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Snow Day!

We woke up at 5:30 this morning to this particular piece of glorious news! Snow day!

Well, technically, it’s a snow day for Ducks. It’s a snow three hours for me. And I had to get up this morning to post messages to Facebook and Twitter for my company. But, still….. I’ll take it!

Do you want to see pictures of the extreme wintry devastation that has taken place here?

Obviously a complete snowpocalypse. Have I mentioned that we tend to overreact to weather in Texas? If it’s anything other than scorching hot, we can’t drive. Rain? Can’t drive. Snow? Definitely can’t drive. Fog? Can’t drive. Ice? Well….you get the picture.

So….the wonderment of a late morning going in to work. And of being able to take these pictures outside in a fleece and pink snowflake pajama pants.

How’s the weather where you are? ūüôā

Cribs: Legally Married Edition

On this episode of Law School Cribs, I’d like to introduce you to: the Legally Married household during finals.

Let me tell you, people: it is not pretty.

And, I’m very concerned for the health and welfare of its inhabitants, especially considering that this week is actually only dead week, not even actual exam time.

Our living room floor. Please note not only the new rug (I need to take some overall pictures of the room to show you all because we’ve made a lot of changes), but also the stylish accessories, such as the 15-foot extension cord that is inexplicably being used to power the computer.

Moving on from there, we’ll take a look at the coffee table. While it hasn’t necessarily been a showpiece of the house even in good times (we got it for $5 from my mom’s office when they were replacing furniture), today, it’s really got something special going on, in the way of the casualties that were the hundreds of trees my husband has killed this semester.

Also, please note the half-loaf of bread that we’re apparently now using as a paperweight. You know, instead of a real paperweight?

Although at this juncture, I have to be fair and mention that while my husband has many papers and such scattered around, I have lots of just plain clutter everywhere — library books on the coffee table, pair of jeans on the floor by the coffee table, my cup I was drinking from yesterday on the floor (I don’t know why?!) on the other side of the coffee table. So, while he’s studious, I think I might be accused of being just plain messy.

The kitchen table. Now, my friend Amanda¬†has a blog post about a contest she’s entered based on her beautiful place setting of her dining room table (go read her post and vote for her everyone!).¬†I’ve borrowed her photo here¬†– hope that’s okay, Amanda!!¬†Why? Just to show you a bit of contrast between her beautiful, elegant table…

And what we’re working with here. ¬†

Flashcards, memo assignments, highlighters, and, why yes, that IS a pair of earplugs on the table back there. Also, in the chair, that’s my bag of extra clothes from this past weekend (I told you I’m being especially slobby….sigh).

Moving on to our final photo of the Legally Married casa, I give you: our kitchen counter.

For some reason, in addition to notebooks filled with practice exams, open textbooks and pages upon pages of notes,we also have:

1) A bracelet

2) A young adult fiction book (Emily Climbs – another Lucy Maud Montgomery classic)

3) A Jason’s Deli fork and napkin set. We haven’t been to Jason’s Deli since this summer. I have no idea why that’s there. By the way, does anyone else dislike how the napkins in those kinds of packs get really peppery-smelling?

So, while compiling this short photo essay, I’ve come to two conclusions. First, that I have a lot of junk around our downstairs. Second, that my husband has a lot of studying to do this week. I’m just thankful there are no photographs of mountains of takeout boxes or piles of dirty dishes. We’re being clean and healthy, just not tidy. ūüėČ

Thanksgiving Dilemma Solved

The choice has been made. And it’s a crucial one.

We have decided what we will eat for Thanksgiving dinner.

For a while, I was furrowed-browedly debating on this. Should we go for turkey and all the trimmings, or should we go with something unique? After all, it’s just the two of us and I only have one day off. Do I really want to spend the entire day in the kitchen?

I thought about doing an homage to Thanksgiving of some sort – maybe turkey enchiladas or something that involved cranberries and alcohol. And, I asked Ducks several times, obviously to no avail. So, since I’m not a law student and don’t have school things of my own to think about, I decided instead to spend many extra minutes of my daily¬†drive, when “Fly Like a G-6” or Taylor Swift wasn’t playing to thinking about this food quandary.

Today’s shopping trip decided it. We are having a turkey breast and some of the traditional sides, although we will not be having either cranberry sauce or dressing. Which, just to interject here, holy cow, turkeys have giant breasts. I’m sorry to make the obviously joke here, but the turkey whose breast we purchased¬†could totally have given Anna Nicole Smith a run for her money.

