My Own Personal News of the Weird

Okay, I actually have another blog post to write but this one takes precedence because….well, I already semi-teased it on Twitter.

Tonight, I went to an industry dinner and it was…..odd.  First, the food was all semi-grayish in color, which is never a good sign. Second, a short and suspicious-looking hair was found when I was about 1/4 of the way through my plate, which then turned into being COMPLETELY through with my plate, as I certainly did not take another bite of that. EWWWW.

Okay, so there’s where we are with the meal. I’m sitting at a table with about seven of my co-workers and listening to one of our chief industry lobbyists talk about the current legislative situation. Our table is probably the closest to the speaker, and I’m one of the closest people to the speaker. I get up and go to the bathroom about 2/3 of the way through the speech. When I return and sit down again, this is when it gets weird.

The speaker continues talking, then starts directing his speech toward me. Seriously. I don’t know how to explain it, but he kept looking at me, semi-smiling/laughing and winked at me twice. During the speech. At one point, when taking a question from the audience, he grinned at me and said – looking directly at me and with a chuckle from his place in front of the audience, “Am I going to get in trouble for saying this?”

And at that point, the creeper level went through the roof. I didn’t know what the heck was going on.

Now, a few other things about this situation.

1) I have actually conversed with the event speaker on several occasions. So, it’s not like he’s a complete stranger, but we’re also not friends, just very slight acquaintances.

2) While I don’t think I’m completely hideous, I am also not the kind of ravishing beauty that solicits socially inappropriate behavior such as this from people who are practically strangers and who are speaking to groups of about 30-40 people from the industry.

3) The whole situation was blatantly obvious to everyone. And confusing to my co-workers, who were giving me these weird “What’s going on?” looks throughout (okay, and yes, a couple of them were laughing at my discomfiture).

Seriously. What is a girl supposed to do when something like this happens? It’s in the middle of a speech. It’s weird. I don’t know what else – it’s just weird.

Well, the solution came at the very end of the presentation. Apparently, he mistook me for a girl who works for the Speaker of the House (who knows why such a person would be attending an industry-exclusive legislative briefing, but whatever). I still don’t know why he’d be inappropriately winking at a 20-something legislative staffer mid-speech, but I guess it cleared things up a bit.

This little incident also brought what I consider my mid-life crisis to an abrupt end. And as I write that, I realize that I have two other things to tell you about – my mid-life crisis and yesterday’s dia del presentations. So, hold me to blogging about them this weekend.

Tomorrow, it’s off to the Sweet Sixteen (I won free tickets!). Sorry in advance to very married, as I’m going to have to go anti-Jayhawk and pro-Spider (although if we’re going to get technical about it, I’d prefer a mythical dancing bird thing to an arachnid any day).


6 responses to “My Own Personal News of the Weird

  1. That is so weird. And I thought of about a million inappropriate jokes as to why he would be winking at a 20 year old. But I shall keep my mouth shut. hahaha

    And I have awkward banquet situations. Like my uncontrollable laughing during a presentation by one of Mr. A’s professors when I was in plain sight. I had bruises from the pinches Mr. A was giving me under the table to get me to shut up. It makes me laugh now because I just couldn’t stop and he was so embarrassed.

    And you must blog about the rest and I hope your presentation went well!!!

  2. Oh, wow, that would be weird/uncomfortable. (Even if you had been that staffer he thought you were, still weird!)

    Have fun at the game tonight! I’ll be cheering for my alma mater (playing in a different game) at home, but I bet being at the real deal will be so much better! 🙂

  3. ooh no, I would have been squirming in my chair!! What a weirdo. Can’t wait to hear how your presentation went…

  4. So weird. I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable you must’ve felt. You certainly didn’t want people thinking you were “inviting” him to act like that! And I HATE it when there is a hair in my food. I know it is easy for something like that to happen, but you just never know if the people who are preparing the food are clean.

  5. I’m glad everything got cleared up – I would’ve been super weirded out too!

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