The Chore Bowl


Today was the Super Bowl….of chores… at my house.

Seriously. I have been hard at work all day, people.

I’m trying to get things more organized and balanced around my house. Honestly, that’s always my goal, but I usually get sidetracked by reading a lot of books, commenting on y’all’s blogs, watching Psych or something else equally more interesting than getting my house in order.

But, today was a different story. First of all, Ducks and I decided to trade a chore. Technically, laundry is his chore because he kept throwing dirty clothes on top of freshly washed ones that hadn’t been moved from the washer. But, since he wasn’t really handling that chore as regularly as I would have wished… (read: never), he offered to swap me dishes for laundry. And so it was agreed.

The chore chart

And that made me want to get a lot of chores done. I was inspired! I have this chore chart, which I created in hopes of doing all chores once a week.

A few chore examples

But….I have never moved all the clips from the left side (the to-do side) to the right side (the completed side) in a week yet. So…this week, I have resolved to get it done. Bathrooms? Check! Laundry? Check! Lunches packed? Check!

Then, I made food for the upcoming week, since I have JL and a wedding photo shoot this week. I made a GIANT amount of soup, which should last us several days, then I made Amanda’s cheese biscuits. I also made our lunch burritos (which I’ll have to tell you about in another post) and some egg muffins for this week’s breakfasts.

Hearty Italian soup

Yummy biscuits - thanks, Amanda!

So….after all this work, I totally think I deserve some Blue Bell (the only real ice cream!) and a l-o-n-g break. Don’t you?


9 responses to “The Chore Bowl

  1. I hope you enjoy the biscuits!

    And I love your little chart. My biggest frustration that never seems to end is trying to get Nick to help me more and consistently with chores. When he was living on his own, he rarely — if ever — cleaned anything. (Seriously, my parents and I scrubbed his apartment so hard before he moved out.) So he’s just not used to making it a priority, and I know he’s overwhelmed with internship applications. Still, with me now working consistently, I need his help. I may have to steal that idea.

  2. cute chore chart! And… so impressed with all of your cooking today! Wow, that will make the week so much easier (and tastier).

    Burrito recipe please?

  3. I know what you mean about getting on a roll with chores. It can be so motiving to see progress that you just keep going. Unfortunately, for me, it works the opposite way for me too. I don’t do something and then I don’t want to do the next thing before you know it, I feel like I need a maid. If anyone finds has a solution to this, I’m all ears.

    • I am going to demand a maid before when I have children. I think it will be well worth it. I can’t imagine working, doing even a few out-of-the-house activities, taking care of kids and keeping my house clean. I have so much admiration for people who can multitask that way. (You are like that too, with all your garden work!).

  4. Omg if you make that chore chart and sell it on Etsy I will buy it!!! We need one so badly. Hill staffer + law student = very little domestic productivity. I mean we always make time to cook ridiculous food and clear out the sofa area so we can sprawl out and watch tv… But the squeaky doors that need WD40 and the shower that needs to be scrubbed? Yeah not so much.

  5. I saw this article and it made me think of our chore chart. That and the fact that our family has yet to find a chore system (or paragim shift) that seems to work for us.

    • that shoudl be “your chore chart.”

    • I thought that article was interesting – however, it seems kind of like a no-brainer to say, “families are happier when the wife does the chores and the husband has fun.” I mean, who paid to research that?!

      But, I do see what they’re saying with the article when they mentioned the woman freaking out about the temperature of the bath water, etc. I catch myself nagging about how chores are done, when I should just be happy I have a husband doing some of them! 😉

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