The [Second] First Day of School

So, this year, I didn’t chase Ducks out to the car to take his picture (which, last year, he strenuously avoided). But here’s what I did do – the preparations were by far on Sunday, rather than Monday morning:

– Made two casserole type things (one Weight Watchers baked ziti, one beans and rice) and used every Tupperware container we own to package them up. Ducks has a night class on Mondays and Wednesdays now, which means two days, at least, where he needs two meals for the day.

– Baked banana oatmeal muffins, so there are quick, healthy breakfasts and snacks available.

– Hole punched and bound syllabi and outlines.

– Reorganized our little home office.

– Carried 5,000 books up to campus to put everything into Ducks’ carrel 

– Packed a lunch for him so he could grab it out of the refrigerator in the morning and just head out to his 8 a.m. class.

– Monitored the registration schedule assiduously to try to get him into a class that works better with his finals schedule.

So, basically, where the 1L year is lots of nerves and excitement and anticipation, the 2L year is more of a checklist – “Did you remember this? Did you sign up for that? Did you get your oil changed so you don’t have to take time out of your school schedule to do that later in the semester? Did you remember to take off Sept. 2 from work so we can go to the first BU game?”

However, I do have to tell you the one thing I did last night that could have tremendous ramifications. I discovered Crock Pot oatmeal. People, this is a life-changer. At our house, we have an ongoing war against cereal. I hate buying it because it’s expensive and because my husband eats like 4 boxes in a week. And he doesn’t eat Cheerios or corn flakes. Oh no, that’s far too peasant-ish for him. He eats this stuff:

And it’s not cheap. So, I have instituted an oatmeal regime. But he complains regularly about oatmeal not only being less delicious, but also taking more time to prepare and eat. Voila – crock pot oatmeal.

I made it with regular rolled oats today, but I understand steel cut oats are better, so when I get some, I’ll post pictures and all that of this super-easy breakfast goodness.

Hope your first days of school, or just your Mondays, are off to a fantastical start! 🙂


3 responses to “The [Second] First Day of School

  1. Wow! Ducks must be the most supported, luckiest L2 student in his class.

  2. OMG…can I move in? I so need someone to make me nice meals like that. You are the best!!

  3. crock pot oatmeal sounds awesome! might try that sometime…

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