Fatigue Setting In

Fatigute is setting in, but there’s a little hope in this situation. Right now, it’s a little after 5 p.m. in Moscow. Those Russians are getting to kick back with a frozen vodka and hang up their fur hat things.

It can’t come soon enough here – and that’s all I have to say. This week is making me a cranky, unpleasant hag to be around.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re tired, the person who suffers most is your significant other? I have pretty much been full-out crazy and mean to poor Ducks in the two days that I’ve been home from my lobbying trip this week. Why? Because I’ve been working extremely hard and am drained so I’m taking it out on him instead of just sleeping or eating a bunch of chocolate, which would be two better solutions.

It’s not really fair to him because he’s having a tough week too – a midterm and a brief due. But, who said that crazy-woman-exhaustion-syndrome is reasonable or fair?

But, never fear, people – we are literally just hours away from the weekend (sorry to you west coasters like Ginger and Natalie – you have a little farther to go). Here’s to restoring a little sanity and having a little fun during the next two days.

2 responses to “Fatigue Setting In

  1. Haha, it sounds like you need to get there faster than I do anyway! Hope this weekend can bring you some peace. I too hate that our husbands get the brunt of our stress. I hate that I take so much out on him, but on the flip side, love that I can be that person for him. We all need that someone. 🙂

  2. This week was LONG, I swear. Every day just dragged on, and there wasn’t even a particular reason it was so bad. M and I both felt that. So ready for a long weekend.

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