The Seedy Underbelly of Technology

So, despite the fact that I work with social media a lot in my job…

And, despite the fact that I’m currently writing to you on a BLOG…

I kind of hate technology.


Because technology, rather than being the Great Enabler, is more like the Great Preventer.

We live in a big city. I think it’s in the top ten in the nation, so the possibility of me encountering people I don’t want to see is a rare one. I think I’ve only run into a co-worker while grocery shopping in workout clothes and glasses ONCE. In three years. That’s not too shabby.

But, thanks to technology, everyone has the potential of breaking free of their neatly segmented areas of my life and colliding. For example…

Last night, I had three things on my schedule after work. There was an obligation with the husband’s law firm and a Junior League meeting. Both sound thrillingly fun, right? But, the third was MY FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT. Obviously, it was impossible for me to miss that and end up with a shafty team ALL SEASON. Or have someone draft Chad Johnson (the artist formerly known as Ochocinco) for me or something else equally heartrending and terrible like that.

So, the draft was the choice for the evening. And it was great, and I got a pretty decent team (even though I didn’t get a top three QB. Whatever.). But, I had to worry about whether someone from the draft party was going to post on Facebook that I was with them, instead of at the JL committee meeting. And that’s just a pain. I didn’t tell JL that I was home sick or that my imaginary pet wildebeest had gotten poisoned or that I was out serving lemonade to lepers or something. I just said I couldn’t go, but the oversharing, geo-locating, information-vomitting social media world (especially with all the tagging, bleh) caused me grief. And it’s not the first time this has happened.

I see kids (including all of my sisters) overposting on social media all the time, whether it’s pics on Instagram or Foursquare check-ins or Facebook statuses. Worrying about people finding out things I wouldn’t choose to tell them is part of why I never share my name or much personally identifiable info on the blog (although I don’t mind in email, etc.)

How do you disengage from technology and its inherent issues without disengaging from society as a whole? As a parent or future parent, how do you protect kids from something that’s going to be practically native to them? And how, oh how, do you get to skip out on boring meetings and do fun things without someone ratting you out? (That last one is obviously the most important.)

Have a great day!



One response to “The Seedy Underbelly of Technology

  1. Oh this is a great question! I keep myself semi-anonymous on the blog but I have had the experience you describe – not wanting everyone to find out about something and worried that someone else would post about it in the meantime. I don’t have a solution for it, unfortunately. It’s just kind of frustrating.

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