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College Colors Day and Sic ‘Em!

I’m linking up with Mrs. Jones for college football season, which kicks off this weekend!

In the world of college football, I’m a relatively new fan. A lot of people grew up supporting a specific school, wearing Longhorn onesies or Crimson Tide jackets of Horned Frog cheerleader outfits or something like that. But, even though I grew up in a sports family, I didn’t grow up with a strong college football affiliation. My dad played college football at a small school that no longer has a football program, and my mother, the consummate hater of sports throughout my childhood years, certainly didn’t identify with any team. She’s the kind of person who refers to sports as my dad’s “mistress” and used to make us children do rankings of who we thought our father loved more, God, sports or his children.But I digress.

Anyway, so I grew up collecting Major League Baseball cards, wearing Dallas Cowboys gear and singing the “I’m a Dallas Mavericks fan” commercial jingle. But I didn’t grow up sporting a specific college team’s colors.

And then I fell in love.

Not with my husband, although that happened soon after, but with Baylor University. And I made up for lost time. Not so much, admittedly, while I was in school, because it’s a little hard to fall in love with one of the very, very worst programs in the BCS. I fell in love, though, with the atmosphere and the camaraderie of the college game day.

Of course, Ducks helped.

He grew up in TCU’s backyard but is now one of the most loyal BU fans in existence. Dating and marrying someone who’s equally as big a sports fan as my father helped a lot, because my schedules began to revolve around our team, and our conversations began to trend around which recruits were taking their official visits and how we might be able to telepathically convince them to come to our school.

And then there was the era of Art Briles.

Which is, of course, better known as the RG3 era (so far).


This was one of the greatest nights in Baylor history.

It’s amazing – the way it feels to be a fan of a perpetual cellar-dweller, and then the difference as you watch your school emerge into the name that’s on everyone’s lips. Jim Rome derided us as “Scrubby lil’ Baylor,” then took it back, begrudgingly, after our sports programs made history as the winningest university in the NCAA. Ever.

So, that leads to the colors thing. Today is college colors day and I’m “flinging my green and gold afar “(that’s a line from the alma mater)” in a green shirt for work, and still sporting my teal-green nails. Since I’ll never be a good photographer, especially while trying to self-portrait with an iPhone camera, I am offering up some historical photos with the fam (sorry about the dots. No one in my family is aware of this blog, so I don’t have their permission to share their personal photos online).  

Me + sister at the Elite Eight (I’m on the left). I know you don’t recognize me with that yellow thing on my face!

Ducks, me and my sisters

Happy College Colors Day and sic ‘em, Bears!

Thanks! (Follow up to “Meeting the Partners”)

You guys are all so sweet – your comments meant a lot and definitely bolstered up the confidence level before going in to the party. 😉

Which, was good. I met two people there who grew up within 10 miles from me, and whom I had never seen before in my life. That’s one thing that’s crazy about living in a small town. Everything is insular. Here in our big city, we have friends who live all over – and we go all over the city. In the town where I grew up, we have our own grocery store and such (no Walmart or Target or anything like that, though), our own school, our own church, and we just don’t mingle a lot with other neighboring towns. The guys I talked to sounded like they were a bit wilder than I was in high school (also older than me), and they said they couldn’t even come over to my hometown for parties and stuff because the guys from our town would get mad about other guys coming in (I suppose to poach from our small pool of dateable girls).

Only one woman talked to me the whole evening. I found that to be really odd. I take that back – actually, I asked the hostess, “Can I help with anything?” and she said, “I’ll let you know.” So, two women. The other woman whom I talked with was very nice, though. I just thought it was odd that girls weren’t mixing and mingling.

I met someone who is famous by association! Ducks and I were talking about baseball to this one associate from the firm and he said he went up to a Rangers game recently, but he was cheering on the other team. Well, of course, Ducks wanted to know why someone would cheer for one of those far-away northern teams when we do have a Pennant-winning team RIGHT HERE (sorry, just had to throw that in – he didn’t actually say it like that. He’s much more polite and diplomatic than my thoughts are). Anyway, the guy says, “Well, my stepbrother plays for them.” It turns out that his stepbrother is this  guy! We were really excited because he actually like him a lot (as a baseball player).

We also discovered, speaking of the Rangers, that Ducks is going to LOVE working at this firm, because the partners allow everyone to audio-stream Rangers games during the workday if they are so inclined. This is exactly the kind of baseball lovers’ paradise that he belongs in.

Anyway, so the evening went very well. Also, turns out that my dress fit right in. Almost all the women were wearing bright dresses of some sort and the fun design fit in with the Fiesta theme. I wish I could have taken some pictures while we were there, but I thought that might have been frowned upon.

Oh, and PS, everybody go send some congratulations in the direction of New Teacher, New Wife. She’s having a stellar week with tons of good news!

