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Public Service Announcement: Exploding Brownies


This is a public service announcement. Otherwise, your oven will end up looking like this…

Need a recipe for exploding brownies?!

And you’ll have no brownies for your dad’s birthday. If you have sisters, you may be able to talk them into making another dessert, but that doesn’t mean that your stove will be clean.


I can’t believe that pan just exploded. If you look at the reviews online on Target’s website, every single one is like, “Explodes! Explodes! Explodes!” It’s ridiculous. How have they not done a recall on these products? I put it in the oven after it had been at room temperature. It had never been used before and I really did just remove it from the package, then rinsed it out, dried it and put it in the stove. Another pan of brownies was in there at the same time and IT didn’t explode. It was also made by a different brand.

But, still. Can you believe it?! Has this ever happened to you?

Greener Grass?

Thanks, everyone, for all the good wishes regarding the interview. He got it! I am a PROUD, PROUD wife! 🙂

The very, very nicest thing about this will be – having a normal life this summer. With his other job, he did a lot of driving and a lot of travelling. Now, with the internship, he’ll have a normal drive and normal work hours. So, we’ll be able to stay up a little later, have more fun and have a better-rounded life.

In other news, today is the official last day of my break. And I’ve come to the following conclusion. I would be AWESOME at being a stay-at-home wife. Seriously, people. During this five-day period, I’ve not watched a single episode of Ellen or Oprah. I’ve barely watched TV at all. I’ve done chores, packed lunches, ironed clothes, shopped (or more accurately, looked) for things for my house, etc., etc.

I would be wonderful at doing this all the time. I have heard people at both my jobs and in my professional life saying, “I could never stay at home; I’d be so bored.” I would absolutely not feel like that. I didn’t even read this week (except for at the gym), as per my Lenten resolution. Instead, I was productive and rested and unstressed and blissful.

Productive things I did this week:

– Volunteer hours

– Furniture shopping

– Cleaning

– Taking things to dry cleaners

– Finally framing some pictures in the collage frame that Ducks gave me for our first anniversary

– Ordering my new holiday organization bins

– Taking notes for my book

And more. 🙂

Maybe if it were for more than five days, I’d feel differently. I do love my job and working in public relations. I just love doing my own thing more. This is probably the first time since my junior year of college that I’ve had any chance at peaceful productivity. And it was beautiful. But, maybe it’s just that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?

As a law school wife, obviously I’m not going to be spending an extended period of time on the other side of aforesaid fence anytime soon. Instead, I’ll just focus on saving money, paying off the mortgage and paying off law school loans. And….THEN….in the future, we’ll see what happens.

The Chore Bowl


Today was the Super Bowl….of chores… at my house.

Seriously. I have been hard at work all day, people.

I’m trying to get things more organized and balanced around my house. Honestly, that’s always my goal, but I usually get sidetracked by reading a lot of books, commenting on y’all’s blogs, watching Psych or something else equally more interesting than getting my house in order.

But, today was a different story. First of all, Ducks and I decided to trade a chore. Technically, laundry is his chore because he kept throwing dirty clothes on top of freshly washed ones that hadn’t been moved from the washer. But, since he wasn’t really handling that chore as regularly as I would have wished… (read: never), he offered to swap me dishes for laundry. And so it was agreed.

The chore chart

And that made me want to get a lot of chores done. I was inspired! I have this chore chart, which I created in hopes of doing all chores once a week.

A few chore examples

But….I have never moved all the clips from the left side (the to-do side) to the right side (the completed side) in a week yet. So…this week, I have resolved to get it done. Bathrooms? Check! Laundry? Check! Lunches packed? Check!

Then, I made food for the upcoming week, since I have JL and a wedding photo shoot this week. I made a GIANT amount of soup, which should last us several days, then I made Amanda’s cheese biscuits. I also made our lunch burritos (which I’ll have to tell you about in another post) and some egg muffins for this week’s breakfasts.

Hearty Italian soup

Yummy biscuits - thanks, Amanda!

So….after all this work, I totally think I deserve some Blue Bell (the only real ice cream!) and a l-o-n-g break. Don’t you?