The William I Didn’t Marry (and Kate)

William and Kate.

I’m obsessed.

This week is already turning into an exercise in futility.

The bad thing about being a sports fan girl, as well as a girly things fan girl, is this: I am obsessed with something almost every week of the year, whether it’s college football, COLLEGE basketball, the Rangers, Chopped All Stars, etc., etc., etc. SO, basically, I always have a reason to get distracted from work – that’s what this really means.

And the royal wedding is the girly event to end all girly events.

Luckily, I have a sister who humored me and watched “William and Kate: the Movie” with me. And, even more luckily, I have my friend L at the office who is equally obsessed. Since neither of us are allowed to take off Friday (we have an out-of-town event on Saturday, which we have to prepare for), we are instead going to have to DVR the wedding coverage and celebrate on Saturday when we return to town.

But that won’t stop us from making THIS cake – the official groom’s cake.

 Yum, yum, yum. Actually, I should say that won’t stop L, since I don’t trust my oven with a pan right now.

I need another royal product to bring as my contribution. Maybe some Earl Grey? The Waspy Redhead’s Grey-tini is unfortunately not a work option.

As a sidenote, I wonder what our Revolutionary ancestors would think about us celebrating, revering and obsessing over their enemies. After all, they fought a war to keep kings and queens from dominating our lives. Ehh – who cares? Bring on the wedding!  

PS I also have to say that, for all my childhood obsession with Prince William, if I met him in person and he were not a prince, I don’t think he’d be my type. I prefer dark hair, then gingers, then blondes. Crazy, huh? 🙂

PS All photos linked back to the sources where I retrieved them from.

7 responses to “The William I Didn’t Marry (and Kate)

  1. I, too, am super excited about the Royal Wedding–can’t wait to watch Friday morning! I also might be making that cake…love me some McVitties!

  2. Love love love. I am off on Friday, so I am planning on waking up and watching. Unless of course the time comes and I decide 3am is a very stupid time for a wedding and I watch online later. hahaha

  3. You are so cute. Argh I’ll be traveling the wedding day so will have to watch the YouTube later!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  4. You are so funny! 🙂 I don’t know that I’ll stay up until (or wake up at?) 3 a.m., but I’ve already pulled out a couple tiaras and I will probably watch the Royal Wedding special on TLC at 7 p.m. Friday!

  5. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    I will be getting up early. It’s so worth it. And then I will watch it later on my DVR to catch the parts that I was crying through.

  6. I totally hear you on the love of sports and all things girly. As my mother says, “is there ever just a normal week in your world?”

    Here’s a suggestion…. move to a highly political area on top of those two things. Then try to have a normal week. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

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