On Suspensions

No, this has nothing to do with law school, so don’t freak out. Ducks hasn’t violated the honor code or anything else crazy. But it does make me think I want to start a separate sports blog.

I do not understand the rationale of the NCAA. Today, I read about the K-State suspensions for basketball players receiving inappropriate benefits. Players are being suspended for several games (Jacob Pullen) or indefinitely (Curtis Kelly) because they received a “substantial discount” from a clothing store. Which, I guess, basically means that the store gave them the clothes for free or for a negligible amount.

I know the reason so many crazy detailed rules are in place is because of things like the SMU scandal (aka Pony Excess – watch this asap) and because cheating had gotten so out-of-control. However, it seems like things are super ticky-tack, to use a random word. Where’s the line? It’s not okay for Pullen to take clothes that a store offers him, but it’s okay for Cam Newton’s dad to ask for $200,000 as long as he lies through his teeth and says Cam never knew he was asking, OR as long as the school itself doesn’t say yes, and its boosters don’t say yes either? So, there’s no impetus for morality on the part of the players and their parents/family, just on the part of those who might want to help a college student out, or let them know that their contributions on behalf of the school are appreciated.

I will personally say two things:

1) This is not a blog post in support of Kansas State. I despise them, just like I despise every other Big 12 team, and really every other team, period, except my own. (Whew – just had to say that…didn’t want you to think I was crushing on either Beard Man or the original Mr. Angry Eyes – aka Coach Martin. But here’s his picture, because I find him hilarious).

2) I personally feel that our college sports teams have truly enriched my life. I would love to be able to do something nice for these guys, because I think they are awesome. And morally upstanding. And fun to watch, or to talk to on Twitter (yay Twitter!).  But I will never be able to give them even a cookie. A cookie, people! On this point, I will say that perhaps Ducks did them a favor when he ruined my life by throwing away my cheesecake.

Basically, all this rambling to say that I am sad about these suspensions, even though I do believe in following the rules, even though I’m sure things could spiral out of control quickly, even though it’s affecting a school that I consider a strong competitor/conference rival/borderline enemy (but that’s probably just me, on the enemy part). Mostly because having their best player and a Player of the Year candidate out will hurt their RPI and make them less competitive in conference, which will then in turn hurt us.

So, basically, it’s all about me.

I’ve missed you guys! I resolve to be a better blogger in the near future – we have been SO busy with graduations, conferences, Christmas. More on all this later.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who clicked over to Holy Turf on my behalf! We (meaning you guys and myself!) won the tickets to the football game next weekend!

Y’all are such awesome blog friends and I am just so excited about this. Now, I just need to find a “date” for the game because Ducks is already anticipating being snowed under and not being able to attend. Anyone up for a weekend in Central Texas? 😉

Seriously, though, I appreciate you all so much – it’s such a pleasure to get to know you and learn about your lives. I find myself just itching to blog and becoming still more addicted to Twitter so that I can converse with all of you. You rock! 🙂

Now, let’s all cross our fingers for a win over an orange team this weekend and a maroon one next weekend! 🙂


Oh, also, I hope that you won’t stop visiting Holy Turf now that the contest is over! They have really great content for Big 12 and SEC fans and lots of fun information, whether you’re a die-hard stats and analysis lover, or someone looking for a great game day recipe.

Lame Post Time: Recap of My Week

This is just a post to say, whoa, sorry, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Somehow this past week became BUSY. Here’s a quick recap:

– Rangers sucked it up for two games and then pulled it together. Watching them right now – it is essential that they win these home games!

– COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Freaking hurray!

– College basketball starts this week. On that note, here’s a cute picture and a funny story. Picture = my two sisters in their costumes from their sorority’s act in our college’s big musical revue.

And the story. My parents never came to events when I was in college, so this year was their first year to go to the homecoming festivities. While the Littlest Sister was walking around with us, Jo and I kept seeing this extremely tall guy and wondering why he looked familiar to us. After we stared for a while, we sent Amy over to ask him his name, since of course, she’s 12 and adorable.

So, she walks over, taps him on the back and he stoops down. She says, ” What’s your name?” He tells her and she walks back to us and says, “I couldn’t understand him.” Psssh. Useless, just useless. So, we give up on our quest.

Later, Amy’s standing with our father, and asks him, “Dad, what’s that guy’s name?” He tells her, and she freaks out. Why? Because he’s a player who happened to get in trouble for some substance problems recently (and by substance problems, I mean he passed out in the drive-thru of Taco Bell….sigh). Amy runs over to us, stomps her foot, and says, “You made me speak to a crackhead; I could have died!”

Poor innocent little chica. For one thing, it was so not a crack issue. And for another, the problem that he had typically just makes people hungry, not violent (hence, Taco Bell).  😉

Okay, so I got a little sidetracked. Back to my list of what happened this week.

