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I’ve loved them since before this duo graced the court.

Since the three J’s.

Through the miseries of the 90s. Through the heart-breaking ’06 finals. Through years and years and different combinations of players who were just almost, but not quite, there.

And finally…this team made it happen. Why?

Because of loyalty. Because substance triumphs over style. Because the Big One chose loyalty to his team over flash and “Decisions” and what not.

Because 13 years ago, a young German kid came to America with big dreams, a big work ethic and big ideas of loyalty to teammates and friends.

And from that season, he grew up. He changed. He had short hair; he had long hair. He played all-star, MVP-level basketball with taunts and accusations flying at him. He played with cool, Teutonic levelheadedness. He played with another player’s teeth embedded in his elbow, still making perfect free throws. In fact, his free throw shooting is part of what marks him as one of the best to ever play. He played with a 102-degree fever, while LeBron and D-Whistle mocked him for the cameras, insinuating that he might fake an illness because he was afraid of them. But, obviously, he knows no fear.

And finally, after 13 years, he walked away last night with this.

When the Mavs won, the first thing I did after the rejoicing stilled at our house was to call my 75-year-old grandmother. Obviously, a love for sports is hereditary in my family, as she said, “I’ve been laughing, crying, everything over here. I can hardly believe it.” She was almost too excited to even stay on the phone.

Living in Spurs Country for the past two years has been difficult. But this long-awaited, hard-fought, underdog-style victory makes up for it. How sweet it is to finally see our Mavericks carry home the trophy. How sweet it is to see Dirk vindicated from the taunts of being soft and not being able to finish. And, how sweet it is to watch a reporter ask “King James” if he choked and watch his arrogance in deferring that question to Dwayne Wade, as if it’s beneath his notice to discuss the fact that, yes, he did actually choke and let his team down.

I’ve been a Mavs fan for almost 27 long years, and this finals championship is the sweetest gift a sports fanatic girl like me could receive.




*All photos are linked back to the locations where I found them on the Internet.

State Traveler

Sorry – once again, MIA for an extended period of time.

Why, you may ask? Because I’ve approximately half my time this week in a car traversing the major cities of Texas. Within the span of seven days, I will officially have spent time in every major city in Texas. And, guys, this is a big state!

Christmas Eve – Work half a day, then drive six hours to my grandmother’s Christmas Eve. It was also, I am happy to say, a day late celebration for her 75th birthday. Love her and so happy to have her still in my life! 🙂

This is her picture from high school when she was a twirler – so adorable!

Then, Christmas Day with my parents – same town, so we had a reprieve from driving for a while. I had an excellent time with my sisters and my mom got some good pictures of all of us together in aprons (we always end up with at least one matching gift).

Sunday – drive to the Metroplex for my in-law’s Christmas celebration. Monday – back to the old SA. Copious napping was done by me, plus I made some food things and froze them to get the new year off to a good start.

Wednesday – H-town for the bowl game. The less said about that, the better. This car trip actually turned into 10 hours in the car. Why? Because we left the house around 10, drove almost to Houston, then realized, oh, neither of us decided to bring the tickets. And they were expensive. So, we went back to get them. Sigh.

Thursday – I worked, then we went to Austin to watch TWEETY CARTER play basketball (not for BU, on his D-League team, the Tulsa 66ers). Oh, how I love that man.

Today – blessed nothing. And some painting, of course. Because our house is STILL NOT DONE. My brother-in-law is coming to spend the weekend with us, so I intend to get him to help with the painting. Yay.

Tomorrow – more nothing. Hurray!!!

Sunday – drive to my favorite city for some college hoops.

I want to hear all about y’all’s weeks, too! I’ve missed everyone! 🙂

On Suspensions

No, this has nothing to do with law school, so don’t freak out. Ducks hasn’t violated the honor code or anything else crazy. But it does make me think I want to start a separate sports blog.

I do not understand the rationale of the NCAA. Today, I read about the K-State suspensions for basketball players receiving inappropriate benefits. Players are being suspended for several games (Jacob Pullen) or indefinitely (Curtis Kelly) because they received a “substantial discount” from a clothing store. Which, I guess, basically means that the store gave them the clothes for free or for a negligible amount.

