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Ho hum… School Starts Again

Totally anti-climactic.

That’s how I would describe the beginning of the end of law school.

Every other year, I’ve gotten up, made Ducks a lunch, taken his picture, and all that jazz. This year, I slept in, no photo was taken and he had to take leftovers to school. It’s amazing – the difference in this year from the others. The 1L year was all about anticipation. We shopped for school supplies, did reading assignments together so we could discuss them and anxiously prepared for the heart-stopping Socratic method.

The second year, we weren’t sure how upper-level classes would differ from the 1L classes, so we were a little nervous that year as well. Plus, we had the pressure of finding an internship, finishing a 25-page writing requirement and worrying about job prospects (Notice that I say “we” on all this… weird… since I’m mostly just the bystander/cheerleader).

This year is not exactly coasting, but we know what to expect and we know what we have to do. It’s more about maintaining the status quo – passing classes and maintaining the internship and focusing on finding jobs. That part is easy for me, since – no joke – I get offered a job at least once every couple of months. Last night, I got offered a job at a mixer last night. That’s just how I roll… I guess.

One good thing about the coasting? My husband now is convinced he can go to every college football game played this season. He’s even requested tickets to go to Morgantown, WV, to watch our newest Big 12 team in action. And at that, I have to say, “Slow down, buddy!” Just because you’re not as freaked out about school doesn’t mean you’re rich. So, that “good” – that was just a tad bit sarcastic.

One more year. We can make it. How’s your year starting off, fellow law wives? And, how’s everyone else doing? 🙂