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Oh, Jealousy

I am guessing that I must be a kind of bitter person lately. I’m jealous of everyone, it seems. 

At this very moment, my stomach is twisting in knots because I just found out via Facebook that a girl I grew up with (since we were 3 and lived on the same street) is expecting. 

It makes it more ridiculous to be jealous because we’re not even trying. But I felt the same way when Ducks’ best friend from high school and his wife made a similar announcement around Easter. 

And it doesn’t stop there. If it were just hormonal/biological clock issues, that would make sense. But I’m jealous of people who post their travel pictures, who are out having fun and being fancy free. I’m jealous of people who have better jobs than me, and I’m jealous of the people I work with who don’t seem to care about anything besides staying at the office from 8:30 to 5, then going home and putting work out of their minds. And, I’m most jealous of the stay-at-home wives, the ones who can do what they want when they want. 

I think this is one of the worst things about law school, because it’s easy to see the common thread in all my jealousies. It’s freedom. Being able to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. Being free to say, “Let’s have a baby,” because you’re not worried about student loans and mortgage payments. Being free to say, “You know that money in savings, let’s use it to go here.” Image

because you know that you should be using it to pay down debt. Honestly, I can’t even make myself buy frivolous things. A few weeks ago, I got a huge and unexpected bonus from work. And I went to Hobby Lobby at lunch that day and couldn’t even convince myself into buying trinkets there because I didn’t want to frivolously spend money that needs to be used for debt. 

So, that’s where I am right now. I’m really contented with life and happy for the people among my acquaintance who are producing offspring and drinking wine in Tuscany (although, obviously, those are two disparate groups of friends), but I’m just having a hard time at times being thankful for the many blessings I have – a goal-oriented husband, a good job, and a bright future. 

Do these moods strike you? What do you do to count your blessings and keep a bright outlook on life? 

Coming to a Close

We’re getting close to the end of another school year. It’s hard to believe, because time has really just flown by this year. A lot of times, it’s hard for me to realize the way the “school calendar” flows by, because we’re not really in the law school crowd that much. We very occasionally go out for drinks or bowling or something like that with law school people, but we don’t really spend all that much time hanging around them.

So, what does the end of the year mean for us this year? It means piles and piles of books apparently. He has a big paper, the one that fulfills his writing requirement, due just before the finals season begins. So, adding that on to studying for everyday class and reviewing for finals definitely makes the study schedule stressful.

Other than that, things are the same. We are really passe about finals this year as compared to the first semester of 1L, when our house was wrecked with papers and both of us were just secretly hoping he’d pass! Who knew we’d be able to take things calmly and see the light at the end of the tunnel just a few short months later?! How’s your year wrapping up?

Oh, to leave you with something cheerful, here’s a picture my talented coworker drew of me today during our staff meeting. I think it epitomizes my workday pretty well, although I need about four more arms and six more computers to get everything done!

(If you’re wondering what the extra white is, you’re just privileged to witness my expert skills in Paint. Yeah, be jealous.)

Enemies of the Bears, beware.

My sister Beth, the one still in college, is so freaking funny. This is her Facebook status from yesterday. I literally laughed out loud reading it.
Went to a bathroom in the SUB today, and saw a snake etched onto one of the taps. I got really excited about the Chamber of Secrets… and then realized I etched it in there last year.
She wants to be a filmmaker when she grows up and I can definitely see her sense of humor lending itself to creating excellent movies. 🙂

Happy Easter!

My mom never calls today Easter; she always calls it Resurrection Sunday. 

He is RISEN; He is risen indeed. 

Thankful for God’s love today. Have a blessed rest-of-the-weekend!


Chicks and Eggs

Chicks and Eggs

One reason I’m not always a good blogger is because I’m terrible at taking pictures.

I did take a shot of my little culinary arts-and-crafts project today though. I saw a friend post something similar on Facebook and decided to make my own.

(Their eyes are little olive pieces and their noses are carrot wedges. And, once I took the picture off my phone, I realized how messy it was – I guess that’s why I’m not a food blogger!)


What do you do to celebrate Easter?

If Ducks weren’t still in school, we would probably be headed to visit one side of the family or the other (My personal opinion is that I’d like to see my family on Thanksgiving and my husband’s family on Easter, because my mom doesn’t allow the Easter Bunny, but there’s no Spirit of Thanksgiving Cornucopia or anything for her to kibosh during November).

However, because he IS in school and we’re getting somewhat close to finals, the plan will probably be:

1) Go to church

2) Eat quiche

3) Watch him study

Last year, my sister was living with us, so she and I made quiche and salad togethe, then did our own Easter egg hunt in our back yard. My husband refuses to hunt eggs with me, so I might have to console myself with making Cadbury egg cupcakes, which seem to be sweeping the nation on Pinterest (here’s a link to a recipe, in case you’re curious).

Ultimately, celebrating the Resurrection is the most important part of this holiday, but it’s fun to hear what other people are planning. And, if you have any to-die-for Easter recipes, I’d be delighted to hear those as well. 🙂




What a great team and great night. Last time they won a national championship was unforgettable. We were still in school and the entire student body went CRAZY. I will never forget dancing on the steps of the SUB and the utter excitement. Last night wasn’t quite as thrilling, since we were at home and old, but I’m glad my younger sister is in school and gets to have that experience. Sic em!