Update: Success

Good morning! Sorry I didn’t let y’all know anything yesterday, but my phone died, despite the fact that I was not using it (or at least only stealthily using it at the hospital, because Ducks’ grandparents disapprove of smartphones).

Anyway, though, THANK YOU for all your thoughts and prayers. The surgery was very successful and she is doing well. She will be resting in the hospital today and may even get to go home, depending on how everything looks when the doctor checks on her.

One thing that I loved and thought you guys might like is this: I think I mentioned how much my mother in law likes working out and how she goes to this summer boot camp. Well, yesterday morning when she was going into surgery, 30 of her friends from the camp each turned on their videos and did her favorite workout, so they could think of her and support her  during the surgery. So, nationwide, there were all these people exercising! 🙂 Pretty sure that if I was having surgery, I would have asked you all to turn on Pride and Prejudice and eat some cookies and cream ice cream, but that’s just another example of the excellence that is my mother-in-law.

Hope you all have a GREAT day! 😀

5 responses to “Update: Success

  1. So glad your m-i-l’s procedure was successful. Blessings and well wishes for a speedy recovery. She has an awesome daughter-in-law and amazing friends! 🙂

  2. So happy to hear that all things went well. Must feel nice to have it done.

    If I go into surgery, it is breakfast at Tiffany’s OK?

  3. That’s great. We’re celebrating with you.

  4. Great Great Great news! I will be lifting her up in prayer for a speedy and most excellent recovery! Her strength is not only on the inside, but in the people around her as well!

  5. I’m so glad her surgery went well, and the boot camp thing definitely made me tear up! hope her recovery goes well!

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