With These Things I’ll Never Say

Things I Sometimes Want to Tell People in My Life: Edition One.

Have you ever just really, really wanted to tell someone something, but you hold it in? I feel like I spend half my life doing this. So, I thought I’d share some of the things that I keep inside, out of politeness, propriety and a sense of being a good example and not a holy terror to those around me.

I keep from saying them, and one day (like the mom on Little Women), I’ll keep myself from feeling/thinking them as well. These are specific things that I would actually say with real-life people in mind. Most of them are not that nice, so I guess it’s the better part of valor that I don’t actually say them and just make you read them instead.  😉

1) Just stop talking. (I actually use this one on Ducks semi-often, but would like to say it to others fairly regularly too).

2) You’re not my boss, so stop acting like you are.

3) Leave me alone. I’m trying to work.

4) I don’t care about your three-week, four-country European vacation and how you suffered because it was JUST TOO LONG and there was too much bread and too much gelato.

5) Take off those fake eyelashes, for the love of all that is holy! You’re not fooling anyone.

6) Believe in yourself – stop being so shy.

7) Just eat a sandwich already! You weigh 95 pounds – you are NOT fat.

8) When you use so much bad language, it’s unladylike.

9) I don’t call you every day because you keep me on the phone for 80 minutes when I do.

10) I really want to be your friend, but I’m afraid I’m not cool enough.


12) Stop eating tuna at your desk!

13) No, I will not come listen to your band. I’d rather sit in a room with an angry Bob Knight and 50 chairs.

14) Please stop parking in front of our house.

14 1/2) Please stop making a huge deal about it when people park in front of our house.

15) I hate when you go to sleep at 8 p.m. (okay, I actually do say that one, too. It’s easy to see which ones are Ducks-related)

16) This is a great company, but don’t expect me to stay here for 25 years, just because other people do.

17) I’d really like it if you would marry my sister. 🙂 She’ll get over the fact that you’re a ginger.

18) Sometimes I get sick of hearing about sports.

19) I am not my sister’s keeper. She’s an adult, so don’t call me – call her.

What kinds of things do you want to say? Do you have anything that irks you that you just keep inside? Or, are you all perfect beings without a malicious thought in your heads (Abbey probably qualifies for the last one, as she’s one of the best role models and testimonies that I know. 🙂 ).


6 responses to “With These Things I’ll Never Say

  1. LoL if you only knew… or if I blogged anonymously. There’s one thing that came to the top of my mind for things I’d like to say, but it I’m biting my tongue.

  2. So true about people complaining about their awesome, long vacations and how hard it was to be gone! UGH. Shut up already. I love your list.

  3. I’m with you on 15 and 19. The thing I want to say right now is: ‘If you act like that, then hell no, no one’s going to want to marry you!”

  4. i’m so bad at keeping things inside. if i have something to say to someone and i don’t actually want to say it, i gotta stay away from that person or it’ll sneak out!

  5. I bet I could come up with a list that is as long as yours! There are lots of things I would love to say…and good reasons for why I don’t! Mostly though, I just think to myself “leave me alone.” That one happens a lot at work!!

  6. I was never a big believer in being anything other than totally blunt and honest with people. It has saved me a lot of stress and heartache to just say what I’m feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big believer in tact and politeness, but I also adamantly guard my happiness and the happiness of those important to me…sometimes that means coming out and saying things that cause conflict or awkward silences. I have found that generally people appreciate you being honest…I’d rather have someone tell me something mean to my face, then have to be told by someone else that so-and-so is saying this-and-that behind my back. Now, WORK is another story…obviously we all have had to bite our tongue in that mileu to keep from losing our jobs. I think my biggest one there was not telling my boss that the thing he was looking for was right in front of his effing face and that if it was a snake, it would have bit him.

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