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2Ls, Cheese and Randomness

This blog post is pobably going to consist of several random things and a whole lot of spelling errors as I’m actually laying in bed, thumb-typing with my iPhone. Why, yes, I am aware that it’s 9:20 and very few self-respecting adults under the age of, oh, 85 are actually sleeping right now. But, allergies know no age and mine are being especially cruel to me. Plus, let’s just be honest – Laying in bed is comfortable. If I were sitting downstairs on the couch, I’d be doing the exact same thing but would have the TV on at the same time. Not any less lazy, just lazy with better PR.

So…here are a few of my observations lately:

1) 2Ls are awesome. I’m sure this is not always the case but the ones that I have met so far are extremely nice, helpful and very mentor-like. The particular 2Ls I’ve met have prepped Ducks on what to expect, given the lowdown on professors, etc, etc. Maybe it’s just because their first year is still so fresh on their minds that they’re willing to provide fonts of useful information, but it’s been very helpful and reassuring to him. So, if you’re in school now or planning to be, go find a nice 2L and get some advice. Both the students Ducks has talked with didn’t know him at all before their first meeting (one is Kate’s lovely boyfriend and the other I met while doing some JL volunteer work) but they both treated like an old friend and took him under their mentoring wings.

Okay, enough about that – now some interesting stuff.

2) I really don’t know how I married a man who doesn’t like cheese. Seriously. When we met up with one of the 2Ls for dinner on Friday, we went to an Italian place. Ducks ordered beef ravioli and he didn’t finish all his food (which is kind of rare because he is pretty tall and works out a lot). Afterward, I asked him why he didn’t finish it and he said, “it had too much cheese.” To which I responded, “Are we speaking the same language here?” But then, cheese is one of my food downfalls. I am pretty sure I have never uttered the phrase “too much cheese” in my life.

3) I won a Twitter contest today!!!!!!! I probably shouldn’t talk about this and try to keep up the pretence of anonymity but I just don’t even care – I was so excited. My alma mater gave away some football tickets on Twitter and I won them – wahoo!

4) I never realized the extreme lure of fire for tiny people. For drunk people maybe (one of Ducks’ college roommates got severe burns from thinking that walking in a fire was a fantastic idea – after all, he was obviously way tougher than some expletive-expletive fire. Yeah…. Not so much). But when we went to my friend Mandee’s birthday party this weekend, her little cousins spent at least two hours throwing grass, leaves, twigs and other flammable materials into the firepit, really with no goal in mind but to watch conflagrations of sparks fly upward. They were at least an hour and a half into their endeavor before they even considered the possibility of making smores. Pretty sure that would have ranked way higher on my campfire priority list. But they were cute.

5) Looking at my DVR list makes me very sad. Why? Because there are about 47 different shows sitting on there just waiting to be watched. But, there’s no one available to do the watching. Shawn Spencer’s psychic powers are on hold, no one’s getting chopped and Michael Scott is desperately holding in a “That’s what she said” somewhere out there in DVR world. But, alas, I’m too busy and plan to remain so with the beginning of college football this week…yes!

Because every numbered list needs a multiple of five or some reasonable other parameter, I’ll stop here. And actually go to sleep instead of typing away. Night! 😉

New Things

Today is the first day of law school for Ducks! This morning, in spite of his protests, I took his picture while he was leaving for school. And by “in spite of his protests,” I mean that I chased him out to the car with my hair in a towel while he tried to run away. But, I got it, so for posterity’s sake, here’s Ducks headed out for his first day of class.

We actually got off to a very good start this morning. As he headed out the door, we had already been to the gym and I actually (insert gasps here) made breakfast for him – egg and turkey taquitos and a banana smoothie. Super healthy lifestyle, right? I doubt that it lasts long, but it was a good start.

As Ducks got in the car for his first day, armed with books and laptop, we noticed the family across the street doing much the same things that we were. Both parents were outside, loading things into the car and their little son, Chris, was bouncing with anticipation. Today was his first day of school as well. A few weeks ago when we first met Chris, he told me, “I’m going to kindergarten this year. I used to go to a baby school, but now I’m big.”

So, he’s starting his very first day of school, of learning and of the road to becoming “big.” It was wonderful to see that both his parents were there on hand to get him ready and to accompany him on his first day. And, it was wonderful to see all the excitement in his sweet little face as he anticipated this whole new, mysterious world of kindergarten.

We’re doing the same thing today. Getting ready to jump into a new world – to take the first steps toward a new career and a different life. When Ducks called me on his drive, I asked him, “Are you excited?” and he said, “Yes, and a little nervous.” As we grow up, we lose the excitement that Chris has, the idea that every step ahead of us is filled with something new and wonderful. We are headed into law school with a little more trepidation, a little more understanding of what’s ahead, but still with the inner excitement that this is the beginning of something really, truly great.

Best of luck to all you lawyers (and doctors, Kate!) in the making, as well as to the wives, girlfriends and as you get started with a new year.  Hope that you keep that same excitement throughout the year that our little neighbor Chris had on his first day!

Crime Doesn’t Pay…

But apparently, organization does!

Guess what happened today? Because I woke up early, I decided to work on reorganizing the pantry shelves. Our pantry contains both food items and bigger appliances (crockpots, mandoline, etc. – by the way, have no idea how to, and am kind of scared to, use the mandoline. If you listen to Kidd Kraddick, you’ll recall that he almost lost a part of a finger to one of those bad boys!).

So….while being a cleaning busy bee, I saw an old sorority jewelry box that my Big Sis gave me in college. And, when I opened it, I found….our bottlecap collection.

Ha. Okay, so, yes, I did find my husband’s somewhat-embarrassing collection of beer bottle caps. Even more embarrassing is the reason we no longer add to this collection (totally my fault), but I’ll save that for another day. But I digress.

Under the fondly-collected bottlecaps, there were….THESE!

Gift cards from the wedding! In the back of my mind, I knew these were somewhere around, being saved for the rainy day otherwise known as buying a house. But, wow, it was so nice to rediscover this little hoard. These should make a big difference in our interior design budget. Woo hoo!

So…I was extremely, knock-my-socks-off happy today. The moral of this story is that order may not breed chaos, but, if you’re naturally chaotic like me, it may breed some exciting results.

And, if anyone feels like amusing themselves with guessing how much I found in gift cards today, I’d be happy to send the closest guesser a $5 Starbucks card (don’t think this is a real giveaway or contest; my blog is far too humble to host a giveaway and $5 isn’t much of a giveaway anyway. I just want to spread the good gift card karma with you lovely blog-world ladies! If you are looking for a real giveaway though, you should go visit Natalie at!).