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The [Second] First Day of School

So, this year, I didn’t chase Ducks out to the car to take his picture (which, last year, he strenuously avoided). But here’s what I did do – the preparations were by far on Sunday, rather than Monday morning:

– Made two casserole type things (one Weight Watchers baked ziti, one beans and rice) and used every Tupperware container we own to package them up. Ducks has a night class on Mondays and Wednesdays now, which means two days, at least, where he needs two meals for the day.

– Baked banana oatmeal muffins, so there are quick, healthy breakfasts and snacks available.

– Hole punched and bound syllabi and outlines.

– Reorganized our little home office.

– Carried 5,000 books up to campus to put everything into Ducks’ carrel 

– Packed a lunch for him so he could grab it out of the refrigerator in the morning and just head out to his 8 a.m. class.

– Monitored the registration schedule assiduously to try to get him into a class that works better with his finals schedule.

So, basically, where the 1L year is lots of nerves and excitement and anticipation, the 2L year is more of a checklist – “Did you remember this? Did you sign up for that? Did you get your oil changed so you don’t have to take time out of your school schedule to do that later in the semester? Did you remember to take off Sept. 2 from work so we can go to the first BU game?”

However, I do have to tell you the one thing I did last night that could have tremendous ramifications. I discovered Crock Pot oatmeal. People, this is a life-changer. At our house, we have an ongoing war against cereal. I hate buying it because it’s expensive and because my husband eats like 4 boxes in a week. And he doesn’t eat Cheerios or corn flakes. Oh no, that’s far too peasant-ish for him. He eats this stuff:

And it’s not cheap. So, I have instituted an oatmeal regime. But he complains regularly about oatmeal not only being less delicious, but also taking more time to prepare and eat. Voila – crock pot oatmeal.

I made it with regular rolled oats today, but I understand steel cut oats are better, so when I get some, I’ll post pictures and all that of this super-easy breakfast goodness.

Hope your first days of school, or just your Mondays, are off to a fantastical start! 🙂

I’m a Guest Poster! :)

So, I almost forgot to tell you that I’m a guest poster today at Chic ‘n Cheap Living! It’s a great blog with fashion-forward items, fun and stylish food for thought and more. Sometimes I just visit her site and drink in all the fun things she shares (and wish that I had a little more discretionary income!). She also will sometimes post travel photos that are TO.DIE.FOR.

My post, which is about home design and interior decorating, is here.

Go give it a look, check out my post and add CNC to your blog reading list!

Feeling Brunch-tastic?

All you good cooks out there, give me some ideas! I am going to my parents’ house this weekend and have volunteered to be in charge of a Sunday brunch.

And, of course, I can’t think what to cook! Maybe quiche or breakfast casserole? It will be just me making things, so I don’t want to get super fancy; plus, my mom can be really blunt and mean if she doesn’t like things (on several occassions, I’ve brought items for holiday meals and had her tell everyone that “they just weren’t things she really liked,” although she did eat them).

So, please give me your idea of an easy, delicious, casual family brunch menu! Much appreciated!!!!! 🙂

To Party or not to Party?

To HAVE a party, that is.

Yesterday was Ducks’ official last day of class (yeah, I know, it’s about time I write something about him instead of babbling on about myself all the time!). Random question – do you guys at other law/med schools applaud your professors at the end of the semester? Ducks said that someone starts a round of claps in each of his classes on the last day. Respect or sucking up? I don’t know.

Anyway, so today he will be enjoying the day off school and my sister will be enjoying the day off work. I, on the other hand, will be spending a very l-o-n-g and busy day in the office. How glorious. Although, to be fair, Ducks says it’s really like working overtime for him, since he’ll be studying all day. That boy is so serious about school. I would never be a good law student, because I would be all, “Day off! Time to sit in the sun and drink sugar-free lemon drops (which, sidebar, might be the best drink EVER).” But, no, he’s all scholarly and up at 6 a.m. this morning, trying to wake me up and getting all studious in his little office.

I will say that finals this time are much less stressful (so far at least). Hopefully that’s a good omen.

Okay, now I’ve gotten completely distracted from the purpose of my post, which is, what do you think about the idea of having an end of the 1L year party? Fun? A distraction? I would plan to have it at our house, make it fairly small and do it the Saturday after finals are over.

Decisions, decisions. I’m just glad I can use my brainpower on social gatherings, while my poor husband is focusing all his (for today at least) on contracts and torts.

Public Service Announcement: Exploding Brownies


This is a public service announcement. Otherwise, your oven will end up looking like this…

Need a recipe for exploding brownies?!

And you’ll have no brownies for your dad’s birthday. If you have sisters, you may be able to talk them into making another dessert, but that doesn’t mean that your stove will be clean.


I can’t believe that pan just exploded. If you look at the reviews online on Target’s website, every single one is like, “Explodes! Explodes! Explodes!” It’s ridiculous. How have they not done a recall on these products? I put it in the oven after it had been at room temperature. It had never been used before and I really did just remove it from the package, then rinsed it out, dried it and put it in the stove. Another pan of brownies was in there at the same time and IT didn’t explode. It was also made by a different brand.

But, still. Can you believe it?! Has this ever happened to you?

Greener Grass?

Thanks, everyone, for all the good wishes regarding the interview. He got it! I am a PROUD, PROUD wife! 🙂

The very, very nicest thing about this will be – having a normal life this summer. With his other job, he did a lot of driving and a lot of travelling. Now, with the internship, he’ll have a normal drive and normal work hours. So, we’ll be able to stay up a little later, have more fun and have a better-rounded life.

In other news, today is the official last day of my break. And I’ve come to the following conclusion. I would be AWESOME at being a stay-at-home wife. Seriously, people. During this five-day period, I’ve not watched a single episode of Ellen or Oprah. I’ve barely watched TV at all. I’ve done chores, packed lunches, ironed clothes, shopped (or more accurately, looked) for things for my house, etc., etc.

I would be wonderful at doing this all the time. I have heard people at both my jobs and in my professional life saying, “I could never stay at home; I’d be so bored.” I would absolutely not feel like that. I didn’t even read this week (except for at the gym), as per my Lenten resolution. Instead, I was productive and rested and unstressed and blissful.

Productive things I did this week:

– Volunteer hours

– Furniture shopping

– Cleaning

– Taking things to dry cleaners

– Finally framing some pictures in the collage frame that Ducks gave me for our first anniversary

– Ordering my new holiday organization bins

– Taking notes for my book

And more. 🙂

Maybe if it were for more than five days, I’d feel differently. I do love my job and working in public relations. I just love doing my own thing more. This is probably the first time since my junior year of college that I’ve had any chance at peaceful productivity. And it was beautiful. But, maybe it’s just that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?

As a law school wife, obviously I’m not going to be spending an extended period of time on the other side of aforesaid fence anytime soon. Instead, I’ll just focus on saving money, paying off the mortgage and paying off law school loans. And….THEN….in the future, we’ll see what happens.

Help! Urgent Domestic Dilemma

I need monogramming advice!

What color should monograms be on towels that are a light perwinkle blue color?

The towels are about this shade –

What do you think? Darker blue? Grey? Lighter blue? White? The bathroom they’ll be used in is painted a pale grey and has silver accents.

My sweet grandmother offered to get them monogrammed for me but I need to hurry and let her know. Thanks for the advice!