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The weather – that is.

Seriously, I don’t want to jinx anything, but it is quite nearly perfect outside. So much so that I am taking up jogging again. My goal is to get up in the morning and do a quick run outdoors, but still keep up my evening workout regimen as well (NTNW, your post where you talked about running inspired me to get outdoors).

Anyway, it’s so nice to be OUTDOORS. I hope that I can spend a lot more time outside as summer approaches. For one thing, it’s just healthier to be outside, instead of in and around the house all the time. For another, I hope to get a little more tan, because I looked at some old pics, and people, I am pasty pale. My Polynesian relatives should totally not claim me.

What’s the weather like where you are, and how are you enjoying, or dealing with, it?

Panic at the Disco…

Okay, actually, it was panic at the gym. And at home. And in the car.

Basically, a lot of panicking.

This morning, I was so proud of myself. Despite catching a little case of insomnia yesterday and having to watch King of Queens reruns to put myself to sleep. I got up at FIVE THIRTY this morning and made my way to our local gym.

Armed with my trusty iPhone (used mainly for obsessive wikipedia-ing of characters in Percy Jackson) and The Last Olympian, I pushed myself through a morning workout. And I really dislike morning workouts because I feel they are less productive than ones when I am actually awake, but it had to be done.

So…I get my workout done, go home, take a shower, then get my egg muffins out to microwave them. And I notice there are only six left in the fridge, which then leads me to believe that Ducks ate 15 of them for breakfast (two is an appropriate portion), which then irritates me, because I thought I made enough to last all week. I head back to the entryway table to get my phone, text him and give him a piece of my mind.

Andd…’s missing.

This is scary. I don’t know who all out there is a smartphone user, but these things are ridiculous, because they literally do hold ALL your personal information. If someone got to my phone, they could quickly take my life’s savings through my online account apps, wreak havoc on my personal relationships by texting or using my email, ruin my work credibility by posting messages from my work profiles — and the list goes on. Scariest of all, they could severely mortify my by checking my wikipedia history and seeing what an extreme nerd I am.

I frantically checked everywhere aroung my house. Bedroom where I got dressed. Laundry room in case I threw it in the trash in there. Purse (but who really thought it would be there? Come on now). Workout pants pocket. Upstairs bathroom. All to no avail.

I got on my laptop and sent Ducks a Facebook message saying “Did you take my phone? And where are all the egg muffins?!” He wrote back and said, “No, and I only had two this morning.” Great. So now, there’s an egg muffin burglar in addition to my phone, savings and credibility being on the line. Awesome. Great Monday.

So, I rush to the gym and ask the front desk guy if it’s been turned in. It hasn’t. Then, I check the bike I was last using. Not there. Panic further ensues. The guy at the gym, despite his Hurley hat, was extremely nice and let me use the gym phone and his personal phone to make calls. So, I still can’t find it. I resign myself to the worst and plan to go to work (since we have no home phone) and spend my lunch hour repairing damages.

When I get to my car, I hear the alarm. Not the car alarm. The alarm that tells me, “It’s time to leave your house.” The freaking phone is there….in my car. It blended in with the black seats…and with my stupidity, apparently. Grr.

So, crisis averted. But I still felt pretty foolish to start off the week. Sigh. How did your Monday start?

Doing Work

No, not real work. Obviously. Personal trainer/gym work. As promised to my pal Melissa @ Duoly Noted, here’s the workout we did at the trainer last night. I am proud to say that even though I was dragging at the end, I did successfully complete every single step of the workout.

Step 1: Warm Up

  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds front straddle hops (video here in case you are not familiar with this term)
  • 30 seconds squats
  • 30 seconds push ups
  • 30 seconds left side lunge stretch (video)
  • 30 seconds right side lunge stretch

Repeat all.

Legally Married commentary: None really. Except that our usual trainer was doing a one-on-one personal training session today so we had the male trainer. She is a lot more encouraging, whereas he did a lot more correcting/shouting.

