What do you do to celebrate Easter?

If Ducks weren’t still in school, we would probably be headed to visit one side of the family or the other (My personal opinion is that I’d like to see my family on Thanksgiving and my husband’s family on Easter, because my mom doesn’t allow the Easter Bunny, but there’s no Spirit of Thanksgiving Cornucopia or anything for her to kibosh during November).

However, because he IS in school and we’re getting somewhat close to finals, the plan will probably be:

1) Go to church

2) Eat quiche

3) Watch him study

Last year, my sister was living with us, so she and I made quiche and salad togethe, then did our own Easter egg hunt in our back yard. My husband refuses to hunt eggs with me, so I might have to console myself with making Cadbury egg cupcakes, which seem to be sweeping the nation on Pinterest (here’s a link to a recipe, in case you’re curious).

Ultimately, celebrating the Resurrection is the most important part of this holiday, but it’s fun to hear what other people are planning. And, if you have any to-die-for Easter recipes, I’d be delighted to hear those as well. 🙂

3 responses to “Easter

  1. Mmmm…quiche and Cadbury egg cupcakes sound like the perfect Easter to me! We usually don’t do too much for Easter either. The last few years I’ve taken the dogs to a doggy egg hunt, but really that’s more for me than them. I personally think they hate it, but I like to force them into wearing bunny dog ears and sit for countless pictures. My poor unborn child is doomed. 🙂

  2. Doomed to a life of ridiculous cuteness. 😉

  3. I’m glad you’re more back to more frequent posting. You’re entries always make me smile. If you don’t have a certain church you’re going to for Easter, I’d love for you and Ducks to join me. Send me an email if you need details. There’s a 5 pm Saturday service and 3 service times on Sunday morning.

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