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The End of an Era (Not Really)

Yesterday was Ducks’ last day of work before starting back to school for his 2L year. It shouldn’t be a big epoch or anything because he’s still working at the same firm all throughout the school year.

What I’m wondering is – what should he do after that?

To those of you who have already done law school in a brilliant manner, what do you recommend? Staying with the same firm throughout school if they’ll have you? Going somewhere different to get experience in another area of law? Making more connections and just seeing what might happen?

Ducks is extremely sure of the area(s) of law he’s planning to focus on, which is probably common when you start law school at an advanced age like he did. 😉 So, should he stay at this firm, knowing they plan to give him a job when he graduates? Or should he see if the grass is greener elsewhere. We don’t know if we plan to stay in this city forever; we don’t know what a long-term job at this firm might pay. We don’t really know anything (which I feel is kind of a trend when it comes to most things associated with law school). He’s talked about just doing two jobs next summer to try to get experience in the other area of law that interests him. I just want him to do well, learn a lot and make connections that will mean a good job and good benefits after law school so we can plan on starting a family (and I can have more time to write my novel!).

Okay, so with all that information, what do you think? I appeal to your superior knowledge and experience. 🙂

August is Upon Us

It’s a new month, which means, not only is everyone’s mortgage/rent due, it ALSO means…

Law school starts again this month.

(( cue menacing sound track ))

In some ways, it’s hard to believe the summer has gone by so quickly. In other ways, it’s also hard to believe that we’re already to the 2L year. It’s exciting to think about starting a new year and about Ducks having a new schedule. It’s a little nervewracking to think about the difference in the 1L year and the 2L year, although it’s certainly not as scary as the whole getting-ready-for-law-school-and-what-to-expect feeling of the first year!

Around this time last year, Ducks was leaving his job because I wanted him to take some time off and rest before school. Of course, workaholic that he is, he didn’t want to, but I convinced him, and I think he was glad he did. Around this time, we were forking out a substantial portion of a tuition payment and taking student loans for the rest. Around this time, he was buying hundreds of dollars worth of books, and I was worrying and stressing about how we’d pay for books, how we’d pay for classes and how we’d pay to keep a roof over our heads.

This year, it’s a little easier. I got a raise in January, which helped a lot, plus he’ll have an internship throughout the year this upcoming year, which will help us with little “extras,” which means football and basketball season tickets, and gas to travel to the games. We know what to expect in the way of expenses, and we know how to adapt to a different schedule. We’ve got the saving money on lunches routine down, and we’re getting used to spending less.

However, I’m sure this new year will come with its own challenges. Classes will probably be harder and more competitive. Working will take away from study time, which will then take away from time we can spend together. Costs will continue to go up ridiculously, which will then eat away at the extra money we’re making.

So, life’s not a bed of roses, but it’s nice to know that we’ve made it through one year, and we can definitely persevere through the two to come.

How are you planning for the new year upon us (if you’re in school)? Would love to hear advice from all those who have been there and done that, also. 😉  What else are you looking forward to this month?

Speaking our Minds


The Legally Married family acquitted itself excellently on Wednesday, when we both had our presentations.

Mine was early, so of course I woke up 50,000 times in the night. I ended up having a very good hair day (tried to take some phone pics of it to show y’all, but they came out blurry, so just take my word for it!). When the presentation started, I thought it was supposed to be about 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions. ACTUALLY, though, it was two hours, peeps!

But, it went perfectly well. The group had lots of questions and I ended up having to skip a few slides because we got into some in-depth conversation. It went well and I’ve been asked to speak at a regional symposium in a couple of months on the same topic, so I was very happy.

BUT… what made me even happier was this: my husband being so brilliant! They had moot court at their school on the same day that I had my presentation. I was their bailiff for one of their presentations and they did so well! Ducks was in charge of the first section (I don’t know what it’s called) and the rebuttal. The judge specifically commented on his rebuttal and how he did a great job making his points. Afterward, we celebrated the day with some law school friends.

It was an excellent day of spechify-ing (is that a word) for both of us. Thanks, everyone, for your support and good wishes! 🙂 Anyone else have any big things coming up?

My Own Personal News of the Weird

Okay, I actually have another blog post to write but this one takes precedence because….well, I already semi-teased it on Twitter.

Tonight, I went to an industry dinner and it was…..odd.  First, the food was all semi-grayish in color, which is never a good sign. Second, a short and suspicious-looking hair was found when I was about 1/4 of the way through my plate, which then turned into being COMPLETELY through with my plate, as I certainly did not take another bite of that. EWWWW.

Okay, so there’s where we are with the meal. I’m sitting at a table with about seven of my co-workers and listening to one of our chief industry lobbyists talk about the current legislative situation. Our table is probably the closest to the speaker, and I’m one of the closest people to the speaker. I get up and go to the bathroom about 2/3 of the way through the speech. When I return and sit down again, this is when it gets weird.

The speaker continues talking, then starts directing his speech toward me. Seriously. I don’t know how to explain it, but he kept looking at me, semi-smiling/laughing and winked at me twice. During the speech. At one point, when taking a question from the audience, he grinned at me and said – looking directly at me and with a chuckle from his place in front of the audience, “Am I going to get in trouble for saying this?”

And at that point, the creeper level went through the roof. I didn’t know what the heck was going on.

Now, a few other things about this situation.

1) I have actually conversed with the event speaker on several occasions. So, it’s not like he’s a complete stranger, but we’re also not friends, just very slight acquaintances.

2) While I don’t think I’m completely hideous, I am also not the kind of ravishing beauty that solicits socially inappropriate behavior such as this from people who are practically strangers and who are speaking to groups of about 30-40 people from the industry.

