The Best Part of Work

Today was a quiet, productive day, but it reminded me of the very best thing about work. Friends.

Some of you may think that work is about being productive, about building a meaningful career, about charting a course for your future. To that I say – pssh. Obviously work is about hanging out with your co-workers and goofing off.

Today, L and H were BOTH gone. Together. Without me. They went to visit some of their regional offices and did a spend-the-night trip. So, not only did they get to go out tonight and have fun and text me pictures of the delicious dessert they had at the Domain. They ALSO were not at the office all day, which meant there was no one to go down the hall with to get water, no one to eat lunch with, no one to IM during the day (remember that K also llllleeeeefffftttt us 😦 ) . I guess it was just as well, since I didn’t actually have time to eat a real lunch and had to eat while working.

And, yes, I was joking about the true purpose of work, but I have to say that the friends and supportive colleagues who make the days worth it, especially when life is super-hectic. Which it is right now.

Do you have good relationships with your co-workers and/or classmates? Or do you have that one special little person that grates on your nerves? 🙂


5 responses to “The Best Part of Work

  1. I’m really lucky and have become good friends with many of my co-workers. I definitely don’t take my relationships for granted – it’s awful having someone who just puts you off!

  2. as much as it pains me to say it, I don’t really enjoy the people I work with… It’s completely different from any other job I’ve had, but the culture here isn’t fantastic, and it’s pretty cut-throat… we’re majority contractors, so there’s a lot of back stabbing, talking about others, and “spies” who try to find out the dirt… I miss that feeling of being excited to get to my job and work like I love what I do… (I really am optimistic, EEEK!) Best part of my day is getting home and walking the dog 🙂

  3. I totally feel this way about law school!! My friends make it worth showing up- seriously. I could not live without our little interludes of fun and laughter.

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