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Wear Teal Day – This Friday


Wear it!

This Friday is National Wear Teal Day and I am asking that everyone who can to wear teal to support my mother-in-law in her fight against ovarian cancer.

Now, there seems to be a conspiracy against me finding the perfect teal, because as Attorney at Large said, true teal exists only as a platonic ideal. So it’s everything from this: 

To this


To this


 Whatever shade of teal you wear, you’ll be helping to promote awareness of and activism against a disease that is prevalent and that affects women daily. Did you know…

  • There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer?
  • One in 71 women will develop the disease in their lifetime?
  •  More than 15,000 women die of ovarian cancer each year in the US?

 I’ve contacted a volunteer organization to try to give my time to promote a cure. And, I’m promoting awareness and supporting my mother-in-law by wearing teal. I hope you’ll join with me and do the same. If you choose to blog about it, I will post a link up later this week. If you would be willing to share your photos, so that I can in turn share them with my mother-in-law and father-in-law, but you don’t want to blog about it or don’t have a blog of your own, I would love for you to email me at so I can share them with her on Friday when I see her.

 From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your support of my mother-in-law. Also, my little “nephew” BB says “Thanks for teal-ing out!” (My lovely sister arranged a “Wear Teal” day early at her office since she wouldn’t be able to participate this Friday.)

BB rocks the teal!

College Colors Day and Sic ‘Em!

I’m linking up with Mrs. Jones for college football season, which kicks off this weekend!

In the world of college football, I’m a relatively new fan. A lot of people grew up supporting a specific school, wearing Longhorn onesies or Crimson Tide jackets of Horned Frog cheerleader outfits or something like that. But, even though I grew up in a sports family, I didn’t grow up with a strong college football affiliation. My dad played college football at a small school that no longer has a football program, and my mother, the consummate hater of sports throughout my childhood years, certainly didn’t identify with any team. She’s the kind of person who refers to sports as my dad’s “mistress” and used to make us children do rankings of who we thought our father loved more, God, sports or his children.But I digress.

Anyway, so I grew up collecting Major League Baseball cards, wearing Dallas Cowboys gear and singing the “I’m a Dallas Mavericks fan” commercial jingle. But I didn’t grow up sporting a specific college team’s colors.

And then I fell in love.

Not with my husband, although that happened soon after, but with Baylor University. And I made up for lost time. Not so much, admittedly, while I was in school, because it’s a little hard to fall in love with one of the very, very worst programs in the BCS. I fell in love, though, with the atmosphere and the camaraderie of the college game day.

Of course, Ducks helped.

He grew up in TCU’s backyard but is now one of the most loyal BU fans in existence. Dating and marrying someone who’s equally as big a sports fan as my father helped a lot, because my schedules began to revolve around our team, and our conversations began to trend around which recruits were taking their official visits and how we might be able to telepathically convince them to come to our school.

And then there was the era of Art Briles.

Which is, of course, better known as the RG3 era (so far).


This was one of the greatest nights in Baylor history.

It’s amazing – the way it feels to be a fan of a perpetual cellar-dweller, and then the difference as you watch your school emerge into the name that’s on everyone’s lips. Jim Rome derided us as “Scrubby lil’ Baylor,” then took it back, begrudgingly, after our sports programs made history as the winningest university in the NCAA. Ever.

So, that leads to the colors thing. Today is college colors day and I’m “flinging my green and gold afar “(that’s a line from the alma mater)” in a green shirt for work, and still sporting my teal-green nails. Since I’ll never be a good photographer, especially while trying to self-portrait with an iPhone camera, I am offering up some historical photos with the fam (sorry about the dots. No one in my family is aware of this blog, so I don’t have their permission to share their personal photos online).  

Me + sister at the Elite Eight (I’m on the left). I know you don’t recognize me with that yellow thing on my face!

Ducks, me and my sisters

Happy College Colors Day and sic ‘em, Bears!

Feeling Brunch-tastic?

All you good cooks out there, give me some ideas! I am going to my parents’ house this weekend and have volunteered to be in charge of a Sunday brunch.

