Birthday Blues

There has never been a year in my entire life that school has ruined my birthday.

That’s one of the perks of being born in the summer, right?

While your friends have to be content with a cupcake, class and a bunch of homework, you get to go swimming, or go out of town, or just have fun.

Well, thanks, law school, for ruining that.

Ducks is taking two summer school classes this year. One is completely online. The other includes a professor who calls on students for 45 minutes at a time. He lets them know ahead of time, so they can be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

Ducks has never been called on for this class before, so I knew he would be called on for Monday, which would end up destroying any chance of enjoying the birthday weekend. And, according to an email I received from his at 8:45 this morning, I was exactly correct. Monday is his first (and probably only) day to be called on. So no long walk in our neighborhood park, no going out to dinner or getting together with friends (not that we have any money for that, thanks to another story – my fault – which I will tell you at another time).

I’m being a big baby about this, because honestly, a birthday is just one day, and who really cares about turning 28 anyway? It just seems that with all the annoyances of law school, this is just one more thing to add.



5 responses to “Birthday Blues

  1. Hugs lady! That is no fun at all. I’m a birthday girl too and I hate when things get in the way of celebrating!

  2. domesticnovice

    This is why you celebrate a birthSEASON, and not just a birthday. D thinks I’m crazy because I like to start celebrating around the beginning of July and not stop until around September, but I’ve had so many ruined birthdays growing up that I figure I’m just making up for lost time!

    (Happy Birthday. I hope it ended up being a good one anyway.)

  3. Law school is important, but so are you. I seriously hope he took off studying for a few hours to spend time with you or take you out for a meal. Lord knows I would have! I hope you had a good birthday!

  4. Chic 'n Cheap Living

    Happy belated birthday! We all want to be celebrated, even if we say otherwise. Life and our responsibilities get in the way. Make a little time for yourself and have fun! You deserve a party even if you only have time for a pizza party!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  5. Law school ruins everything. 🙂 Believe me. And as soon as he’s finished, his job will ruin everything. Sorry! Lawyering sucks.

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