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Desperately Seeking Blog Ideas

Everyone, I need something to inspire me.

I just can’t come up with anything very interesting to blog about lately. And, I can’t usually get up the motivation to write things regularly or to chat much on Twitter.

I think it’s because work has gotten so hectic and the overtime hours have been piled on. Because writing makes up the bulk of my job, my creativity is pretty sapped at the end of the day, as is my energy. Most days, I don’t want to touch my computer with a 1o-foot pole in the evenings, and if I do, it’s only because I have to because I’m on deadline for something with JL.

But, I want to keep writing, keep reading your blogs and keep in touch with all your wonderful, wonderful people.

So, I need some ideas and inspiration of what you want to read about. 😉  Give me your ideas and I promise to blog about every single one of them, no matter what they are (that gives you a lot of leeway for crazy ideas!).

Question about Questions

Okay, you guys are now officially my focus group for my sociological experiment/other blog, the 27 Suit{or}s Project.

L, our lovely bachelorette, won’t allow me to post her picture on the blog, because she still wants to preserve a shred of privacy (which I am totally NOT for, but I guess it’s not completely my dating game). So, I wanted to include some Q&A on the site that would help people get to know her personality a little bit.

So, here’s what I have so far:

  • What is your favorite restaurant?
  • Most important person in your life?
  • Do you have pets?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?

But I need ideas for more – help me out! 🙂



The [Second] First Day of School

So, this year, I didn’t chase Ducks out to the car to take his picture (which, last year, he strenuously avoided). But here’s what I did do – the preparations were by far on Sunday, rather than Monday morning:

– Made two casserole type things (one Weight Watchers baked ziti, one beans and rice) and used every Tupperware container we own to package them up. Ducks has a night class on Mondays and Wednesdays now, which means two days, at least, where he needs two meals for the day.

– Baked banana oatmeal muffins, so there are quick, healthy breakfasts and snacks available.

– Hole punched and bound syllabi and outlines.

– Reorganized our little home office.

– Carried 5,000 books up to campus to put everything into Ducks’ carrel 

– Packed a lunch for him so he could grab it out of the refrigerator in the morning and just head out to his 8 a.m. class.

– Monitored the registration schedule assiduously to try to get him into a class that works better with his finals schedule.

So, basically, where the 1L year is lots of nerves and excitement and anticipation, the 2L year is more of a checklist – “Did you remember this? Did you sign up for that? Did you get your oil changed so you don’t have to take time out of your school schedule to do that later in the semester? Did you remember to take off Sept. 2 from work so we can go to the first BU game?”

However, I do have to tell you the one thing I did last night that could have tremendous ramifications. I discovered Crock Pot oatmeal. People, this is a life-changer. At our house, we have an ongoing war against cereal. I hate buying it because it’s expensive and because my husband eats like 4 boxes in a week. And he doesn’t eat Cheerios or corn flakes. Oh no, that’s far too peasant-ish for him. He eats this stuff:

And it’s not cheap. So, I have instituted an oatmeal regime. But he complains regularly about oatmeal not only being less delicious, but also taking more time to prepare and eat. Voila – crock pot oatmeal.

I made it with regular rolled oats today, but I understand steel cut oats are better, so when I get some, I’ll post pictures and all that of this super-easy breakfast goodness.

Hope your first days of school, or just your Mondays, are off to a fantastical start! 🙂

Update on the Birth Control Saga

So, a while ago, I wrote a post about birth control options and trying out a new pill from my doctor. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of search traffic to my blog on the same topic, so I thought I should share my experience and let inquiring minds know how the new pill worked out (If you’re one of my two male readers, or if you’re squeamish about this kind of thing, should probably discontinue reading now). I really don’t love talking about this kind of thing, because I’m a private person, but I think this is information that could help women trying to make a decision on birth control options.

The pill I’ve been taking is Seasonique. I would honestly give it about an 8.5 out of 10. Here are some of the key issues of concern I’ve seen online regarding this pill, and my experience with them.

Time between periods. As you know, Seasonique is a three-month pill. So, I thought it was great, especially with lots of summer time activities, to go so long between cycles. Much more convenient, especially since we have done a LOT of travelling around the state this summer.  (10/10)

Spotting. I thought, honestly, from some of the horror  stories on the Internet, that the spotting issue would be horrible. I mean, if they’re forced to disclose it on all the commercials, it must be really bad, right? I actually didn’t find it that horrible. I had maybe five days of off-and-on spotting toward the end of the second month, but it was extremely light. Much better than having an actual period. (6/10)

Cramping. This is one category that I did not like (and this may be kind of graphic, sorry). One night immediately after sex, my stomach started cramping horribly. This was nowhere near the scheduled time for my period, so maybe it was just a one-off, but I did NOT like it. (5/10)

