Calling all Early Birds

How do you guys do it? How do you get up in the morning?

Neither Ducks nor I am a morning person. And I just don’t know how to make myself one. To get to work on time, I usually need to leave my house at 7:15. Ideally, I’d like to get up at 5:30 so that I would have time for the gym before work, but apparently, that is a pretty far-fetched dream. Most days I roll out of bed at 6:40, rush to get ready and eat breakfast and put my makeup on in the car.

Ducks wants to get up early as well. His section doesn’t usually start class until at least 10, but he likes getting to school before traffic and before it starts getting noisy in the library. He also has to drive through THREE school zones on the way to law school, so that’s another reason to wake up early and leave early.

This morning for example, I actually did wake up at 5:30 – no alarm or anything. But instead of getting up and taking myself to the gym so I could get in my workout, I decided to loll in bed for another hour, doze off again and end up madly rushing and stabbing a handful of bobby pins into my hair (one reason I’m so happy to have thick curly hair – it doesn’t have to be washed every day; it actually looks better when it’s not).

So, seriously, teach me your ways. I know I’ve seen Jamie blog that she is an early riser, and with how busy and motivated most of you are (as well as how lovely and put together you are in your pictures), I assume you must be early birds as well. Especially as Ducks gets ready to start this internship, a minimum of early morning rushing around would be really nice.

15 responses to “Calling all Early Birds

  1. I get up between 4:30 and 5, but I am NOT a morning person. I just like my afternoons. I did this pre-baby too, though it just so happens that 5 has become one of his feeding times. I’m lucky to have a job that I have no scheduled times to come into the office. As long as I’m there most days between 9-3 and work my 40 hours a week I can come and go as I please. So! I get in the office at 6:15 and can leave around 3:15. Then I have all afternoon to enjoy my life. Its all about incentives. And if you do it for long enough, you get more used to it (plus you get better at doing work in a semi-sleeping state of alertness). Good luck!

    • I think a more flexible job would make me motivated to get up as well, but we have to be in the office from 8-5. :-/ I started a new incentive to getting up (buying this quilt I want when I go to the gym 40 times in the morning), but it’s not working yet.

  2. I’m totally not an early bird. I’m interested to see what everyone else has to say, though!

  3. The big thing is to stick to it… Once your body gets used to waking up early, it becomes natural. I never thought I would want to do work at 5am but I do because my body has just adapted. Also, I agree with Jennifer… It’s a big payoff to me to be able to spend evenings with my fiance rather than in the gym and doing hours of homework. So on days when I’m tired I think about that.

    I guess the other thing is to let yourself use the time as you need to…. I really had to catch up on chores this morning, for example. I was super stressed about working out, getting some studying in and then coming home to a bunch of chores tonight. So I just let myself do the chores this morning. Yeah I probably should have worked out and studied, but the point of getting up that early is that it’s ME time that I can use however I want 🙂

    Also I fall asleep around 10:30… very geriatric of me…. so there’s a cost too 😛

  4. I fail miserably at morning motivation! Today my alarm went off at 6:15 I FINALLY got out of bed at 7:45, hair in a bun, at work by 8:30… ish…

  5. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    I am NOT an early riser but I want to be. Getting up early so I can work out always sound better at 10 pm the night before rather than when the alarm goes off at 5:45 am. I have to be out the door by 8 pm to get to work by 8:30 am, so I’m kind of lucky in that regard. But I have to spend an hour getting ready everyday, so I have to be up by at least 7 am. I have started setting the clock a few minutes early every day so eventually I can wake up and work out before work. It doesn’t seem to be going well, though.

    • I do have a question for you – since you have semi-short (cute!) hair, does it take you longer to fix? I REALLY want shorter hair, but I’m nervous about how long it will take to fix (since I have very thick curly-ish hair).

  6. I am not a (happy) early riser.
    1. Use the alarm on your cell phone. It is SO much more pleasant than the “ERNH, ERNH” of the alarm clock since Hubs refuses to buy one that gently wakes you up with music. When I had my Blackberry, the alarm sound I chose was the Star Trek (from the 60s) theme song.
    2. Be motivated to get up – whether that motivation comes from what delicious thing you’re going to eat for breakfast, exercising/going to the gym, or being excited about your outfit/hair/makeup for that day.
    3. Make yourself get out of bed – no matter what. Once you hop in the shower and get moving, there’s no turning back.
    4. Avoid sleeping in too long on days off and/or weekends.
    5. Think of all the extra time you’ll have to do whatever you want – to drive slowly, to read the paper, to watch the news, etc.

    • Hahah – you’re going to laugh at this, but I actually have the BU fight song as my alarm ringer on my phone! 🙂

      I am usually a nighttime (after the gym) shower-er, so I wonder if morning showers would help with the waking up process.

  7. If you find the secret to being able to get up early, PLEASE share! I try my best to get up early (which for me is 8 am–what a rough life it is for a grad student! haha) and get going and it never seems to work. I do find that if I go to bed at a reasonable time and then force myself to get up and work out in the morning, I do better the rest of the day. But the part where I actually get up…that’s the hard part!

  8. We get up about the same time you do, but go to the gym for 35-40 minutes. Since we’re both doing it, it’s great motivation. It started when we had jetlag after coming back from NYC and has evolved into a healthy habit. I’d like to get up a bit earlier and get my gym routing and morning reading done earlier. It’s all about sleeping earlier though so we’ll see!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  9. I decided long ago that I am not, and will never be, an early riser. My whole life takes a turn for the worst when I try to get up early – I’m grumpy, tired and even don’t feel well. I now get up around 6:30 (if I don’t have the car) and 7:15 (if I have the car) – which is still earlier than I’d like. I work out at night – which helps me work off all of the stresses of the day. I eat a late dinner (8 p.m. or later). And, I am so much happier. I used to beat myself up for not getting up early, but I realized that I can get just as much done when those early risers go to bed at night.

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