February Reading List

Here are my books for February. Looking at how much I read, I’m thinking about forcing a hiatus from it sometime soon (except for Book Club books of course) to make myself do other things.

Death to the BCS

If you’re a college football fan, this book is a great read. It’s also just a great read if you like statistics. Read it. I told Ducks that I was sad that it didn’t have a happy ending, but it’s really TBD, right? All hail the playoff system.

The Last Block in Harlem

I’m letting the jury stay out on this one until after our book club meeting this week, when we’ll be skype-ing with the author. I’ll let you know what I think about it after that conversation and his insights.

The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian

Finished up the Percy Jackson series. I always feel a little guilty when I check out books like Percy Jackson from the library because I feel like I’m taking them from little children who might really, really, really want to read them. But, I don’t feel guilty enough not to take them. Also, I helped my sister study for a test for her mythology class and a lot of it is pretty accurate. You should read the wh0le series.

The Favored Child and Meridon

The last two parts of the Wideacre trilogy that I mentioned in the last  reading list blog post. In some ways, I thought The Favored Child was more frustrating than Wideacre, but Wideacre was definitely creepier. Beatrice (in Wideacre) is creepy because you start liking her at points throughout the book in between times when she’s being super psycho. Richard (in The Favored Child) is just psycho all the time and never, ever likeable.  Philippa Gregory also wrapped up the whole series really nicely in Meridon. Good stuff – read it.

The Wise Woman

Once that I finished those two books, I decided to embark on a read through more of Philippa Gregory’s works. The Wise Woman is another creepy one – this one is about witchcraft – but I really liked how she tied in an allusion to Catherine of Aragon/Anne Boleyn throughout the book. If you’re choosing between The Wise Woman and Wideacre, I say read Wideacre, though.

House Rules

Another Jodi Picoult. I am beginning to think her books are a bit formulaic, though still good. So far, Formula A = Salem Falls and The Pact. Formula B = My Sister’s Keeper and House Rules. This is still a good book, but is not getting the same reading endorsement as the previous ones I’ve read from her.

A Rose for the Crown

Okay, I LOVE Anne Easter Smith. She is a tremendous writer and she writes the kinds of books that are dear to my heart – English-based historical fiction centering around the Cousins’ War and the Plantagenets. “A Rose for the Crown” is the second of her books that I’ve read. The first was “The King’s Grace.” I liked them both – this one was good because I liked the positive image she portrays of Richard III. This is a long read, but well worth it.


8 responses to “February Reading List

  1. I really want to read the Percy Jackson series now and I won’t mind borrowing it and depriving a little kid of the book.

    I’m currently on “Too Big to fail” – my husband’s recommendation for the best book about the financial crisis. It’s actually pretty interesting and I wanted to read a piece of non-fiction.

  2. I’ve really loved Phillipa Gregory’s books, and I hadn’t realized there was a continuation to the Wideacre story. So excited to look for it soon. (Now I just need a job that doesn’t involve two hours of driving every day so I can go back to reading on my commute. Can’t do books on tape — too slow for me.)

  3. Definitely let us know what you thought about The Last Block in Harlem. I am always looking for new, good book club suggestions.

  4. I have all of your fabulous book posts starred for summer…. I have totally sucked at reading this semester 😦

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