Resolution Update

So….how’s it going, friends?

Let’s just pretend that everything is going smoothly and nothing secretive is going on. And let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions and how they’re going.

1) Eat fewer processed foods.

This one is going very well. The only areas where I have minorly slipped up have been sweets and I also had some chips. But, I am going to blame both of those on stress. I have avoided my nemesis, cheese, and his pal, soda, which are a couple of the main reasons why I decided to do this.

The main reason for this resolution is to help with losing weight and taking good care of our bodies (Ducks is doing the same thing, too), so I think as long as I’m counting Weight Watchers points for the processed items, we’re in good shape.

Also, I have to say, this is really funny because my husband can’t seem to get the idea of “processed” as it regards food. He is very sad at the substitution of oatmeal and smoothies for cereal, and I thought his little heart was breaking when I broke the news to him that Gatorade qualified as a processed food item.

2) Exercise for the equivalent of a full week.

That equals thirty minutes every day. I usually exercise on a regular basis (5 or 6 days a week), but every single day is more difficult, with social obligations, etc. So, some days I will have to do more in order to stay on track. I’m 15 minutes ahead of schedule right now. 😉

3) Wear makeup on a regular basis.

Most days, I can’t be bothered to put makeup on, but I know that I look and feel better when I at least put on some mascara and lipstick. So that’s my goal. I already have missed a work day of makeup, though, because today I woke up at SEVEN-TEN (7:10) A.M. I am supposed to be at work at 8. It takes 25 minutes to get to work from my house. So, I missed that goal today. Sigh.

4) Censored.

My husband won’t want me to post this one, but let’s just say that it involves us doing something …. creative…. together once a month (Ducks, please don’t read this). This month’s has not yet been checked off the list.

5) Write at least 1,000 words each week, not for work or on the blog.

Not done yet for this week. It will be my Saturday project when my husband has to start reading his homework for school that starts on Monday. Can you believe it?! Already time for a new semester. Sigh. We’ll be done with law school before you know it.

How are your resolutions coming along?


9 responses to “Resolution Update

  1. These are such good resolutions! Totally agree that every day is hard to work out. I usually double up on weekend days (including Friday since I can stay up later) to free up a couple days during the week.

    I wish I had your determination with processed foods. I totally suck about eating them, and I justify it by picking up the low-sodium/carb/fat/sugar version. Which totally does not help at all.

  2. I never thought of doing total minutes per week for working out instead of keeping a daily tally. I like your way better, for the flexibility of it.

    I have so far started on a couple of resolutions- made my first loaf of bread this week (a success) and bought a book about composting!

  3. 5 or 6 workouts a week? You’re an inspiration lady.
    My resolutions are coming! We’re still trying to be fit and eat better which is a good continuation of last year. My resolution about being more flexible is a work in progress (I want what I want sometimes!)

  4. My focus this year is balance. Now that I have one semester under my belt, I need to work on fitting school, work, and life together. This also means fitting in workouts and some intimate time with my husband. And yes, I do mean sex. With both of us in school and working full time we are both “tired” a lot. Must work on that!!

  5. I love #5 – and #4 made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

    • Hehe – just re-read it and decided I should clarify. I didn’t mean have s[censored for Ducks’ benefit]ex once a month. That would be a bad goal. :-/ I meant have creative [censored] once a month.

  6. Yeah, I can’t make resolutions because I will not stick to them even a little bit.

    I’m cracking up at your “wear makeup every day”–I cannot leave the house without makeup and probably have more makeup than an actual makeup artist, and yet, I wear the same damn eyeshadow color I need an intervention.

  7. I’m with you on #3. Along the same lines, one of my resultions was to toss any underwear that might be mistaken for rag. And to keep up with getting my hair cut. So far, so good.
    My food resolution was no coffee after 12 pm. I also want to get out of bed earlier. My afternoon coffee habit made it too easy to stay up too late and then I’d be dragging through the next day, reach for the coffee and start the cycle over. In the 14 days of 2011, I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck to my coffee rule. On the other hand, I have not been able to get out bed early once. Next week, I am going to set a time, and try to push 5 minutes earlier every few days. We’ll see if it works.

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