And, of course, I can’t think what to cook! Maybe quiche or breakfast casserole? It will be just me making things, so I don’t want to get super fancy; plus, my mom can be really blunt and mean if she doesn’t like things (on several occassions, I’ve brought items for holiday meals and had her tell everyone that “they just weren’t things she really liked,” although she did eat them).

So, please give me your idea of an easy, delicious, casual family brunch menu! Much appreciated!!!!! 🙂

Update: Success

Good morning! Sorry I didn’t let y’all know anything yesterday, but my phone died, despite the fact that I was not using it (or at least only stealthily using it at the hospital, because Ducks’ grandparents disapprove of smartphones).

Anyway, though, THANK YOU for all your thoughts and prayers. The surgery was very successful and she is doing well. She will be resting in the hospital today and may even get to go home, depending on how everything looks when the doctor checks on her.

One thing that I loved and thought you guys might like is this: I think I mentioned how much my mother in law likes working out and how she goes to this summer boot camp. Well, yesterday morning when she was going into surgery, 30 of her friends from the camp each turned on their videos and did her favorite workout, so they could think of her and support her  during the surgery. So, nationwide, there were all these people exercising! 🙂 Pretty sure that if I was having surgery, I would have asked you all to turn on Pride and Prejudice and eat some cookies and cream ice cream, but that’s just another example of the excellence that is my mother-in-law.

Hope you all have a GREAT day! 😀

Thoughts and Prayers Requested

My mother in law will have surgery tomorrow to get the lymph node that has shown up. We will be driving to the region’s foremost cancer center tomorrow, where she’s having her surgery, so that we can be there with her and with the family.

Would appreciate your thoughts and prayers during and following the surgery tomorrow. She will be in the hospital all weekend and released on Monday. I’ll try to post Friday and let you all know how it goes.

Life’s Not Fair

Wondering Why…

Why do things happen?

Sad things. Worrisome things. Unfair things.

Obviously there’s no answer to those questions, other than just life.

One of my friends from college has a baby who is less than a year old and who has a brain tumor. So unfair. They are a wonderful couple, very kind, loving and giving. While we weren’t extremely close in college, we spent some time hanging out together afterward because we lived in the same town where her husband was attending law school.

Obviously life is not fair when sweet adorable babies have debilitating illnesses.

Closer to home, life is also unfair.

I think I’ve told you all how much I admire my mother-in-law. She’s one of those people that I truly just look up to in awe. She teaches school, raised two upstanding sons, drives Meals on Wheels routes, stayed in Junior League five years past sustainer age, needlepoints exquisitely, runs marathons and does fitness boot camps for fun. She is the true picture of today’s accomplished woman, in my opinion.

Two years ago, she was diagnosed with fallopian tube/ovarian cancer and went through the rounds of surgery, the chemo, the hair loss, everything we associate with this horrible illness. In response, she didn’t wallow in her own misery. She started a Caring Bridge site that was honestly more inspiring than most other websites because she was so filled with hope and determination to beat cancer. She kept teaching on days when she wasn’t receiving chemo and she kept working out.

When the doctors told her a meat-based diet can be associated with recurrences of the disease, she immediately switched to being a vegan….and she never cheats.

I’m so proud of her, and that’s why things are so unfair.

In her latest scan, one cancerous lymph node was found. So, that means another round of surgery, another round of radiation and more treatments. Of course, we never see anything but the best side of everything, but how can she be so calm and accepting? I’m in tears just thinking about it.

And that’s why things are not fair. All we can do, all anyone can do, is trust in God, and hope and pray for the best. But still, life’s not fair, there are no guarantees and anything can happen to anyone at any time.

One thing to be thankful for is that – whatever happens to her, my mother-in-law has an inconquerable spirit, unshakeable faith and amazing fortitude and resiliency.

This is a picture of my in-laws that MD Anderson used in some of their awareness/promotion materials. I should say that my father-in-law has been there every step of the way and has supported her through this entire arduous journey. They are such good examples of a wonderful marriage and partnership.