Anyway, we will be having mashed potatoes, green bean bundles and crescent rolls to go with our turkey breast. And for dessert: no pumpkin (gasp!). Instead, we’re going to have peach cobbler. With, of course, Blue Bell homemade vanilla, the world’s most delicious ice cream (question to northern friends: do you have Blue Bell up there?).

I remember the first year we were¬†married – Christmas was mid-week and I had no vacation time left because of wedding planning, the wedding and the honeymoon. We made pesto¬†chicken pasta on Christmas Eve and ate it on our wedding china in our tiny little apartment and it was a special memory. And, I know the Pilgrims didn’t probably have pesto (or Santa’s elves either, for that matter), but they were definitely missing out.

So, the meal obviously doesn’t matter. It’s the memories that count. This will be our first major holiday in our new house and I want to get out our wedding china for the first time in our new kitchen and drink from our fancy crystal goblets that we never use and set a beautiful Thanksgiving table. And, apparently, while I’m doing this, I’ll also be eating turkey.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

A Bundle of Random and a Proposition

This was a blah weekend. I’m going to chalk it up to a little rain, a horrible week in football (for both collegiate and my fantasy team) and just some bad mood hormones.

And, my husband studied at home Sunday. It’s nice to have him at home all day, but I can tell it was a sacrifice for him. He really needs the structure of the library to study, so I think next Sunday will find him back on campus instead of at home. It also made it a bit more stressful. because I was trying to be quiet but still get all my Sunday work done — cleaning up, laundry, dishes, etc. — while making a minimum amount of noise. Not really possible, so I think that just fueled my melancholy, because every clink of a plate felt like a huge deal. That’s way too much stress — to try to be quiet, be supportive and be a super-tidy superwife all at the same time. So, I’ll miss seeing him on Sundays but I think that this new method may be the best. Thoughts?

Also, thank you for all the recipes! I ended up making queso (thanks, NTNW!), a veggie tray (including red bell pepper slices – yum!), mini pigs in a blanket and brownies (note to ohmypuddin – I didn’t make the Symphony bar brownies Saturday, but have made them before to rave reviews –¬†they are amazing!). I’ll keep using y’all’s recipes each week as we keep watching games. ūüôā

I’m having a sort of a thought lately. Probably a bad one – what do you think? Since we’ve moved into our house, I find myself doing a lot more chores. After all, I guess it takes more effort to clean a two-story house than an 800 square foot apartment. I’ve been wondering – how dirty do you think my house might get if I were to “take off” from cleaning for an entire week? Obviously, I wouldn’t leave plates of rotting food out, etc. My husband thinks I’m putting too much stress on myself by fussing about extra chores at this house that I didn’t do on a regular basis at the apartment, in addition to the whole painting/decorating thing — and I’d (kind of evilly) also like to see how much housework gets done if I’m not the one doing it.

What do you think? Would not cleaning (or not cleaning as thoroughly) make life less or more stressful? I don’t know that this activity will happen anytime soon, because during football and basketball season, we tend to have company over at least once a week and I don’t want to shame myself with my slovenliness. But, have you ever tried it? Or would you recommend it?


Lately, we’ve been having handyman issues. I hate to complain because he’s doing the work for a song (seriously, super super cheap) but it’s a problem when both showers and two of three toilets are unusable. Actually, scratch that. The downstairs toilet is usable and the master one is….if you participated in the long jump competition in high school track.

Seriously. To use our bathroom, we literally have to get a running start and jump over where the handyman put down “mud” (whatever that is) on Tuesday, then failed to show up yesterday to get the job finished.¬†And, bathing at home? Out of the question. Hello showers-at-the-gym-wearing-flip-flops. Bleh.

What is this handyman doing? Tiling our bathroom floors for one, because the person who lived in our house before had carpet in them. Um…hello…former-home-owner, the 70s called; they want their really-bad-even-then¬†design aesthetic back.¬†Also, we got a new faucet in the sink in the kitchen (yayayayayay! and….sheesh….what has my life come to, that I’m the kind of girl who’s this excited over a SINK/FAUCET?). Here it is – Ducks picked it out and I think he did an excellent job. He also did an excellent job of wrangling the handyman into installing it.

Here’s how that went:

Handyman (we’ll call him Joe): Okay, Ducks, I think we’re going to take our seventh break of the day after we “forgot to set our alarm” this morning and didn’t show up until 11 and didn’t complete the tiling in either bathroom so that you can perform basic personal hygiene functions in the comfort of your own home.

