A Letter to Me

Tangles, one of my new favorite blogger girls, did this earlier this week, and I decided to steal it from her. She wrote, a la Brad Paisley, a letter of things she’d tell herself if she could write  to her younger self.

Things to tell my 13-year-old self:

– That girl that’s so mean to you? She’ll move away in two years and then everyone will find out she’s pregnant.

– I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to marry Prince William. So, that folder of newspaper clippings about him, and those imaginary letters you wrote him – they were kind of a waste of time. But you’ll marry someone even better, so don’t worry.

– Don’t cry about your relationship with your mom. It’s not going to get any better. It will take you years to realize this.

– You are pretty. Don’t worry about your looks.

– In high school, don’t think you are fat and don’t listen to your mom. In a few years, you’ll look back at pictures and realize of how great you look. Your friends will even tell you that you look “frail” (which isn’t really true, but that’s why you love them).

– Your sophomore year, you’ll have a little crush on B. Your junior year, he’ll tell you that he had a BIG crush on you the whole previous year. You might want to try to both get over your shyness.

– Don’t worry, though, about not having a boyfriend, because in five years, you’ll meet the man of your dreams and you’ll end up marrying him. And, seriously, he’s so handsome.

– Don’t let your mom talk you out of going to UIL district competition because the sixth place you got in the last meet “wasn’t good enough.” It’ll embarrass you and make your teachers mad.

– DON’T GET BANGS. You decide to get them when you’re 15 and you hate them and have to pin them back for MONTHS.

– Demand your privacy. Your mom will do her best to take over your life, not just by controlling you, but by doing psycho things like hijacking your IM name and pretending to be you, writing stupid things to your friends, then yelling at you when you cry and beg for control over your own online persona.

– Don’t hide in the bowling alley bathroom when the British guy you met wants to talk to you. You probably hurt his feelings, and it’s not his fault that you don’t like him.

– Again, don’t worry about boys. You’re going to spend WAY too much time on this, and it’s not worth it.

– When your childhood friend teases you about the college you want to go to and how bad their football program is, just smile serenely. He’ll end up going there at the same time as you (and the football program will get better).

– Spend more time with Jared. You’ve known his since kindergarten, and you don’t know it now, but you’ll only have four more years to be friends.

– Don’t let your fear of your mother’s irrational anger keep you from participating in school and church activities. She just can’t stand anyone being happy.

– That guy that likes you at camp – he has a girlfriend back at home. Don’t trust him.

– Keep exercising and stay fit. Do this EVERY DAY.

– Stay friends with the people from your freshman year. Except psycho Lauren. You should not have been friends with her to begin with.

– Stay in better touch with your high school friends.

– When you meet a cute guy at the racquetball courts, you should probably ask him out. At least, you should probably talk to him instead of his other friend who’s there. You’ll end up going out in a couple of months anyway.

– Have a little more of a sense of self. Don’t get so wrapped up in your boyfriend, even though you love him.

– Definitely go back to campus three days early your sophomore year. Those days are AWESOME.

– Don’t live with the girls you live with sophomore year (except your best friend – she’ll make it bearable). They are mean, self-righteous b*tches and their passive-aggressive ways will make you miserable.

– Don’t invite your parents to come to your sorority presentation. Your mom will embarrass you in front of everyone by acting like a complete jerk.

– Take up for your friend M in the doughnut incident. It’ll be a really, really, really stupid day and stupid girl fight, but you’ll feel better if you defend her instead of saying nothing.

– When you have your big Halloween party with your roommates, don’t get intoxicated and tell all Ducks’ fraternity brothers you’re going to break up with him because he wouldn’t wake up and come over.

– Be nicer, in general, to Ducks. Don’t tease or make fun of him just for the sake of other people thinking you’re funny. He’s too wonderful for that.

– Don’t waste time on the LSAT. You’re going to study for it for months, then take it and decide not to go to law school. Total waste.

– Dress super cute on August 12, 2007. You’re getting engaged that day. And the ring is REALLY good. 🙂

– When you’re in the airport in Germany, keep your eyes on your suitcase at all times. Otherwise, you’re going to end up without any of your cute honeymoon clothes for two weeks in Italy.

– Don’t be a brat once you’re married. And, go ahead and quit your job so that you and Ducks can live together when you’re married (you actually won’t follow my advice on this).

– Save more money.

– Don’t let your first job consume your life. You need to have friends and do social activities, not work 60 hours a week.

– Don’t buy Ducks a dog “as a surprise.”

– When you get sad and you cry because you don’t like your life (you’ll do this a lot in junior high and high school), don’t worry. It gets really awesome in the future. Like, really, really awesome.

What advice would you give yourself if you could write a letter to yourself? 🙂


9 responses to “A Letter to Me

  1. Love this, I wish I could go back and tell my thirteen year old self I was pretty too – but I still don’t think she would have believed me!

  2. Aw! I just love you! 🙂 You are too sweet. LOVED this post. I think maybe we lived parallel lives and maybe you are my sistah from another mistah? – as in “do we kinda have the same momma?” LOL!

    So many of these rang true w/ me. When I was 15 I had back surgery and my mom was really (in a good way) protective of who she let me ride in a car with. Well, that ended up being only my boyfriend at the time. I got so wrapped up in boys (until I got married!) that I didn’t really take the time to let my friendships w/ my friends that were girls mature. It’s so silly, too. Yeah, we learn stuff from dating people, but if I had waited to date until college or something, maybe I would have had really awesome lifelong friendships w/ those girls. (It kind of weirds me out to say “girlfriends” b/c ’round here people can take that the wrong way.) Also, I only attended the school I ended up graduating from since 7th grade so I always felt like I couldn’t “break in” to the cliques and I felt like I didn’t belong w/ the girls that had been friends since kindergarten (i.e. J and K).

    P.S. If you ever visit “home”, give me a holler and we’ll do lunch or go shopping or something. 🙂

    • Love you too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      And I definitely will – I don’t get up there too often, but I know we’re going to try to go to a Rangers game this summer, so maybe we can plan something then!

  3. This is so sweet! Have you heard the Brad Paisley song called Letter to Me? It’s really sweet too. I think I cried the first time I heard it. But I might have to copy this post soon 🙂

  4. Awhhh, I love this!! I always start writing things like this to myself, and then I usually force feed them to my teenage nieces. Luckily, ny nieces have better heads on their shoulders than I did and are much more in control and have a sense of self than I did, but, still, it’s my duty as overbearing aunt, right?

  5. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    I love this idea of a letter to yourself! Oh, if only we could turn back time, what all I would say to my teenage self. So true about staying fit and saving money early. 🙂

  6. Why do I want to know all about the doghnut incident? And, why do I suddenly want a doughnut?

  7. Oh this is an AWESOME idea – think I may have a go myself.

    I’ll just need to remember where I left my time machine to deliver the letter back in time to my 13 year old self…..

    I want to know all about the doughnut incident too….

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