The One I Did Marry

Today is mine and Ducks’ three-year wedding anniversary. I found this great list/questionnaire on The Fabulous Life of a Coach’s Wife, and I decided that I wanted to do something like this for our three years as well, just to let you know a bit about our relationship outside of law school and my self-focused ramblings. 🙂

How long have you been together?

Eight years! Unbelievable. It seems so bizarre that it’s been so long. We’ve been married three of those years, which is also unbelievable, but they’ve all been wonderful.  

How long did you know each other before you started dating?

We had met a couple of times during our first semester of college. The second semester, we started hanging out together, eating lunch together at school, etc., before the fateful day when I tricked him into dating me.

How old are each of you?

Ducks – 27. Me – 26 for a few more months! 🙂

Whose siblings do/did you see the most?

Mine. He has only one brother and he lives about seven hours away. Plus, my sisters go to college at our alma mater, so we’re always up there for games and such (as you all know). Oh, and plus, my sister lives with us now, so we see her daily.

Do you have any children together?

Nope, waiting to finish up law school and visit two more foreign countries before any babies make their appearances. However, we do want at least two kids and a puppy. 😉

What about pets?

Yep, we really want to get a dog, but we’re afraid we’re too busy to be good puppy parents.

♥ Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?

Just having enough time to be together. We’re always running around with lots of things going on, plus law school is a big strain. With so much time devoted to studying, especially at this time of the year, it’s difficult to

You’d think that spending less time together would lead to less fighting, but sometimes nerves get frayed and we end up bickering during the little time we have together.

Did you go to the same school?

Same college. We met there our freshman year through mutual friends.

♥ Are you from the same home town?

Nope, he’s a big-city kid, while I grew up way out in the country.

Who is the most sensitive?

Depends. He gets annoyed by little things in life, while I’m quick to cry over something like Cappie telling Casey when he first fell in love with her.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?

Since we live in a city that’s well-known for its food, it would probably be good for me to say some kind of Mexican restaurant. However, we probably fall back on Olive Garden fairly often, because Ducks loves it. Also, Sonic because it’s just down the block from us.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

Lovely Venice as part of our honeymoon. It was unbelievable (all of Italy was, really). Hoping that the next big trip will be to Greece or England as our end-of-law-school celebration (the pic is from our honeymoon gondola ride!)!

Who has the worst temper?

Me. He’s very polite and WASP-y and a sarcastic comment is typically a high level of anger for him. For me, however, I end up getting frustrated or stressed and being a mean wife all the time. It’s funny how we take things out on those we love most.

Who does the cooking?

Me. But, the nice thing is – he usually helps out with the dishes afterwards. What a winning partnership! 🙂

Who is more social?

Me. He’s better at making plans, but I’m better at making conversation. I guess that makes us a perfect pair, hmm?

Who is the neat-freak?

It’s certainly neither of us. Now that we’re living in a “real” house, I stay on top of chores and such, but if we both lived just as we’d like, we’d be a pair of sloppy piglets and eat pizza in bed every day.

Who is the more stubborn?

Oh, that’s definitely him. And he would stubbornly deny it if he knew I said that.

Who hogs the bed?

Ducks. He loves to stretch all the way across both sides of the bed. He’s like a human starfish or something.

Who wakes up earlier?

I wish we were both early risers. However, we’re usually both scrambling out of bed at 10 til 6. I’m not sure how to combat this, either.

Where was your first date?

We were studying together with another girl and kind of had this flirty vibe going. So, when he suggested getting a Glacier (like a Dairy Queen Blizzard), I jumped at the chance to get away and get to know each other better!

Who has the bigger family?

Definitely me. We’re like my Big Fat Greek Wedding. I have the huge, outgoing crazy family. He has the small WASP-y family, the kind that could have a family reunion in a broom closet.

Do you get flowers often?
I used to get them fairly often, but the flowers are kind of on a law school hiatus. I usually get flowers on every anniversary, as well as some of the little-things types of anniversaries, like  50 months together or a half-anniversary.

(these are some he sent me a few years ago – when I still worked at my old job. I love the colors!)

How do you spend the holidays?

It depends. Thanksgiving and Easter are so close to finals – and such short holidays – that we end up spending those alone. For Christmas, we split them between our two families.

♥ How long did it take to get serious?

Less than a month, I suppose, once we started talking. We started hanging out on a pretty regular basis, then declared ourselves to be official at Sonic one fateful night. 😉

Who does the laundry?

I do now. For a while, it was his chore. But, when the laundry started piling up, I started doing it in self-defense.


8 responses to “The One I Did Marry

  1. Congrats on the anniversary! This is so sweet!

  2. I hear you on the little time -> more bickering paradox. I wish we didn’t BOTH have such demanding lives sometimes, but then I guess the other one would be left in the dust? 😦

    I also like your two pre-kid goals! Very sweet.

  3. Yay! Loved this post and all its honesty! I’m going to have to copy you. 😉

  4. so sweet! The flower hiatus is happening here, too. As small as that token is, it’s a huge reason I can’t wait to be done with grad school!

  5. Cute post! Just discovered your blog and I’m following now! I’m in South Texas too! 🙂

  6. 8 years!!! That’s a long time! Congrats on 8 years and 3 years of married bliss!

  7. Happy anniversary!! I hope you guys have a great time celebrating…even though I’m sure finals will take precedent.

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