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Am I Anti-Mother’s Day?

Should I go see my mom for Mother’s Day?

Apparently, she’s telling everyone in the family that Jo (sister living with me) and I should come up to visit this weekend. My parents live six and a half hours away. Even if we were just going to meet in the town where my sister Beth goes to college, it’s still three and a half hours away.

I’ve already spent money on a gift and mailed it, therefore spending money on postage. Now, apparently we’ve been told she actually wants new tennis shoes as a gift, and since I ended up paying (on a law school family budget)  90% of the total price for the designer boots she demanded for Christmas, I just don’t feel like expending any more time or effort.

I’ve alluded on this blog to the fact that my mom and I have a rocky relationship, and that she’s been very hurtful, controlling and truly just mean in the past. I just don’t think I should be expected to make a long drive on the first weekend after my husband finishes finals to another city to spend time with and cater to the ego of someone who doesn’t really treat me very nicely.

But, what’s your opinion? Should I suck it up and go? Should I spend money on the extra gift she wants?

PS We’re not going to go see Ducks’ family either. I bought and mailed similarly-priced gifts to both, and his parents will actually be visiting his grandparents in another city. So, it’s not like we’re choosing one family over the other. We’re just choosing our family (me and Ducks), to try to rest a bit and relieve the strain of finals. Is this okay, or bratty?

Warning: Whining and Complaining Ahead


We were really hoping to go on a vacation this year. We wanted to go to Boston because I’ve never been there, but I don’t think it’s going to work out.


With Ducks doing the internship this summer rather than going back to his previous job, we’re not going to have the discretionary funds available for a big trip, and airfare to Boston is just too expensive (it’s sucky living in a city that pretty much only does connecting flights, thus tremendously increasingly travel costs). Of course, we’re really thankful for the internship and we know it will pay off in the long run, but it’s not as much money as he would have otherwise been making this summer.

I’m trying not to get depressed because I really wanted to take a vacation this year, but it’s hard! We’ve also got several weddings coming up, which will mean mini-trips and bridesmaid/groomsman expenses and gifts, etc., etc. And, we did buy the new bed, which was actually none of the pictures that I showed you. Of course, when we went shopping again, we decided we loved a competely different one (will post more on this later).

So, long story short … law school means delaying fun. This is one reason why I really want to wait to have kids until at least two or three years after law school (when I’ll be in my 30s….wow), because I want to have some time to have fun and be able to do things. I hate the feeling of just delaying and delaying. Before law school, we did have the most wonderful honeymoon, and then we went to Chicago last summer, but there are so many other trips I want to take.


I guess I’ll just leave the vacation fund alone and let it continue to slowly accrue money. At least, maybe, when we finally get to the end of law school, we can go on an awesome celebratory trip.

Sorry for sounding so whiny and spoiled! I feel like a brat complaining about not being able to go on vacation when there are so many other more important issues going on in the world.

But still, any ideas on what we could do to spend a couple of days having fun economically?

State Traveler

Sorry – once again, MIA for an extended period of time.

Why, you may ask? Because I’ve approximately half my time this week in a car traversing the major cities of Texas. Within the span of seven days, I will officially have spent time in every major city in Texas. And, guys, this is a big state!

Christmas Eve – Work half a day, then drive six hours to my grandmother’s Christmas Eve. It was also, I am happy to say, a day late celebration for her 75th birthday. Love her and so happy to have her still in my life! 🙂

This is her picture from high school when she was a twirler – so adorable!

Then, Christmas Day with my parents – same town, so we had a reprieve from driving for a while. I had an excellent time with my sisters and my mom got some good pictures of all of us together in aprons (we always end up with at least one matching gift).

Sunday – drive to the Metroplex for my in-law’s Christmas celebration. Monday – back to the old SA. Copious napping was done by me, plus I made some food things and froze them to get the new year off to a good start.

Wednesday – H-town for the bowl game. The less said about that, the better. This car trip actually turned into 10 hours in the car. Why? Because we left the house around 10, drove almost to Houston, then realized, oh, neither of us decided to bring the tickets. And they were expensive. So, we went back to get them. Sigh.

