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Video Fun-ness

One of my favorite things about having a sister who is a film and digital media major is that she’s always on YouTube sending me hilarious things. Or, actually, she says she’s on StumbleUpon and that’s where she gets stuff like Marcel the Shell and this gem of a video (because according to her, she puts in criteria like “film making, screenplays and cute animals):

So hilarious. Watch and enjoy.

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Cute story.

When I went to the med clinic on Friday, yes, I did end up walking around with the back of my dress tucked into my tights for a few moments. That’s not the point of this story (although I will say that I’m glad I was wearing a long jacket). Sigh.

This little girl who was also at the clinic was about 2 1/2 – 3 years old and ADORABLE. She had sweet little tiny braids and was walking around smiling at everyone, even though she looked like she didn’t feel well at all.

She found her little jacket on the chair next to her mom, picked it up and cuddled close to her mother’s chest. Then, she said, “Mommy, can you wrap me up like the baby Jesus?”

So freaking cute.

I hope when I have kids they are the kind who say and do hilarious things. My youngest sister, Amy, was that kind of kid when she was a baby. She would stand on top of anything – a stool, a book, a piece of paper and yell, “Lallie (that’s what she called me), save my life!” and she’d keep yelling it untilĀ I came over and picked her up from the precarious sheet of paper she was standing on, then she’d kiss me and say, “You’re my hero.” Again, so cute. She’s also the one who named my husband Ducks (actually, Ducky), because she met him when she was four (yes, she’s MUCH younger than me) and told him she wanted to call him Ducky because he was so cute.

Kids grow up too fast. She’s now almost 13 and wants perfume and earrings for Christmas gifts. Slow down!

Anyway, that’s a little rambly, but I just thought that little girl was too cute not to mention! šŸ™‚

Pic of the Day

Today’s photo of the day is brought to you, courtesy of my sister, Beth.

She is definitely the funniest of the four of us, although, if I do say so myself, we’ve all been noted for our comedic timing. But, I digress. Here we have a still-life of her masterpiece, Elvis Banana.

I promise to write a little lengthier and more information-filled post tonight, but for now, you get Elvis Banana. You’re welcome, you’re welcome very much. šŸ˜‰

Can I Have Some Extra Crazy, Please?

Oh wow.

Today, I got a mysterious friend request from someone with no picture. The person’s name was Sandy Jones and the only information listed was that the person was male.

The only person I could think of named Sandy Jones was, so I thought, the nanny character Freddie Prinze Jr. played in a guest role on “Friends.”

(featured here with The Grumpus – oh, man, I laughed so hard when I watched this episode — but, I digress.)

Anyway, I’m looking at a couple of other things on Facebook when I see a message pop up in my inbox — from Sandy Jones.

The message is now being posted here for your enjoyment, and probably your secret sympathy:

SUBJECT: Sandy Jones…. I am your mother. ha!

Message: [myname]…sandyjonesĀ is my fb name. i’m a creeper. ha!
i pushed the wrong button and am a man on here. is that funny or what? ha ha haĀ 
jo Ā is trying not to friend me and i’mĀ going to get that child. i hope you will be my friend. šŸ™‚

I am still kind of laughing about this. Weirdo.

Background: Earlier this year, my mom did have a Facebook page. At that time, she sent all of her daughters a long message about how she did not want to be our Facebook friends and that we should not feel pressured to friend her. Beth and I did, but Jo did not (probably because she has a lot of slutty pictures on Facebook).

Then, one day, she sent another 15-page email saying that she was deleting her Facebook because too many people she knew wanted to be her friend. Which, I thought was the point of Facebook, but what do I know? So, I’m very amused that she’s back, transgendered and semi-anonymous in her new Facebook profile. Just wow.

A Fiesta and a Fiasco

I have to share this quick story* from the weekend (sorry, tonight is the first time I’ve had computer access in a whole. I predict you all will be hearing increasingly less from me as final near since Ducks is never home and thus the path of blogging is obscured for me!).

