My List


I’ve just been finding all kinds of new bloggers that I love lately. Another one is Amy, from Sweet Home Amy. She wrote a tongue-in-cheek list of her ideas for a future husband, and it made me think about my ideas for what I wanted in a husband before I met the lovely Ducks. 😉

Here’s my list, carefully preserved from 8+ years ago.

1) Over 6 feet 

3) Dark hair

3) Light eyes – Blue preferred

4) Likes sports

5) Plays baseball

6) Named Will

7) Can peel fruit all in one piece

8) Good at crossword puzzles

9) Somewhere between financially comfortable and wealthy (especially with money to travel and do fun things)

10) Lawyer or professional athlete (yeah, kind of crazy and disparate ambitions there, right?)

11) Likes green

12) Christian

13) Someone who has some associations with the number 12, my lucky number

14) Hasn’t been around too much

15) Graduated college

So, this is what I wished for, and I got almost every single bit of it (and, honestly, I like green eyes better!).

12 responses to “My List

  1. Funny post! I don’t know that I ever had a list written out, but I definitely had one in my head!

    These are some things I wanted (and luckily got!) in no particular order:
    1. Smart
    2. Funny
    3. Attractive
    4. Ambitious/hard worker
    -I didn’t care if he was a trash picker upper or the President of the United States, but he better be the best damn (whatever) he could be!
    5. Christian
    6. Chivalrous
    7. Nice
    8. Taller than me (which isn’t hard b/c I’m 5’2″!)
    9. Hair lighter than mine
    10. Someone who hasn’t been around because let’s face it – that’s just gross.

  2. I love this!!!! Brilliant idea. I may have to take part as well.

  3. I never thought about a list of the things I would want! Haha! I have been with my husband since we were 15 and got married when we were 18! I guessI have tried to mold him into what works lol!

  4. Named Will, that’s hilarious! Isn’t it awesome that your husband turned out to be your dream guy?
    Have a lovely weekend dear!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    • Ha, yes – this week in particular reminded me of this, because I REALLY wanted to marry Prince William. Then, if that option wasn’t out there, another William would have worked as a backup. 😉

  5. Another super cute post idea…. I love it!

  6. Ha! Your such an example of putting something something out ot the universe and getting it!

  7. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    Love the list! I don’t think I ever wrote my requirements down, but I should have – it would have been neat to compare!

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