Great Date

So, I’m ashamed to say I’m behind on the pretence of saying this is a legal blog and of talking about my husband’s actual attendance of law school (which, please, obviously it’s all about me). I’ll get to that this week, after wedding stuff is over. πŸ˜‰

But, I will say, I love him not being in school. Last night, we just went out and had two cheap beers and just talked. It’s so nice to just get away from the house, to get away from the distractions of being in your normal environment. It forces you to talk about things. As Ducks said, “Things come up in conversation that never have come up before.” And, it’s true. When you are at home and have chores and TV and technology and separate interests to distract you, conversation can become peremptory. Just getting out can change your conversation, change your outlook and just be refreshing. And, I learned something very new and interesting about my husband. In fourth grade, he begged and pleaded until he got this for Christmas.

To which I said, “WHAT?! I thought you were MFFL!?!”

There’s no telling what you might learn on a date night, obviously even to the point of discovering your husband once wore a turquoise and lavender parka. I heartily recommend it. πŸ˜‰


6 responses to “Great Date

  1. How funny! I think I’m a little older than Ducks, so I was in 6th grade when I begged and pleaded for a Texas A&M Starter jacket for Christmas. I ended up getting the Walmart (off-brand) version and didn’t want to wear it because it wasn’t “Starter”. Kids are so silly…

    How funny is it that Walmart actually sells the Starter brand now?

  2. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    Awesome jacket. I had a similarly colored track suit that I’m very glad I don’t have pictures of. But mom might have some. I’ll have to investigate that.

  3. oh man! EVERYONE had that jacket. and why? i didn’t get it then and i don’t now… maybe i wasn’t cool enough?

    • Ha! I never had something like that, either. My mom also hates both sports and brand name clothing, though, so she would never have allowed it!

      Good thing I didn’t think they were very cool. πŸ˜‰

  4. I had the same Hornets jacket – which I begged and pleaded for. Then, my brother complained about mine, so he got the same one. I wish I still had one, to be honest. I’d wear it every now and then and try to start the trend again.

    • Ha! I didn’t know you were a Hornets fan. Apparently, there was this one player that he really liked; the one in the Grandmama commercials (can’t remember his name). πŸ˜‰

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