Ducks: No! You can’t leave! My wife is going to be really angry at all of us if this sink isn’t fixed today! She left orders that it HAD TO BE DONE BEFORE SHE CAME HOME (leaps in front of door to guard it from their possible escape).

Joe (in chorus with helper Pepe): Oh, no!¬†The wrath!¬†The horror! We’ll do it right away!

[[“Handy”men scurry away to install sink]]

At least this is how I imagined it happened, because when I returned from work, I ran into Pepe outside and he said in a very nervous voice, “Don’t worry, we’re getting that faucet put on right now. Your husband said you want it done today and we’re doing it.” To which I responded, “Oh, good, I guess he’s scared of me.” JOKING and trying to be jovial with the assistant handyman. And Pepe said in all seriousness, “Yes…he is! We’re very scared too!” Wow, my reputation (however false) precedes me.

But not scared enough to show up the next day. Or maybe too scared. Who knows? Should I bribe them to continue working?

House Update

So, the in-laws are coming into town this weekend. Luckily, they’re not staying with us (not that I don’t love them or want them to, just that we don’t really have sleeping areas for other people yet). They’re here for a legal conference that my FIL is attending, so they’re staying at a swanky (there’s a Mad Men-esque word for Crystal!) golf resort in town. As they are the first extended family members to see the house, let me give you an update on what I’ve done so far.¬†

1) Hired handyman to fix broken step. 

2) Hired handyman to fix hole that some psycho punched in outside wall of house (yes, really). 

Literally the size of a basketball

3) Painted one room (from blah blue-green to Rain Lily yellow!!) 

Nothing in the room yet but lovely walls ūüėČ

4) Primed one bathroom (no photo of this as it looks embarrassingly bad). 

5) Hung wreath that in-laws gave us on door to welcome them when they arrive! 

Welcome - come in!

And, yes, that would be all. I don’t mean the normal putting things away stuff that all civilized human beings do when they move into a house (although…that’s not all done yet either). I mean, the major things that I want to do to make the house my own. How in the world do people find time for all these things? I have a job, I have a 30-minute each way commute and I have a mandatory workout everyday (I have to bike 3,000 miles by the end of this year). When those things and making dinner are done, where does all the rest of the time go?¬†

Any suggestions/advice on how to get more done or squeeze more hours into the day? Also, where to get some inexpensive patio furniture so we can sit outside and enjoy the summer in between paint work and such? ūüėČ

Working Woman Weekend

I took the day off Friday. There was no relaxing involved though, so don’t get too jealous. I took the day off to work on the house. I moved a couple of car loads of boxes and such, finished organizing the kitchen and then started the best and worst part of working on a house. PAINTING.

I love painting – I have actually even volunteered in the past to help others like my friends H and J (Side note:¬†HE PICKED OUT A RING! THEY’RE GETTING ENGAGED THIS MONTH! Since this blog is a secret, I can shout that message to the rooftops and not have to keep it to myself for another three weeks or so.). Anyway, back to painting. I hadn’t painted a room in years and years before helping H and J – not since I painted my room in high school – kind of a chalky blue, which didn’t end up working out so well as I had no money to purchase matching bedding. But again, I digress.

We helped H paint her house right before she and J moved in together, and that was a very fun, very social experience involving just a little of this:

Don't worry - she picked a much prettier color.

And a lot of this.

Don’t worry. The room turned out fine. Anyway, because I’ve always gone lighter to darker in paint color, I had never experienced the phenomenon known as primer. It’s a pain. The lady who owned our home before loved all these green and blue and whatever oceany colors and I like a much warmer palette. So, I have primed and primed and primed. And today, even though I’m back at work, this is what my body looks like:

Showering doesn’t help. Using exfoliating scrubs doesn’t help. Clawing it off with my fingernails doesn’t help. My entire body is a-speckle and that’s why, even though in Texas it’s eleventy-billion degrees outside, I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt and black pants today. Sheesh.

Oh, and a law school update – Ducks got his class schedule this week! We’re just one step closer to school getting started. He doesn’t start class until 10 most days, which is a huge improvement over his current work/commute schedule where he leaves the house before 6 a.m. (and doesn’t get home until after 6 p.m.). Not having been to law school, I don’t know, but I think 10 sounds like a great start time since he can get up with me, go to school, review notes, etc., and be prepared for class without having to rush in the morning. I guess we’ll see how it works out once he gets started with his first semester next month!

Wishing you all a great week!