Thoughts and Prayers Requested

My mother in law will have surgery tomorrow to get the lymph node that has shown up. We will be driving to the region’s foremost cancer center tomorrow, where she’s having her surgery, so that we can be there with her and with the family.

Would appreciate your thoughts and prayers during and following the surgery tomorrow. She will be in the hospital all weekend and released on Monday. I’ll try to post Friday and let you all know how it goes.


10 responses to “Thoughts and Prayers Requested

  1. Ducks’ mom will be on my mind and on my heart this weekend.

    Praying for strength and peace for the whole family.

  2. I will be keeping all of you in my prayers. Hope everything goes well! HUGS!

  3. I lifted you guys up in prayer today. Take care of each other and be sure everyone gets an extra hug on behalf of all of us.

  4. prayers to your MIL and to you guys, as you are with her! You will be in the BEST place for her to have the surgery! They save lives daily! (((HUGS)))

  5. Will be keeping y’all in my thoughts and prayers!

  6. Lot of happy thoughts and prayers to you and your family!

  7. Keeping you and your MIL in my prayers. Hope everything goes smoothly! Hugs!

  8. I will definitely keep you all in my thoughts today. I hope the surgery goes well and her recovery is swift!

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