Step 2: Planks (yes, the workout demon of planks)

  • 30 seconds left side plank. Without resting, switch to
  • 30 seconds front plank. Without resting, switch to
  • 30 seconds right side plank. Without resting, switch to
  • 30 seconds swivel crunch. I don’t know exactly how to describe this, but basically — lay flat, lift your back and feet from the ground so that you are balancing only on your butt. Swivel at waist, trying to hit ground with hands on each side.

Repeat all three times through without rest.

Legally Married commentary: These are the devil. I can’t do all of it consecutively without rest, so the instructions above are what the trainer says to do, not what I am actually capable of. Also, apparently from the yelling, it’s very important for your heels to be directly on top of one another.

Step 3: Alternating push ups and jump roping

  • Do 20 full push ups. Touch your chest to the ground and lift your hands from the ground. Then raise yourself. That’s one. Repeat 20 times.
  • Successfully jump rope 40 times.

Repeat 5 times through.

Legally Married commentary: These push-ups were extremely difficult. They took me a long time. L, who dominates as regular man-style push ups, wasn’t able to do them well either. The jump roping was AWESOME though. I actually got a compliment from the trainer on my jump rope skills. Which is kind of miraculous when you consider how long it took me to earn the 75-in-a-row sticker in first grade PE. I think it must be because I do the stationery bike a lot, so my calf muscles are fierce. 😉

Step 4: Alternating sprints/backpedalling

  • Sprint 100 yards. When you reach the end of the sprint, immediately begin to
  • Backpedal 100 yards. (which is just a fancy word for run backwards)

Repeat 5 times through.

Legally Married commentary: Not much. I was very schadenfreude -ish during the sprints because I noticed that the chick in the triathlon t-shirt was struggling. So, that made me feel better about myself.  And, I end up getting mad at myself during these workouts because I do exercise frequently and I was a really good athlete in high school, so I feel like I should do better than I am.  But, the trainer did tell me that he liked me because I worked hard. Which, I take to mean that he noticed I was very sweaty and red-faced and thought a compliment might keep me from passing out.

And, that’s the whole workout.

I’d be interested to hear how you guys work out, if you want to share. Also, I made Ducks do some planks last night. He’s disgustingly good at them. And at the swivel thing. Typical.

PS Don’t forget to click to Holy Turf and get some football knowledge. The contest runs through until Nov. 3 – so stay click-y, my friends. 🙂 And I’ll post the contest tonight, once that I go shopping for a prize today at lunch!

Don’t Wanna

I don’t wanna go back to the trainer tomorrow.


We’ve gone more than the first time – I just haven’t blogged about it. But I don’t want to goooooooo tomorrow.

I’m being a baby about this, but I just really hate going there. I would rather do my own workout for a couple of hours than do the demon-trainer program.


In other news, great sports weekend, peeps!

Day 1 with the Trainer

Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness.

I am so fatigued. Here’s what happened.

A few weeks ago, my friends from work and I bought a Groupon together for 24 personal training sessions. It was a great deal and worked out to be less than two dollars each per session. And today, we went to our first session.

I’m a regular exerciser and have been for a couple of years. In high school, I was an all-state athlete, then I slacked off in college and have really gotten back into exercising frequently since Ducks and I have been married. So, I thought, this workout group should be a piece of cake; or at least I should be in much better shape than the others in the group.

I’m sorry to say that after about three minutes, all three of us were an indistinguishable puddle of sweat and exercise bleh-ness, so the extra workouts that I had on K and H didn’t do a whole lot of good in setting me apart from the crowd.

How can exercise so hard? And, how do I apparently have zero percent conditioning after diligently working out and flattering myself that I was in decent shape?

Somebody commiserate with me. Please. 😉

Maybe I’m exaggerating just a little, but not much. I am extremely tired and sore. And I dislike squats tremendously. Lunges were not as bad as I remembered; they were actually kind of fun. Planks are the worst activity ever invented. To look on the bright side, I have incentive to work out extra hard between now and our next Monday session.

And, I’m really proud of both H and K for working out so hard, especially since K just had a baby two months ago!

PS Thanks for all the great comments on sopapilla cheesecake. It really is delicious. I will post the recipe tomorrow!