August is Upon Us

It’s a new month, which means, not only is everyone’s mortgage/rent due, it ALSO means…

Law school starts again this month.

(( cue menacing sound track ))

In some ways, it’s hard to believe the summer has gone by so quickly. In other ways, it’s also hard to believe that we’re already to the 2L year. It’s exciting to think about starting a new year and about Ducks having a new schedule. It’s a little nervewracking to think about the difference in the 1L year and the 2L year, although it’s certainly not as scary as the whole getting-ready-for-law-school-and-what-to-expect feeling of the first year!

Around this time last year, Ducks was leaving his job because I wanted him to take some time off and rest before school. Of course, workaholic that he is, he didn’t want to, but I convinced him, and I think he was glad he did. Around this time, we were forking out a substantial portion of a tuition payment and taking student loans for the rest. Around this time, he was buying hundreds of dollars worth of books, and I was worrying and stressing about how we’d pay for books, how we’d pay for classes and how we’d pay to keep a roof over our heads.

This year, it’s a little easier. I got a raise in January, which helped a lot, plus he’ll have an internship throughout the year this upcoming year, which will help us with little “extras,” which means football and basketball season tickets, and gas to travel to the games. We know what to expect in the way of expenses, and we know how to adapt to a different schedule. We’ve got the saving money on lunches routine down, and we’re getting used to spending less.

However, I’m sure this new year will come with its own challenges. Classes will probably be harder and more competitive. Working will take away from study time, which will then take away from time we can spend together. Costs will continue to go up ridiculously, which will then eat away at the extra money we’re making.

So, life’s not a bed of roses, but it’s nice to know that we’ve made it through one year, and we can definitely persevere through the two to come.

How are you planning for the new year upon us (if you’re in school)? Would love to hear advice from all those who have been there and done that, also. 😉  What else are you looking forward to this month?


4 responses to “August is Upon Us

  1. I’m not “in school” but so much of my life revolves around a school calendar that I still feel like this August is “another year”. You know? I’m looking forward to it. As I sit at work this morning, I’ve been planning my August-December calendar updates, trying to make sure I don’t forget anything. 🙂 Happy new school year!

  2. this is the beginning of my second year not in school. i’m finally starting to view the years as the calendar does and not as the school does.

    enjoy 2L year. it’s easier psychologically but they work you to death. xo.

  3. Good Luck, girly! The financials are a blur from the Hubby being in law school. I worked full time and went to school, too, so I think I just paid what I could and then we paid the rest with the living stipend from loans. That’s why I would get *so* incredibly annoyed with people when they would say, “Oh you put your husband through law school?” I’m like, “No, that’s what loans are for, dummy.” I couldn’t have possibly “supported” him with my piddly $8/hr or whatever I was making!

    P.S. Sorry that we couldn’t meet up while we were in SA. I was really hoping to have dinner/drinks w/ y’all and Jessica from You Are My Color. I had also planned to stop by Cabela’s to say hi to Chelsea from Deep In The Heart of A Texas Girl, but none of that happened. We were there such a short time. It was all just kind of a blur. :p

  4. Yay for August! J is looking forward to starting his LAST semester, but I know he is also stressed about everything that has to get done, including signing up for the bar. crazy. I started my school year in July, technically, but my first day on rotations as a 4th year was yesterday. I have to start applications for residency this month…yikes!

    I’m looking forward to the less-busy fall months ahead, and looking forward to cooler weather!

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