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Okay, so here’s what I’ve been wondering lately. Ducks noted that we don’t have best friends. And it’s true. We have a lot of friends, but we don’t have anyone here in town that we can call our best friend couple, people who come over all the time, etc.

So, do you all have best friends? I assume a lot of people either:

1) Move back to the place they grew up and reunite with childhood friends

2) Move to an area where a lot of college friends live

3) Make friends through church

4) Make friends with their kids’ friends’ parents.

Am I right? For us, our interests are so disparate from the people who Ducks goes to school with – a lot of them fall into one category or another, either out hitting the bars around campus, sleeping with each other, etc. OR in a routine/rut like us and not too interested in being social. My friends from work live fairly far away (pitfalls of living in one of the largest cities in the nation from a geographical standpoint). And, then, during the school year, we just don’t live on the same schedule most of the time. Also, maybe I’m just not good at cultivating regular friendships? I remember in college a few times pretending to be asleep when friends would call so I wouldn’t have to go out. But, I also remember having a regular happy hour group and throwing parties and such. So, I don’t know.

The main thing is, I think, we want friends who are couples that we can do relaxed things with together. We can always get a group together for parties – I think we had about 40 – 50 people over for my birthday and had friends over for the Heisman ceremony (of course, I had to find a way to mention THAT on this blog!). We also have basketball or football watch parties sometimes.  It’s the regular, established, drop-in-anytime, oh-let’s-watch-TV-together friendship that I’m wondering about.

So, the question for today is – who are your friends? How did you meet them? Do you have a best-friend-couple that you hang out with all the time? Or is that not a very common occurrence and more likely to be relegated to sitcoms?

Hope you had a nice day (and that it was a holiday for most of you!).

Why I Love My Husband: Secret-Keeping Edition

He is so ridiculously cute.

(Warning: if you get confused by sports stuff, stop reading here).

He’s been out of town this weekend, taking advantage of the break from school to visit grandparents, etc., so we made an agreement not to watch the basketball game yesterday. I spent all day assiduously avoiding Facebook, Twitter and any major news sites that might give me an update on our second conference game of the year. This wasn’t necessarily part of the pact, but I don’t really like watching sports games when I know the outcome (which is probably weird for a serious sports fan, otherwise, why would there be such a thing as ESPN Classic?).

Last night when we talked on the phone, the topic of Kansas State/Mizzou came up. And he said, “Yeah, now we’re the only undefeated team in the Big 12.” And then immediately said, “Of course, that has nothing to do with the game that happened today. It’s not including that.” Then, followed that up with, “Sorry! Sorry! I didn’t MEAN to tell you.”

His chagrin was just so adorable. It’s not the first time he’s accidentally given away the outcome of a game; it’s just that it’s impossible for him to keep a secret or tell a lie. And that’s why I love him.

(Do you notice two blog posts in a relatively short period of time? Are you impressed?) 🙂


How do you ladies manage?

Jobs. Husbands/boyfriends. Some of you have kids or pets.

How do you do it all?

Right now, I’m so burned out. I’m not a writer currently. I’m not even much of a blogger anymore. Why? Because my job is so exhausting that I can’t even manage to wash my hair most days (sorry, that’s kind of gross, but I DO have really thick hair and it doesn’t really have to be washed more than every 3-4 days to still look fine).

I just got my first haircut in six months because I was off last week for the holidays (I don’t know how this turned into a blog post about hair. Whatever). Which, I incidentally realized, was my first time to be off for a week since 2008 for my honeymoon. And, during which I was called or messaged about work things on three of five vacation days. And, during which none of my colleagues took care of any of the things I requested they handle while I was out.

People think PR is a fun, glamorous and EASY field – that we’re the “party planners,” that we get to go out to luncheons and galas and whatever. It’s not. Sometimes you get to go to those kinds of things, but most of the time, you’re the one working yourself to death to make sure things go right, smoothing situations over for senior execs who don’t do what they’re supposed to, freaking out when vendors don’t show or don’t follow instructions, sweating bullets when the speaker says something inappropriate that is NOT in the talking points.

Right now, I desperately want my husband to finish law school so I can have some options in life besides mindlessly drudging along in a job that, to be honest, can be pretty thankless. Sometimes, I look forward to having a child so that I can take maternity leave and BE AWAY FROM WORK. Sometimes I fantasize about working on an assembly line or something equally ridiculous, just so I wouldn’t have to think about and be consumed by work constantly and I’d have some creative juices left in me by the end of the day.

This is totally just venting, and I’m doing it here instead of at my husband. I envy him because he’s eager to go to work during the break (still working at the same law office), and he loves going to school. When I see him sleeping in because he can set his own hours for work, or going home early because he “couldn’t look at the computer any longer,” I’m seriously seething with jealousy.  😉 But, he’s doing this to create a better life for us, which is really all one can ask for in a charming and intelligent husband, right?

Whew, okay, I feel better (at least a little) now. Someone tell me I’m not alone, that you feel the same way too!

PS Happy New Year and what are your resolutions?

PS 2 Sorry if I’ve posted something like this before. It seems to be a recurring theme.