Help! Urgent Domestic Dilemma

I need monogramming advice!

What color should monograms be on towels that are a light perwinkle blue color?

The towels are about this shade –

What do you think? Darker blue? Grey? Lighter blue? White? The bathroom they’ll be used in is painted a pale grey and has silver accents.

My sweet grandmother offered to get them monogrammed for me but I need to hurry and let her know. Thanks for the advice!

7 responses to “Help! Urgent Domestic Dilemma

  1. I don’t know why I am chiming in, since my interior decorating skills are non-existent. I think a grey/silver-threaded monogram would be pretty and it would match, although over time would the thread look dirty rather than silver? But those towels may not be in that bathroom forever, so the practical side of me would go with whatever you like most and don’t worry about its current location. Navy would also be nice.

    So there you go. I was no help at all!

  2. A slate gray or white are my votes!

  3. silver was my first instinct… or pearly white… I’m a sucker for silver, though… 🙂

  4. I would say silver or grey. Even white, but I like grey!

  5. I’d go with light gray or off-white.

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