Weight gain. I was so scared of taking this pill because of all the crazy people online who said, “Oh, when I started taking this pill, I gained 70 pounds!” and that kind of thing. During the three months I’ve been taking Seasonique, I’ve actually lost seven pounds. I don’t think it’s because of the pill; it’s because I’ve been eating better. But, at least there wasn’t any water weight, etc., to contend with. (10/10)

Affordability. Our insurance is GREAT for this prescription, surprisingly enough. The supply, which lasts for 12 weeks, only costs $30. If I wanted to take Yasmin, my old pill, for the same length of time (just skipping the off weeks), it would have cost $40. So, it’s actually a savings. (10/10)

Emotions. Yeeps. I don’t know if I can be a true judge on this, but I was NOT happy with my emotional state (both literally and figuratively). However, it was only during the first two days of my period. I don’t know how much had to do with the fact that I was having a VERY difficult weekend at my parents’ house, dealing with my entire family, and how much had to do with the pill, but I had two days of crying whenever Ducks and I were alone, and I felt pretty sorry for him having to listen to me. But, then, it was really only 2 1/2 days, so it wasn’t terrible. (5/10)

So, for anyone out there considering BC options, I hope this helps. I think I would recommend giving Seasonique a try, but obviously it may not work the same way for everyone. This is just my personal experience, so it may be different for you, but I know I was looking for help and advice on this topic, so I thought I’d pass on my story to others out there. 🙂  I really look forward to the day when I don’t have to worry about this kind of thing at all because I’ll be having children. 🙂

PS Obviously, not compensated by Seasonique or its makers. Pretty sure they don’t know I exist!

The End of an Era (Not Really)

Yesterday was Ducks’ last day of work before starting back to school for his 2L year. It shouldn’t be a big epoch or anything because he’s still working at the same firm all throughout the school year.

What I’m wondering is – what should he do after that?

To those of you who have already done law school in a brilliant manner, what do you recommend? Staying with the same firm throughout school if they’ll have you? Going somewhere different to get experience in another area of law? Making more connections and just seeing what might happen?

Ducks is extremely sure of the area(s) of law he’s planning to focus on, which is probably common when you start law school at an advanced age like he did. 😉 So, should he stay at this firm, knowing they plan to give him a job when he graduates? Or should he see if the grass is greener elsewhere. We don’t know if we plan to stay in this city forever; we don’t know what a long-term job at this firm might pay. We don’t really know anything (which I feel is kind of a trend when it comes to most things associated with law school). He’s talked about just doing two jobs next summer to try to get experience in the other area of law that interests him. I just want him to do well, learn a lot and make connections that will mean a good job and good benefits after law school so we can plan on starting a family (and I can have more time to write my novel!).

Okay, so with all that information, what do you think? I appeal to your superior knowledge and experience. 🙂

Why Did I Think This Was a Good Idea?


Why do I always think it’s a great idea to work out in the morning?

It sounds so good in theory – getting a workout out of the way, so the entire evening’s free. Last night, I was just thinking – wow, we should start the morning routine before law school classes start next week, so Ducks can study and we can still spend some time together at night.

Now, after a workout that honestly wasn’t even super-intense, I feel like I could melt into a puddle of sleepiness on the floor. I know I’ve asked about this before, so I’m not asking for advice, just pointing out one of those plans that sounds great in your head when you’re contemplating the law school schedule, but then falls flat on its face, or at least makes you want to, since standing up or propping your eyelids open is not necessarily the top-of-mind option.

Now, when it comes to law school planning, I have other things down pat. I pack breakfasts and lunches in advice so my husband can just grab them from the fridge and go (thus eating healthier and saving us money). I have a chore chart; he has a study schedule; I have separate accounts set up for things like travel that don’t necessarily fit our budget. I have other extracurricular activities to keep me busy when he’s at school late. But, why, oh why, must morning exercise continue to be out of my reach when it comes to productivity?


Is there anything especially challenging in your routine? Anything you’re trying to change up for the upcoming year?  


New Blog Project

Don’t worry – I’m still blogging here, telling you a little bit about law-school-wife-ism and a lot about random happenings in my life.

But, since my own life isn’t quite interesting enough for me, I’ve decided to take over the social life of one of my dearest friends. Starting with an idea from Abbey ‘s sister-in-law, we have convinced my friend L to go on her own dating odyessey, to find a few good men, but ultimately to provide us with amusement and maybe lead to some good things happening in her life.

So, betake yourselves, and your suggestions to our new site: the 27 Suit{or}s project. And comment and such, because L is worried that she’s going to be alone for the rest of her life. 😉