I know the reason so many crazy detailed rules are in place is because of things like the SMU scandal (aka Pony Excess – watch this asap) and because cheating had gotten so out-of-control. However, it seems like things are super ticky-tack, to use a random word. Where’s the line? It’s not okay for Pullen to take clothes that a store offers him, but it’s okay for Cam Newton’s dad to ask for $200,000 as long as he lies through his teeth and says Cam never knew he was asking, OR as long as the school itself doesn’t say yes, and its boosters don’t say yes either? So, there’s no impetus for morality on the part of the players and their parents/family, just on the part of those who might want to help a college student out, or let them know that their contributions on behalf of the school are appreciated.

I will personally say two things:

1) This is not a blog post in support of Kansas State. I despise them, just like I despise every other Big 12 team, and really every other team, period, except my own. (Whew – just had to say that…didn’t want you to think I was crushing on either Beard Man or the original Mr. Angry Eyes – aka Coach Martin. But here’s his picture, because I find him hilarious).

2) I personally feel that our college sports teams have truly enriched my life. I would love to be able to do something nice for these guys, because I think they are awesome. And morally upstanding. And fun to watch, or to talk to on Twitter (yay Twitter!).  But I will never be able to give them even a cookie. A cookie, people! On this point, I will say that perhaps Ducks did them a favor when he ruined my life by throwing away my cheesecake.

Basically, all this rambling to say that I am sad about these suspensions, even though I do believe in following the rules, even though I’m sure things could spiral out of control quickly, even though it’s affecting a school that I consider a strong competitor/conference rival/borderline enemy (but that’s probably just me, on the enemy part). Mostly because having their best player and a Player of the Year candidate out will hurt their RPI and make them less competitive in conference, which will then in turn hurt us.

So, basically, it’s all about me.

I’ve missed you guys! I resolve to be a better blogger in the near future – we have been SO busy with graduations, conferences, Christmas. More on all this later.

Lame Post Time: Recap of My Week

This is just a post to say, whoa, sorry, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Somehow this past week became BUSY. Here’s a quick recap:

– Rangers sucked it up for two games and then pulled it together. Watching them right now – it is essential that they win these home games!

– COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Freaking hurray!

– College basketball starts this week. On that note, here’s a cute picture and a funny story. Picture = my two sisters in their costumes from their sorority’s act in our college’s big musical revue.

And the story. My parents never came to events when I was in college, so this year was their first year to go to the homecoming festivities. While the Littlest Sister was walking around with us, Jo and I kept seeing this extremely tall guy and wondering why he looked familiar to us. After we stared for a while, we sent Amy over to ask him his name, since of course, she’s 12 and adorable.

So, she walks over, taps him on the back and he stoops down. She says, ” What’s your name?” He tells her and she walks back to us and says, “I couldn’t understand him.” Psssh. Useless, just useless. So, we give up on our quest.

Later, Amy’s standing with our father, and asks him, “Dad, what’s that guy’s name?” He tells her, and she freaks out. Why? Because he’s a player who happened to get in trouble for some substance problems recently (and by substance problems, I mean he passed out in the drive-thru of Taco Bell….sigh). Amy runs over to us, stomps her foot, and says, “You made me speak to a crackhead; I could have died!”

Poor innocent little chica. For one thing, it was so not a crack issue. And for another, the problem that he had typically just makes people hungry, not violent (hence, Taco Bell).  😉

Okay, so I got a little sidetracked. Back to my list of what happened this week.

– I dressed up as Snow White this year for Halloween. The girls at the office wanted to dress up — I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween – we didn’t celebrate it growing up, but my friends wanted me to join in, so I did. We had two regular Disney princesses (me and L as Ariel) and two zombie Disney princesses – scary! I realized that I’ve been typecast as Snow White – I’ve been Snow White four times in my life.

– On a completely unrelated note, I was called a snow bunny. Apparently, this is a very derogatory term (link to very inappropriate Urban dictionary definition). To which, I would like to respond by saying, “Ummm….hello….I’m married.” But anyway, I was quite offended, and I told one of the graphic designers I work with that I was offended because I am actually part African-American. He totally believed it. Hehehe. It’s funny because, remember, I’ve been Snow White for four Halloweens – I’m dark-haired, blue-eyed and Irish-freckled.

– We have Trick-or-Treaters! We’ve had, among other things, Cookie Monster, Mario, Power Ranger and a Lucha Libre wrestler. Also, I would like to point out that if you’re a teenage girl not in costume but old enough to have cleavage pouring out of your tank top, you’re too old to trick-or-treat. I mentioned this to Ducks and he said, “Oh, I didn’t notice.” Either he’s the best man on earth or a big fibber.

