DOOM to Vandalizers

So I realize my blog has been full of complaints lately. But, instead of giving you a cheerful post, I’m going to complain again.


Grr. Argggh. $($$#$^&(@)!.

Why would someone do something like that? What good does it do them? I doubt there’s a black market for car decals. But, in order to make my car look NOT ugly and tacky, I’ll have to pay $30. And there are so many other things $30 could be used for than making this look decent.

It’s just my pride that hurts. I like having a “nice,” socially acceptable car (even though I have not taken it to the car wash to clean bird poo off it….I still love it). But….grr. Whoever did this, I’m really angry with you. Really, really angry with you.

(PS I was going to post a picture but I couldn’t get it to send from my phone. Grr.)


11 responses to “DOOM to Vandalizers

  1. What the heck, who steals car decals? Hopefully karma will catch up with whoever did that soon! Sorry this happened to you (slash, your car).

  2. What a jerk! I hope he (because you know it is a guy) is cursed by his trophy. Glad to hear it’s only $30 to replace. I would have thought it would cost more.

    • I hope he’s cursed too! I’m going to check with the shop where I usually take my car – I’m hoping maybe Ruben (my car fixer extraordinnaire) will have one lying around somewhere!

  3. probably some stupid teen. teenagers are the worst.

  4. OMG that is awful! I’m glad it’s only $30 though. 🙂

    When we were living at Baylor, our cars were vandalized 3x in 6 wks!
    a) Broken triangle window on Hubs’s mustang b/c they were trying to steal it
    b) Billiard ball thrown through the back window of my civic
    c) My pass. side window broken and stolen Pioneer CD player
    Our ins. co. wrote us a letter that said we lived in an unsafe area and they threatened to drop us!

    • Eeek! I’m lucky I never had my car vandalized while I was there, but I did have friends whose car stereo systems were stolen. And our house was broken into once (although, I actually think that was a “framed” crime by a crazy roommate….long story).

  5. That is horrible! People are so rude!! That punk will get his for sure.

  6. Ugh! What is wrong with people!

  7. I once had a valet steal the horse off my dashboard (I drove a Mustang at the time). My mom drove a Cadillac and someone stole her hood ornament. The police told her that they wear them as necklaces. HOOD ORNAMENTS. Who would have thought to do that?

  8. NOOOO! That’s awful. Someone hit the front of our car while it was parked on April 1, then drove away I guess (we weren’t there). I cried over that. But at least I knew they drove away because they didn’t want to pay huge $$$. And it wasn’t the end of the world because our car is still under bumper to bumper warranty. But who the f steals a car decal? What the hell?

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