Design Stars: That Means Y’all

Quick poll:

Trying to pick out a bed for our house. I’m down to a few that I like…however, having a hard time because of

1) Price. Don’t want to spend too much, but at the same time, I don’t want to have to buy a second one in a few years.

2) Color. We already have all our other furniture. I have an armoire and matching nightstand, which we’ll keep in the room. Currently, we also have some furniture of Ducks’ in there as well. It’s some very masculine and boxy 1920s furniture, which I hope I can move to the guest room once we get a bed in there also. So, nothing matches and my dresser is actually from a company that doesn’t produce the same line anymore, so there’s not a good chance, as far as I can tell, to match it up.

So, because I rely on you guys for aesthetic purposes, here are a few beds I am considering. Let me know which one(s) you like best?

A) Mirabelle

B) Cross country 

C) North Shore

D) King Arthur

E) Cambridge

F) Leighton

Picking things out for a house is hard, y’all! Thanks for your superior design advice!


8 responses to “Design Stars: That Means Y’all

  1. OK, so I don’t mean to throw all of your ideas out the window, but do you really have to have a headboard? My parents have always only had a bed frame and then used different bed skirts and big pillows to create the illusion of a headboard.

    But, if you need to pick one of these, I really like Cambridge. I think I’ve looked at that bedroom set myself. 🙂 (I dream of having matching furniture, but in the meantime, I really like the hand-me-downs we got too.)

    • I thought about that too (the using pillows idea). However, our room is a really weird shape and the place where the bed should go is not up against a wall. I’ll have to post some pics to show you what I’m talking about because I don’t know how to describe it. 🙂

  2. I like Cambridge, Lexington and Cross Country (in no particular order). King Arutur is nice too. (I guess I’m not much help. All I’ve done is eliminate North Shore.) We have a sleigh bed with the big footboard, and visually it adds a lot of weight , plus it’s curves keep me from putting a bench in front and creating some much needed seating.

  3. I like Mirabelle and Cambridge but the Leighton is probably my favorite. I like clean and simple lines. The North Shore is a little castle-ish for me. Not a bad thing, just not my thing. 🙂 My two cents… can’t wait to see which one you chose!

  4. I second the suggestion to skip the headboard, but also have a room where the bed was in this awkward corner/cubbie type thing, so I understand sometimes it’s necessary. I like to sit up and read in bed though, so I really prefer something that’s squishy. If you like to read in bed, I’d definitely try sitting up in them because sometimes it can be hard to hold your posture! That said, I vote Mirabelle!

  5. F! I like that it’s dark, modern, and functional.

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  6. Last two for my vote!

  7. Oops, I’m a little late to the game. But like you, I’ve been sick the whole spring break! Totally sucks. Anyways, I think my favorite is the last one. But I’m super contemporary so I like boxy and straight lines. Also, do not worry about non-matching furniture. You really don’t have to match it at all. Just have pieces you like that match your style. The woods can be different too. In the end it will look personal and a little eclectic. Think complementary, not matchy. Can’t wait to see final pics!!

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