Yes, I’m breaking one of the cardinal rules of my blog, which is to never mention specific names, like that of my beloved alma mater. But today, it’s totally worth it (and necessary, because this post would be really confusing without names).


Because, thanks to the many instances of bad karma that I have recently experienced, a tremendous dose of good karma has come my way in this, the return of Perry Jones.

I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it. To begin with, I didn’t think there was a big chance he would stay because he was rated so highly (top five among draft prospects). In the second place, after the evil, pandering-to-the-state-schools, the-NCAA-is-so-mad-at-Big-School-they-put-Little-School-on-probation situation, I didn’t think he’d come back (have I mentioned that I absolutely despise the NCAA and think they are the root of all evil, a money-whorish rich man’s club and an overall morally bankrupt institution?). Then, after rumors of an NBA lockout, I didn’t think he’d come back.

But, on the day after my three horrible incidences, he declares his intention of staying for another year, which means we are combining some strong talent with transfers Brady Heslip, Gary Franklin and Pierre Jackson, as well as a talented group of veterans. Add to that the stellar freshman duo of Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello (sidebar: So many good names in Baylor basketball), and we are, in Miller’s words, niiiiiiiiiiiice for next year.

I can only think that all the sufferings of last week were worth it, if it means this week, we get to bask in the excitement of a Perry Jones return. So, yes, Baylor Nation, you are welcome to my trials at any time, if it means paving the path to a successful season. (And, yes, I know that my tiny drama-filled life really has nothing to do with Perry’s decision – I’m thinking it has more to do with having a lovely, goal-oriented family, dreams of earning a college degree, a realization of the friends and family he’s built at Baylor, the desire to stay near his mother and perhaps his relationship with an adorable little guard – who is also insanely talented – on the women’s team? 😉 )

Sweet little Jones family

On another note, I repaired my phone…for about an hour or so. Despite my husband’s protestations to the contrary, I do not chalk this up to good fortune. Instead, I believe it came from hard work and the watching of many YouTube repair videos. Honestly, I would never have thought to use a suction cup. But then, according to Ducks, because I did not attribute my success to good fortune, the silly thing shut off again this morning. Whatever.



  1. I heard the news this AM and might have let out a little “SQUEEEE” of deeee-lite! Baylor’s got some GOOOD GOOD vibe-age coming to them! Sic ‘Em!

  2. I totally want to! I also want to hit up a FB game at Floyd Casey this year… just not the Tech one… ugh.. the ONE team I cannot, beyond any trying, tolerate… 🙂

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