The “How You Found Me” Post

Man. You guys write a lot! Today, I went through the posts in my Google Reader. And you have all been BUSY. (PS JAMIE, where did you go?!).

When I was visiting Newlyweds Next Door, I saw one of those fun “how people found me” posts. And, because I can’t seem to make my brain function long enough to actually update you all on my life, I thought – that might make a fun post for MY blog, too! 😉

So….here are some of the most interesting, funniest, weirdest, creepiest ways people have found their way here:

чендлер бинг картинки

Apparently, this means “Chandler Bing pictures” in Russian. Hi, Russian friends! Or actually, Zdravstvuj!

puzzles for blondes

I guess they’re searching for puzzles that are slightly less challenging? Or what? Really I don’t think your pigmentation has anything to do with your ability to work puzzles. We’re not talking about Josh Hamilton’s eyes here, people.

my husband is obsessed with fantasy sports

I feel your pain, sister.

cartoon girls and wine

Hmm….don’t have any clue where that might have come from, but I’m going to assume that it’s not from a very family-friendly cartoon?

schoolwife feet kissed


how long will it take for fascinators to become popular in the us

I don’t know, but however long it takes is WAY TOO LONG! Hats, come hither, across the pond, IMMEDIATELY!

two beers ruined my life

Eeek….sorry to hear that. But, I’m thinking it might have been your bad judgment that ruined your life. And I hope this wasn’t something really sad that happened. :-/


YES! I’m so happy that my newly-invented societal disorder is catching on. Except that when I just googled it, apparently, it’s not so new. And apparently other people have written books on it. Guess I’m not getting famous on that idea, huh?

can i be charged with stalking my husband if we are legally married?

Haha. While I am an expert on stalking, I actually do not know the answer to this question. Why? Because my husband is actually an excellent stalker’s assistant; plus, he is rather frightened of me. 😉

There are so many more – some people really shouldn’t be allowed to use the Internet. Strange-kins. On another note, watched The Prestige yesterday. Obsessed with Christopher Nolan – what a fantastic director he is.

To wrap this up….Happy 4ofJ! So thankful for our country and our independence.

8 responses to “The “How You Found Me” Post

  1. These posts always make me giggle. I too, am shocked at how people make their way to my blog. And in my case, I’ve learned there a lot of people who really, really, really want to be perfect. 😉

  2. Schoolwife feet kissed? WTF? I thought one I receive was weird {“stinky feet”.} ha! Loved this post!

  3. Missed you! 🙂 How fun! I should look at my hits more often.

    P.S. Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. Hope you had a fabulous one! Also, I can’t figure out Google Reader. I think I need some sort of tutorial. 🙂 I often find myself doing things the hard way when there is a much easier way to go about it.

  4. Ha! You have quite the talent for making random things fun. I love your snarky commentary. Makes me laugh.

  5. This is hilarious – two beers ruined my life?! Hope you are doing well and re: your last post, why indeed do bad things happen to good people? We had some bad news this past weekend as well and all I can do is hope that good things will be coming!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  6. HI! I’m still alive. My firm has a strict social media policy so I’m staying on the DL, but I’m finding that I really like not having so much going on online. My blog is done, but I still have a Twitter (I just don’t check it often). I still try to read and catch up when I have time though. Hope you’re well, I’ll shoot you an email soon. xx

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