I had a jewelry party this weekend to help out my friend Christi who is just starting her jewelry sales business. I’m posting some pictures here to show you the food that I made. I was proud of myself for trying new things instead of just chips and dips (side note: do you northerners eat queso? Someone told me the other day that people — well, basically people not from Texas — don’t eat queso. If you don’t, I feel very sorry for you that you don’t have nearly enough processed cheese blocking your arteries)

So, of course, we had queso, which I didn’t take a picture of for you, because prior to the aforementioned conversation, I thought everyone knew what it was. I also made:

Hummus bites


And fondue (actual fondue not pictured – just the dippers)! I made the fondue with a mix of white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate – after the guests left, I had to restrain myself from sitting down with the fondue pot and a spoon and disgracing myself. I would also like to point out that, since receiving it as a wedding gift, I have now used my fondue pot precisely two times. Actually three if you count my ill-fated attempt to use it to melt chocolate to make oreo truffles. But, the less said about that, the better.

Anyway, the point of this post. Christi was supposed to arrive at my house at noon to set up the jewelry and L was coming at 1 to help me get things ready and put on the final touches for the party at 2.

Around 11:45:

Sent Christi a text and said, “I’m going upstairs to get ready. Door’s unlocked. Come in when you get here.” Went upstairs, got ready, came back downstairs, fidgeted for a while, then checked the time again.

Almost 1. Almost time for L to arrive. Watched some TV, worked on my story I’m writing for NaNoWriMo. Fidgeted some more.


Looked up theĀ recipe for fondue that I’d misplaced.Ā Got out ingredients and simmered them in fondue pot. Still no friends.


Assembled bruschetta. Still no friends. Began to feel very sorry for self. Resisted urge to text L and tell her to hurry.


PutĀ bruschetta in oven to warm.


Took out all nice and crispy. Started getting mad at friends for betraying me.


Get a text from L. “Will be there around 1:30. On way.Ā Running late.”


Text her back -“It’s already 2!!!”


L: “No….it’s 1. Daylight Saving Time.”


So, turns out my friends are good friends after all. And, that my iPhone is a tricky little jerk. In the morning before Ducks left for the library, both our phones were showing the same time – the fall back time. I swear they were. At some point between his departure and 1:59 p.m., they switched back.

Sigh. But the party was fun and I ended up with some free jewelry for all that. So, all’s well that ends well, especially if it ends with chocolate fondue, my friends.

*PS Sorry – in spell checking, I realized that I lied about it being a short story – I guess to lure you in to staying around! šŸ˜‰

Quote of the Day: Sister Edition

My sister Beth amuses me so much. Here’s an email exhange we had today. It started with a discussion of how one of our favorite basketball players can’t consume two slices of bread in one minute without a drink. Yeah, we discuss serious stuff around here.

Me: Bet you didn’t know that because you don’t have twitter. I am a font of useful information.

Beth: What’s a font?

Me: Like a fountain.

Beth: Don’t you mean a fount? Why is it spelled like that?

Me: I don’t know. You could ask the Olde English, but they are all dead.

Beth: Umm….they prefer to be called Elderlye English. Rude.

I started laughing disgracefully loudly at work.

Why I Love My Husband: Reason #2

First, news report: it’s raining in Texas. A lot. This girl Hermine is wreaking a lot of havoc with our ecosystem here. And, for the love of Harry Potter, why can’t weatherpeopleĀ spell HermoineĀ as JK Rowling obviously intended?

Seriously, though, the rain is good for our lawn and it’s good for cooling things off here. What it’s not so good for: studying apparently.

Since it’s Texas and we have issues with adjusting to any weather besides 7000 degrees hot, obviously the infrastructure of our cities can’t tolerate a few drops of rain. Oh, no, at the first hint of rain, most of our city lost power. We didn’t at work but they did at Ducks’ school. He stays on campus most of the day to study and a little before noon, I received this text message:

“Electricity keeps going out at school. I need a miner’s head flashlight! Seriously.”

Okay, so when 99 percent of people send that type of text, you’d automatically assume it was meant to be humorous, right?

Well, Ducks is in that other one percent, I guess. When I got home from work, sitting nonchalantly on the kitchen counter was – you guessed it- one of those light things that goes on your head. I had no idea that those items could be purchase anywhere besides Pickaxes R Us but my husband can truly find anything he sets his mind to.

While this is funny, this is not actually the reason why I love him. I love him because, despite many protests, he allowed me to go with him into our downstairs bathroom, turn off the lights and take his picture. What an adorable good sport.

(he said, “this I really not necessary because you’re just going to blur out my face and put it in your blog.” maybe true – but still totally necessary, don’t you agree?)

And for the record, he hadn’t actually opened the package when I got home, so the forehead flashlight was not actually put to use at law school. But I think he’d make some sort of name for himself if he did use it.

On second thought, excuse me. I’ve got a flashlight to hide.