More prayers

If you have a moment today, send some thoughts and prayers in the direction of this wonderful family.

I wrote in a recent post about some college friends whose son is very ill. The situation has progressed even further and it just rends my heart to think about them, about all they are enduring and about how much they must be hurting right now.

With illness, worries, concerns and more all around us, it’s hard sometimes to see meaning and higher purpose in life. The little things that upset me are so trivial compared to what people like Kara and Matthew and James are enduring. To what my mother-in-law has, and continues to, endure. I think that’s why I have a hard time blogging lately. My petty life concerns, or the books that I read, or the little activities that Ducks and I do, or the funny things that happen are work, are so mundane and so infinitesmally small compared to the suffering in the world. I know these kind of things happens every day, but it just feels different when it happens so close to home, when you realize that someone just like you, an attorney and his wife, people who went to college with you, who have had so many similar life experiences to you, could be chosen to endure such strain and heartache as they have.

People like Matthew and Kara are examples of strength, fortitude and faith to the rest of us. Every word on their blog is a testimony to their love for God, their love for their son and their love for each other. Please pray that they’ll have comfort, peace, and perhaps a miracle, if that’s in God’s plan.

Thanks. Hope you are all well.

One response to “More prayers

  1. Sending prayers. Life is so hard to understand sometimes.

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