Thanks! (Follow up to “Meeting the Partners”)

You guys are all so sweet – your comments meant a lot and definitely bolstered up the confidence level before going in to the party. 😉

Which, was good. I met two people there who grew up within 10 miles from me, and whom I had never seen before in my life. That’s one thing that’s crazy about living in a small town. Everything is insular. Here in our big city, we have friends who live all over – and we go all over the city. In the town where I grew up, we have our own grocery store and such (no Walmart or Target or anything like that, though), our own school, our own church, and we just don’t mingle a lot with other neighboring towns. The guys I talked to sounded like they were a bit wilder than I was in high school (also older than me), and they said they couldn’t even come over to my hometown for parties and stuff because the guys from our town would get mad about other guys coming in (I suppose to poach from our small pool of dateable girls).

Only one woman talked to me the whole evening. I found that to be really odd. I take that back – actually, I asked the hostess, “Can I help with anything?” and she said, “I’ll let you know.” So, two women. The other woman whom I talked with was very nice, though. I just thought it was odd that girls weren’t mixing and mingling.

I met someone who is famous by association! Ducks and I were talking about baseball to this one associate from the firm and he said he went up to a Rangers game recently, but he was cheering on the other team. Well, of course, Ducks wanted to know why someone would cheer for one of those far-away northern teams when we do have a Pennant-winning team RIGHT HERE (sorry, just had to throw that in – he didn’t actually say it like that. He’s much more polite and diplomatic than my thoughts are). Anyway, the guy says, “Well, my stepbrother plays for them.” It turns out that his stepbrother is this  guy! We were really excited because he actually like him a lot (as a baseball player).

We also discovered, speaking of the Rangers, that Ducks is going to LOVE working at this firm, because the partners allow everyone to audio-stream Rangers games during the workday if they are so inclined. This is exactly the kind of baseball lovers’ paradise that he belongs in.

Anyway, so the evening went very well. Also, turns out that my dress fit right in. Almost all the women were wearing bright dresses of some sort and the fun design fit in with the Fiesta theme. I wish I could have taken some pictures while we were there, but I thought that might have been frowned upon.

Oh, and PS, everybody go send some congratulations in the direction of New Teacher, New Wife. She’s having a stellar week with tons of good news!

12 responses to “Thanks! (Follow up to “Meeting the Partners”)

  1. Awww! You are too too sweet! Androcles that the party went well and that the firm understands the importance of baseball!! And yes, weird the girls weren’t talking much, but oh well. Glad it went well!

    • Yeah, it’s nice that the office is pretty laid-back, I suppose. His boss already was telling us about all these plans for the firm going together to a minor league game, etc., etc. Ducks is in heaven.

  2. Glad it went well. Sounds like you were an asset to Ducks, the kind of lady that makes people think “he must be an impressive guy if someone as neat as her picked him. ”
    So what did you decide about the headband?

    • You are so nice. 🙂 I decided to wear the headband. It was more of a necessity, since my hair tends to get a bit fluffy as the day goes on, despite using three different hair products when I wear it curly!

  3. Its wonderful you had a great time! I have to say though, that the women not talking isn’t that uncommon. I’ve seen it too in the professional get-togethers that I’ve had with Dr. Husband and colleagues. I’ve found that either they 1. have to stand by him to support(*coughs control) him 2. do not have the confidence to handle being by themselves in social situations or 3. are sizing up the new girl, debating whether to be civil or passively hostile (seriously have you every read the book Tripping the Prom Queen? That sh*t really does happen in real life). Apparently we women like to make social events more complicated than they really are!

  4. Finally catching up with your blog…. So happy it went well! I am always nervous about those things too (and since M works in politics we go to these events all.the.time.). It always ends up being fine if only because the environment is such that people are really inclined to be as nice as possible 🙂

  5. woo hoo!!! success! oh, and yeah, Beckett is a hottie tottie… hubba hubba. I can root for anyone who looks that good in a baseball uniform… I became a Rangers fan b/c I LOVED me some Pudge! (grew up loving the ‘Stros, and still do, but not as much as I do the Rangers, even w/o Pudge or Greer)

    Super glad you had fun and worked the room!
    Stay fabulous!

    • OMG – I loved Pudge too! And I forgot all about Rusty Greer until you just now mentioned him.
      I loved that era of Rangers. I met Juan Gonzalez at Grapevine Mills mall once. He was just shopping with his family. It was muy exciting. 🙂

  6. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    I’m glad everything went well! Those types of work events can be so nerve wracking.

  7. I wouldn’t take it personally about the girls. They were probably just as nervous as you were and focused on making a good impression in front of the partners. During Hubs’ clerkships and jobs, I ended up hanging out with the partners’ wives and the wives/gf of the other law clerks.

  8. I don’t know anything about sports, so that stuff is always lost on me. When I was in my 20s, I worked for a PR firm and we were tasked with escorting Hank Aaron around town for the afternoon. My boss was giddy about it…I was lost. I knew his name but it just didn’t impress me because I didn’t know anything about him…and actually I usually forget I even met the guy unless his name comes up in something.

  9. I’m so glad it went well! And it sounds like an awesome firm for Ducks.

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