Thursday – I worked, then we went to Austin to watch TWEETY CARTER play basketball (not for BU, on his D-League team, the Tulsa 66ers). Oh, how I love that man.

Today – blessed nothing. And some painting, of course. Because our house is STILL NOT DONE. My brother-in-law is coming to spend the weekend with us, so I intend to get him to help with the painting. Yay.

Tomorrow – more nothing. Hurray!!!

Sunday – drive to my favorite city for some college hoops.

I want to hear all about y’all’s weeks, too! I’ve missed everyone! 🙂

Decisions, Decisions

Okay, blog readers, I feel the need to take a little poll. Since you already know about my husband’s all-consuming obsession with sports, and with college sports in particular, I must ask you this.

Should we, or should we not, go to our college’s football game this weekend?

Reasons Why We Should Go:

It’s still early in the semester.

It’s still early in the season.

Our team will win, and of course, we want to be part of it.

Ducks is completely up-to-date on reading.

Ducks really wants to go.

He usually doesn’t do a lot of studying on Saturdays – tries to take a bit of a break for at least part of the day.

My parents will be there.

Reasons Why We Should Not Go:

It’s a long drive.

Gas money and tickets are expensive.

He should probably spend the time studying.

I have to work at a volunteer project in the morning.

My parents will be there.

So, the options are thus:

A. Attend the game and don’t study – spend the day taking a break.

B. Don’t attend the game – get ahead on reading and work.

C. Study in the morning, then go to the game in the afternoon.

Our fates rest in your hands, blog readers! Let me know whether I should be piling on my school spirit a la New Teacher New Wife’s post, or whether I should diligently do chores (and maybe some painting) while my husband studies it up.

Chi-Town Review

With the sweet, sweet sounds of handyman labor all around me (yes, they’ve been here all day!), I’m sitting down for a blogging break. Joe the Handyman ousted me from the bathroom where I was priming, so I thought I’d finally get around to posting some pics from our Chicago/Wisconsin trip earlier this summer.

Hello, Chicago! Instead of waiting in line at the Sears Tower, I highly recommend that you go to the Signature Lounge at the Hancock Tower.

Good views and you can have a drink. 😉 I had a Sky High Martini, mainly because the name was appropriate. Will had Goose Island beer, a beer that’s brewed in Chicago. Very tasty.

The Bean! When we saw this, I had no idea what it was, but apparently its real name is Cloud Gate and it’s designed to look perfect and ready-made and it’s construction seams have all been removed so that you envision your own reality and such. There’s an incomplete architectural lesson for the day.

The Bean

Here’s a picture of my favorite painting in the Art Institute of Chicago. I asked the guard if I could take a picture and he said yes but no flash. So, I took a picture and the flash went off. Inexplicably. And, I had to run away and not get in trouble.
Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte

 Each evening in Chicago, we found live music to listen to. And, on on particular night, we scored an excellent music “deal.” We went to Buddy Guy’s Legends for Open Mic night. And, as a surprise, two pretty famous blues musicians were there: Buddy Guy himself (one of the top guitarists of all time) and Ronny Baker Brooks. I highly recommend that you listen to Ronny’s music, as he is excellent. Also, fun fact: Buddy Guy’s daughter is Shawnna, the girl that sings “Gettin’ Some.” Tons of useful knowledge for you here today.

And finally, the very very best place in all of Chicago. If I had a Bucket List of any sort, this place would have been on it……

CUBBIES! Wrigley Field! I have loved this park for as long as I’ve been watching baseball. It was an excellent, excellent outing.

We were so happy to have this time and this trip to spend together before school starts. Question for you other law school wives and girlfriends out there: have you had the time and the wherewithal to take trips/vacations during school or are you saving up for a big excursion after the bar? My friend Kara did a fabulous Europe trip when her husband graduated law school and I think I could go without vacation for a few years to be able to do the same.

And… There’s Chicago in a nutshell…or a bean, if you prefer. Now, I must go provide the handymen with my afternoon pizza bribe-snack.