– I dressed up as Snow White this year for Halloween. The girls at the office wanted to dress up — I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween – we didn’t celebrate it growing up, but my friends wanted me to join in, so I did. We had two regular Disney princesses (me and L as Ariel) and two zombie Disney princesses – scary! I realized that I’ve been typecast as Snow White – I’ve been Snow White four times in my life.

– On a completely unrelated note, I was called a snow bunny. Apparently, this is a very derogatory term (link to very inappropriate Urban dictionary definition). To which, I would like to respond by saying, “Ummm….hello….I’m married.” But anyway, I was quite offended, and I told one of the graphic designers I work with that I was offended because I am actually part African-American. He totally believed it. Hehehe. It’s funny because, remember, I’ve been Snow White for four Halloweens – I’m dark-haired, blue-eyed and Irish-freckled.

– We have Trick-or-Treaters! We’ve had, among other things, Cookie Monster, Mario, Power Ranger and a Lucha Libre wrestler. Also, I would like to point out that if you’re a teenage girl not in costume but old enough to have cleavage pouring out of your tank top, you’re too old to trick-or-treat. I mentioned this to Ducks and he said, “Oh, I didn’t notice.” Either he’s the best man on earth or a big fibber.

– I went to buy some chair covers for some wingback chairs my mom gave me. I was super proud of myself for finding a coupon and taking it with me. And THEN, I forgot to use any of my gift cards to pay for it. Grr…

Really, I’ve got nothing else. I’m hosting a jewelry party to help my friend start her business this week, so that should be interesting. I’m behind on ALL my blog reading, so, tell me, how was your week?!

Claw and Antler Poll

Yesterday was epic in the world of basketball – for me at least.

I am now hoping that today will be the most epically amazing day of my baseball fan career.

Cheering on these guys tomorrow!

 I wish I were cheering them on in person, and if we weren’t currently a law school family, we probably would have taken time off and spent money to attend at least one of the games. But, alas, we are in school and impoverished.

Instead, to commemorate the day and bring Texas Rangers awareness to my friends across the nation, I’ve put together a quick poll. Who’s the best looking Ranger player?

Cast your vote in the comments:

Boyish Derek Holland?

Photo from

Quirky CJ Wilson? (Although he almost didn’t make it on this list after last game)


Always exuberant Elvis Andrus?


Boy-next-door Ian Kinsler?

Reformed bad boy Josh Hamilton?

Your write-in votes are also accepted in this poll. 🙂  

Seriously, though, you have no idea how wonderful this season and series has been to us lifelong, and long suffering, Rangers fans. So, get your claw and antlers ready and send some good thoughts to the Texas Rangers tomorrow evening!

PS While we’re at it, we might as well go for a trifecta of awesomeness. Are you listening, college football?

A Little Help from my Friends

Okay, I need some help from you lovely blog-friends.

As you may or may not have surmised, I have a little bit of a college football obsession (ha – obviously kidding there – I’m a raving lunatic every Saturday). I’m always happy when I check out my LegallyMarried twitter account on Saturdays because you guys are all (or a majority of you at least) tweeting about your respective teams. Or, like New Teacher New Wife, giving me a prize that reflects MY favorite team. 🙂

Sooo….now, I need your assistance to win some tickets to a very big upcoming game. How, you may ask, can you help me? There is currently a contest on an up-and-coming new sports website called Holy Turf. They are giving away tickets to a big game for my team next month. I actually came across the site through a tweet and it looks like it has promise. The site focuses primarily on the SEC (and I know there are several big SEC — read: Crimson Tide — fans among my blog friends) and the Big 12 — yeah Big 12!

They also have a section that talks about Game Day fashion, tasty tailgate recipes, etc. One thing that I do want to tell the site creator is that I don’t care for that section being titled “For Women” because many of the women I know are extremely avid sports fans and don’t necessarily need terminology tips. I think the tailgate snack tips are great, especially because I’m always looking for game day recipes, and I love that the blog creator is incorporating women into a traditionally male-dominated area, but I think the section should be titled differently and shouldn’t take the attitude that women are chilling in the kitchen during the game. But that’s my one tiny disparagement. Other than that, I think Holy Turf looks cool and has a lot of promise.

What do I need you to do to help me out? Just click over from my blog to the Holy Turf site (notice how many times I’m making it clickable for your convenience?). Everytime that you click over, I’ll be entered into the drawing for the tickets, and I am determined to win!

I wish I could say, “If you click through, you’ll be entered in a contest to win this FABULOUS prize!” But since I just found out about this last night, I don’t have a prize handy. So, what I’ll say is this…. in appreciation for the help you are going to provide me in upping my odds to attend this game (remember, we’re a law school family on a budget and tickets are expensive!!), get sunburned and scream like a maniac, I will post a fun giveaway tomorrow! That will give me time to go find something superbly cute and fun ASAP.

So, will you do it? Start clicking, my friends!