

So, finally, using my brilliant mind powers, I came up with a magnificent idea. Seriously. I may get the Nobel Prize for this or something.

I put an extra deodorant ….in my purse. Bingo. Years of furtive smelliness dissolved right there.

So, just in case you need the 591st digit of pi, or the formula for world peace, well, you may want to find someone of true genius. But if you don’t want to be gross when you have to hug people, then come to me.

So maybe I’m not being completely serious, but there is a TRUE genius in our family. Hurray Ducks for being a success in being called on in Constitutional Law yesterday, and rocking it! So proud of my lovely little husband.

Video Fun-ness

One of my favorite things about having a sister who is a film and digital media major is that she’s always on YouTube sending me hilarious things. Or, actually, she says she’s on StumbleUpon and that’s where she gets stuff like Marcel the Shell and this gem of a video (because according to her, she puts in criteria like “film making, screenplays and cute animals):

So hilarious. Watch and enjoy.

Long-awaited update

What have I been doing since last time we chatted?

Well, first, I got a promotion! Why, yes, I am a PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR now, thank you for asking. 😉  I’m still with the same company, but taking on my responsibilities, which is really cool.

Then, I watched my favorite basketball team get annihilated by this crazy mythical bird thing:

Then, I watched this movie in honor of MLK Day.

And, ohmigod, you guys, did I mention that I went to THIS show??

(Which, by the way, was super-super-super cute and if it comes to your city, please go see it. I laughed the entire time.)

And, besides that I’ve been reading a lot. I’m keeping a list of all the books I read in 2011. I will TRY (emphasis on TRY) to give you all a list and my recommendations at the end of each month. But, so far, among other things, I’ve gotten addicted to this series:

Let’s see….what else? I’ve done about 17 million JL things already in 2011, and still have eleventy-billion more to go. (this is not interesting enough to merit a picture).

I learned a new dice game at my friend K-Sizzle’s game night. This brings my total of dice games to two. The other is Yahtzee.  And I’m thinking about starting a game night club to complement the book club.

Ahhh….I know ….best thing ever – I finally got my computer! FINALLY! It’s giant, though. I thought I was getting the same size as Ducks has, but I accidentally ordered one that’s bigger. It’s actually a really good size for watching videos, but may end up being really heavy to carry around. I guess it’s a good thing that I am so busy I barely have time to look at the computer, much less get all cozy with my new laptop in a coffee shop somewhere.

So, anyway, there’s my life update. I promise to be a better commenter/blog reader in the near future. Pinky swear! 🙂

Resolution Update

So….how’s it going, friends?

Let’s just pretend that everything is going smoothly and nothing secretive is going on. And let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions and how they’re going.

1) Eat fewer processed foods.

This one is going very well. The only areas where I have minorly slipped up have been sweets and I also had some chips. But, I am going to blame both of those on stress. I have avoided my nemesis, cheese, and his pal, soda, which are a couple of the main reasons why I decided to do this.

The main reason for this resolution is to help with losing weight and taking good care of our bodies (Ducks is doing the same thing, too), so I think as long as I’m counting Weight Watchers points for the processed items, we’re in good shape.

Also, I have to say, this is really funny because my husband can’t seem to get the idea of “processed” as it regards food. He is very sad at the substitution of oatmeal and smoothies for cereal, and I thought his little heart was breaking when I broke the news to him that Gatorade qualified as a processed food item.

2) Exercise for the equivalent of a full week.

That equals thirty minutes every day. I usually exercise on a regular basis (5 or 6 days a week), but every single day is more difficult, with social obligations, etc. So, some days I will have to do more in order to stay on track. I’m 15 minutes ahead of schedule right now. 😉

3) Wear makeup on a regular basis.

Most days, I can’t be bothered to put makeup on, but I know that I look and feel better when I at least put on some mascara and lipstick. So that’s my goal. I already have missed a work day of makeup, though, because today I woke up at SEVEN-TEN (7:10) A.M. I am supposed to be at work at 8. It takes 25 minutes to get to work from my house. So, I missed that goal today. Sigh.

4) Censored.

My husband won’t want me to post this one, but let’s just say that it involves us doing something …. creative…. together once a month (Ducks, please don’t read this). This month’s has not yet been checked off the list.

5) Write at least 1,000 words each week, not for work or on the blog.

Not done yet for this week. It will be my Saturday project when my husband has to start reading his homework for school that starts on Monday. Can you believe it?! Already time for a new semester. Sigh. We’ll be done with law school before you know it.

How are your resolutions coming along?


Okay, here’s another secret post. Same password as the last one. 😉

It’s an update based on the events of yesterday.

Love to all! 🙂

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