3) The whole situation was blatantly obvious to everyone. And confusing to my co-workers, who were giving me these weird “What’s going on?” looks throughout (okay, and yes, a couple of them were laughing at my discomfiture).

Seriously. What is a girl supposed to do when something like this happens? It’s in the middle of a speech. It’s weird. I don’t know what else – it’s just weird.

Well, the solution came at the very end of the presentation. Apparently, he mistook me for a girl who works for the Speaker of the House (who knows why such a person would be attending an industry-exclusive legislative briefing, but whatever). I still don’t know why he’d be inappropriately winking at a 20-something legislative staffer mid-speech, but I guess it cleared things up a bit.

This little incident also brought what I consider my mid-life crisis to an abrupt end. And as I write that, I realize that I have two other things to tell you about – my mid-life crisis and yesterday’s dia del presentations. So, hold me to blogging about them this weekend.

Tomorrow, it’s off to the Sweet Sixteen (I won free tickets!). Sorry in advance to very married, as I’m going to have to go anti-Jayhawk and pro-Spider (although if we’re going to get technical about it, I’d prefer a mythical dancing bird thing to an arachnid any day).

Greener Grass?

Thanks, everyone, for all the good wishes regarding the interview. He got it! I am a PROUD, PROUD wife! 🙂

The very, very nicest thing about this will be – having a normal life this summer. With his other job, he did a lot of driving and a lot of travelling. Now, with the internship, he’ll have a normal drive and normal work hours. So, we’ll be able to stay up a little later, have more fun and have a better-rounded life.

In other news, today is the official last day of my break. And I’ve come to the following conclusion. I would be AWESOME at being a stay-at-home wife. Seriously, people. During this five-day period, I’ve not watched a single episode of Ellen or Oprah. I’ve barely watched TV at all. I’ve done chores, packed lunches, ironed clothes, shopped (or more accurately, looked) for things for my house, etc., etc.

I would be wonderful at doing this all the time. I have heard people at both my jobs and in my professional life saying, “I could never stay at home; I’d be so bored.” I would absolutely not feel like that. I didn’t even read this week (except for at the gym), as per my Lenten resolution. Instead, I was productive and rested and unstressed and blissful.

Productive things I did this week:

– Volunteer hours

– Furniture shopping

– Cleaning

– Taking things to dry cleaners

– Finally framing some pictures in the collage frame that Ducks gave me for our first anniversary

– Ordering my new holiday organization bins

– Taking notes for my book

And more. 🙂

Maybe if it were for more than five days, I’d feel differently. I do love my job and working in public relations. I just love doing my own thing more. This is probably the first time since my junior year of college that I’ve had any chance at peaceful productivity. And it was beautiful. But, maybe it’s just that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?

As a law school wife, obviously I’m not going to be spending an extended period of time on the other side of aforesaid fence anytime soon. Instead, I’ll just focus on saving money, paying off the mortgage and paying off law school loans. And….THEN….in the future, we’ll see what happens.

The Best Part of Work

Today was a quiet, productive day, but it reminded me of the very best thing about work. Friends.

Some of you may think that work is about being productive, about building a meaningful career, about charting a course for your future. To that I say – pssh. Obviously work is about hanging out with your co-workers and goofing off.

Today, L and H were BOTH gone. Together. Without me. They went to visit some of their regional offices and did a spend-the-night trip. So, not only did they get to go out tonight and have fun and text me pictures of the delicious dessert they had at the Domain. They ALSO were not at the office all day, which meant there was no one to go down the hall with to get water, no one to eat lunch with, no one to IM during the day (remember that K also llllleeeeefffftttt us 😦 ) . I guess it was just as well, since I didn’t actually have time to eat a real lunch and had to eat while working.

And, yes, I was joking about the true purpose of work, but I have to say that the friends and supportive colleagues who make the days worth it, especially when life is super-hectic. Which it is right now.

Do you have good relationships with your co-workers and/or classmates? Or do you have that one special little person that grates on your nerves? 🙂

Long-awaited update

What have I been doing since last time we chatted?

Well, first, I got a promotion! Why, yes, I am a PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR now, thank you for asking. 😉  I’m still with the same company, but taking on my responsibilities, which is really cool.

Then, I watched my favorite basketball team get annihilated by this crazy mythical bird thing:

Then, I watched this movie in honor of MLK Day.

And, ohmigod, you guys, did I mention that I went to THIS show??

(Which, by the way, was super-super-super cute and if it comes to your city, please go see it. I laughed the entire time.)

And, besides that I’ve been reading a lot. I’m keeping a list of all the books I read in 2011. I will TRY (emphasis on TRY) to give you all a list and my recommendations at the end of each month. But, so far, among other things, I’ve gotten addicted to this series:

Let’s see….what else? I’ve done about 17 million JL things already in 2011, and still have eleventy-billion more to go. (this is not interesting enough to merit a picture).

I learned a new dice game at my friend K-Sizzle’s game night. This brings my total of dice games to two. The other is Yahtzee.  And I’m thinking about starting a game night club to complement the book club.

Ahhh….I know ….best thing ever – I finally got my computer! FINALLY! It’s giant, though. I thought I was getting the same size as Ducks has, but I accidentally ordered one that’s bigger. It’s actually a really good size for watching videos, but may end up being really heavy to carry around. I guess it’s a good thing that I am so busy I barely have time to look at the computer, much less get all cozy with my new laptop in a coffee shop somewhere.

So, anyway, there’s my life update. I promise to be a better commenter/blog reader in the near future. Pinky swear! 🙂