You Know what they Say About Things Coming in Threes?

I must be guilty of the sin of hubris or something. I just now learned about hubris a few weeks ago, when I was in my Percy Jackson reading phase. Apparently, it’s extreme and unhealthy pride. That’s the only way I can explain the things that have been happening lately.

You’ve all been reading my blog complaints about this week and now I have another one to add. Or, as my friend H would say, the other shoe has finally dropped.

You know how things seem to happen in threes? Let’s go over the three recent happenings, all of which have involved items I prize very much.

1) My car decal gets stolen.

2) My oven is covered with exploding goo.

3) My iPhone is murdered.

Yep, the third bad thing happened. The iPhone was killed. I was driving home from a trip to Costco to get more rice – we finished the 15-pound bag we bought in August finally. When I got into my car after my little jaunt to the much-depised (by me) warehouse store, I reached for my purse to grab my phone. And it – with a complete mind of its own- did this super-acrobatic flip and landed directly into a cup of water I had put in the cupholder.

That’s apparently what happens when you try to be healthy and work extra hydration into your routine.

So, now, my phone is reclining in a bowl of rice – isn’t it fortuitous that I had just purchased some since it’s one of the potential ways to dry out a phone? – and I am phoneless. And I absolutely refuse to get a new one. Ducks is insisting that I can’t be phoneless, but I am so mad at myself for this happening.

And, I think it’s a sign of my hubris that all these things keep happening to items I particularly prize, like my too-expensive car, my best brownie recipe and my iPhone.

My in-laws also use AT&T, so I’m hoping they have an extra phone lying around and can send me. Because right now, I’m feeling totally bereft of technology. In fact, if I needed something and couldn’t get in touch with Ducks, I’d be completely out of luck, because he’s the only person within a 200-mile radius whose phone number I have memorized.

And, let’s don’t forget, AT&T gouges you to death if you have something happen to your phone. The very cheapest phone on their site is $150 unless you’re eligible for upgrade. Yikes – pain to the law school budget!

At least, perhaps I can look forward to three good things happening to balance this out. Let’s daydream about that, shall we?

PS I promise to stop complaining for at least an entire week and post only blog posts filled with sunshine and happiness! 🙂

7 responses to “You Know what they Say About Things Coming in Threes?

  1. Don’t give up on your phone yet – I have heard stories about them coming back to life after being submerged. I can relate to the “i won’t get a new one” attitude. I lost mine a few months back and refused to buy a new one. Luck was on my side because someone found it and actually returned it.

    I believe in the rule of 3’s, so luckily things should start getting good and you’ll have exciting things to blog about!

  2. You can also put your phone on the floor in front of the fridge to dry it out (it actually works better than rice). The fridge has a vent fan and dehumidifier at the bottom that can be used to dry up sad, wet phones.

    Hopefully the good things will come soon to cancel out the baddies. 🙂

  3. Yikes! Sounds like you’ve had a rough week!

  4. Not cool. Maybe an eBay search will help you find a decent phone? This is why I’m still glad to have my “caveman” phone but will definitely upgrade later!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  5. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    Good things should start happening soon! I hate it that bad things come in 3s.

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