Guest Post: LSW Alumna

Tangles is a wife, mom and, like us, has gone through the whole law school experience. She’s also just completely amazing – I’ve enjoyed reading her blog and learning about her life. After reading her blog, I asked her to give us some advice from the other side – advice about being in a relationship with a professional student. Since I gave you my 1L-alum spin on things, I thought someone like Tangles might be a good adviser for all of us, since she’s been through it all! Give her a read, then stop by her blog! 🙂

From Tangles:

I would like to thank Legally Married for asking me to write a guest post.  She is such a sweetie and I am incredibly flattered!

 Life on the Outside: 

Tips for Life as a Girlfriend/Fiancee/Wife of a Law Student

 This was our timeline of the roller coaster ride that was law school.

  •  1/2002   Hubs and I meet for the first time.  He’s beginning his second year at Baylor Law School.
  • 5/2002   We’re engaged!
  • 6/2002   Hubs is in Dallas for six weeks for a clerkship at a law firm. 
  • 7/2002   We’re married!
  • 8/2002   Hubs is in Guadalajara, Mexico for two weeks for a class for law school.
  • 5/2003   We’re moving to Amarillo for the summer.  I didn’t want to be apart from Hubs for four months, so I quit my job in Waco.
  • 8/2003   We’re back in Waco so Hubs can finish up law school. 
  • 2004       Hubs graduated!  We’re moving back to Amarillo.  I’ll miss my family, but I’m excited about embarking on this adventure! 

 As a girlfriend, it’s so exciting at first, to be dating a law student.  He is so mature and attending law school seems so grown up!  Then reality sets in.  He’s busy almost all the time – either attending class or studying.  It makes you cherish the time you get to spend together.

 As a fiancee, it’s frustrating.  You’re trying to plan a wedding and dealing with family issues while he’s clerking at a law firm.  You enjoy getting to go to fancy parties and wine tastings, but what you really want is just to be with him.

 As a wife, it’s little easier because you’re married now and living together.  You can finally see the end in sight.  It’s so exciting because he’s been looking for jobs.


  1. Having lots of free time when he’s studying/working.  (Enjoy that time, but cherish the time you spend together.)
  2. Attending law school banquets, parties (fancy or not!), and trips with the law firms.
  3. Once he secures a job, hopefully a nice salary and peace of mind!
  4. Knowing that he is a diligent worker.  (Law school is hard!)
  5. Not running the household when he has free time.  (I hardly did any housework the first two years of our marriage because he was home/studying more than I was!


  1. Missing each other and making time for each other.
  2. Allowing him to do what he needs to do – whether it’s studying, working, or free time for himself.
  3. Living on a small budget.
  4. Both of you having full-time jobs with different schedules.
  5. Running a household mainly by yourself sometimes (i.e. paying bills, cleaning, cooking, etc.)
  6. Feeling like an outsider.  (It seems that every conversation revolves around law school, but I definitely don’t advocate going to law school to follow a guy or get away from a guy.  If you go to law school, do it because you love the law!)

 Helpful Tips:

  1. Law school is a full-time job.  Always be supportive, encouraging, and understanding.
  2. Try to help him in any way you can – whether it’s mailing applications, licking envelopes, etc.
  3.  Take a vacation together before he begins his lawyer job!  (We did not do this, but kind of wish we did!)
  4. Save your $$$.  (I wouldn’t recommend buying a home right away.  Make sure the job and location are going to work out.)
  5. Don’t bog him down with all the details of something.  Keep it short and sweet.
  6. Don’t bombard him with anything (good or bad) as soon as he walks in the door.

 *Tangles and Hubs live near Dallas with their 13 month old son, Babe.  Hubs quit his lawyer job to pursue his dream of being a teacher.  He is currently a principal in the public school system.  Tangles quit her job as a banking officer to be a stay-at-home mom.  

Visit her blog at*

2 responses to “Guest Post: LSW Alumna

  1. Thank you again! 🙂 I loved the comment about “professional students”. If Hubs had his way, he would just go to school forever. He loves school! He still wants to go to medical school – says if we win the lottery he might do it! Have a great day!

  2. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    Thanks for the post about getting thru this crazy law school experience. I hadn’t thought about taking a vacation in between graduation and beginning the job but that sounds like a good plan!

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