Why Did I Think This Was a Good Idea?


Why do I always think it’s a great idea to work out in the morning?

It sounds so good in theory – getting a workout out of the way, so the entire evening’s free. Last night, I was just thinking – wow, we should start the morning routine before law school classes start next week, so Ducks can study and we can still spend some time together at night.

Now, after a workout that honestly wasn’t even super-intense, I feel like I could melt into a puddle of sleepiness on the floor. I know I’ve asked about this before, so I’m not asking for advice, just pointing out one of those plans that sounds great in your head when you’re contemplating the law school schedule, but then falls flat on its face, or at least makes you want to, since standing up or propping your eyelids open is not necessarily the top-of-mind option.

Now, when it comes to law school planning, I have other things down pat. I pack breakfasts and lunches in advice so my husband can just grab them from the fridge and go (thus eating healthier and saving us money). I have a chore chart; he has a study schedule; I have separate accounts set up for things like travel that don’t necessarily fit our budget. I have other extracurricular activities to keep me busy when he’s at school late. But, why, oh why, must morning exercise continue to be out of my reach when it comes to productivity?


Is there anything especially challenging in your routine? Anything you’re trying to change up for the upcoming year?  


9 responses to “Why Did I Think This Was a Good Idea?

  1. A September Wife

    I’ve got a lot to change up and it scares the crap out of me. It’s all about budgeting, saving every cent that I can and going back to school while working full time.


    • Good luck – it will be tough, but very worth it. I had a chance to look at your blog for a second yesterday (I guess you had second thoughts and took it down?), and I wish you lots of luck as you plan for an enriching career.

      PS I like how our avatars are really similar!

  2. I hear you…i have been getting up early in the morning to work out and it’s hard but so worth it because i do feel great in the morning. i would suggest a pre-workout drink…i live by it!

  3. Smoothie and coffee post work out!! Trust me on that!!!

    The thing I can’t seem to get the hang of is cleaning. I was on this really regimented, 2x/week cleaning schedule over summer and I don’t know how to adjust it for fall. Last year I had a very, uh, laissez-faire (read: every 2 weeks) approach to cleaning the house… I really don’t want to slide back into that!

  4. I never thought I’d be a morning workout person and it IS hard to get up sometimes, but I love my freedom at night (the precious hours I have left after my long days). We started morning workouts after being jet lagged from flying between the US and Asia. Now it’s a part of the routine we try to encourage each other to keep.
    There’s your answer – fly across the world, get jet lag and do morning workouts 😉

  5. I am trying to find a way to fit in working out period. My new schedule has me at work at 7:00 a.m., so I’m up at 5:00. There is no way I could work out in the morning. I am proud of your organization. I’m trying to get my lunch and dinner ready the night before so I can grab it and go in the morning. My goal this year is to stay as organized as possible!! It’s only day 3…so we’ll see how that goes!

  6. We’ve been trying to get up early and work out too, and boy is it hard. I don’t know if it will stick once classes start up again or not. It’s tough!

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