– I went to buy some chair covers for some wingback chairs my mom gave me. I was super proud of myself for finding a coupon and taking it with me. And THEN, I forgot to use any of my gift cards to pay for it. Grr…

Really, I’ve got nothing else. I’m hosting a jewelry party to help my friend start her business this week, so that should be interesting. I’m behind on ALL my blog reading, so, tell me, how was your week?!

What We Did. Also known as, how my husband ruined my life

So, we decided to go to the game. I think, overall it was a good decision. We had a good time. We got a tan … kind of. I got to sit in the bleachers between my two sisters and yell a lot and sing the fight song and make fun of people. Oh, and we also won, which always makes everything better. Only one truly horrible incident occurred to mar the day, and it was severely emotionally scarring (really, only to me. No one else’s emotions were affected in the writing of this blog). It took me two touchdowns and a field goal to get over it.

Here’s what happened:
The tipping point in our decision to go to the game was the fact that an acquaintance from our school’s sport message board offered us free tickets. We just had to go by his tailgate and take him some beer. So, we purchased the beer and I baked some aopapilla cheesecake to accompany it and to take to their tailgate as a thanks for them saving us a great deal of money on tickets.

I went to my JL project in the morning then came home and put on my game gear (note to New Teacher New Wife – casual attire: team shirt, skirt and metallic flip flops). And we drove to the game. I actually drove us, which I rarely do, so that Ducks could do a little more reading on the drive. When we got there, it was only an hour to gametime, which to my husband is tantamount to being at least an hour late.

I dropped him off near the main tailgating area so he could find and retrieve our tickets, then drove away in search of parking. However, all the parking close to the stadium was for sale and since I let Ducks out, I had no cash. I never have cash, which is often problematic; however, this was not the traumatic occurrence i finally found free parking about a half mile from the stadium and walked around trying to find Ducks. But my phone didn’t work (curse you, AT&T) and so we couldn’t find each other because of course we hadn’t made a plan. We’re irresponsible and stupid like that.

So I walked around, got dust all over my flip-flopped feet and got sweaty, gross and disgruntled. I also forgot to mention that I was carrying around four beers in my purse to give Message Board Guy in exchange for our tickets. Why four? Because the whole six-pack wouldn’t fit and I was embarrassed to wander about all alone carrying a six-pack of beer at our private, uptight university.

Fast-forward a little. We don’t find the guy, game time is upon us and we are ticketless, which is causing a state of agitation in both of us, but especially in my husband. He finally locates someone with extra ticket to sell and buys them, which then negates the whole purpose of the trip (exulting over the free tickets).

As we get ready to enter the stadium, we walk past Touchdown Alley (the tailgate area) one last time. I see a trash can and take the opportunity to divest myself of the beers in my purse, since they can’t be taken in the stadium. And then my eyes light upon a glorious sight – the college basketball team.

Now, I may have mentioned a few times that I like sports. But, above all other sports teams — more than the Cowboys, more than the Mavericks, more than the Rangers, etc, etc — I love this basketball team. Seriously love. Like, stalker level. In fact, I have actually stalked them and made the players take photos with my sisters and me. I’m pretty sure I would ace a quiz if these players’ middle names, hometowns and nicknames. And, yes, I may have Facebook friended some of them (mainly Frellis, our fam fave – not his real name).

So I’m throwing away the beer and I see the team. And I am struck with inspiration. I’ll give them the sopapilla cheesecake. That will OBVIOUSLY make them love and remember me and will win their loyalty for all time.

I turn to take the cheesecake from Ducks —



And by thrown it in the trash, I meant to say ruined my life. My dreams of becoming the team’s patron bakeress and close personal friend to future NBA stars went completely went up in flames.

I seriously considered fishing them out of the trash and still taking them over there. They were wrapped in about 17,000 thicknesses of saran wrap so there is no way a single molecule of garbage touched them. But I decided that giving the much-acclaimed basketball team food salvaged from the trash would be generally frowned upon. It could, technically, I suppose, be considered an act of poisoning. So, sigh, away we walked, leaving a dream behind in the gritty dust.

Anyway, suffice it to say that I was not well-pleased or very congenial company for the first part of the game. To be honest, it wasn’t totally Ducks’ fault. I didn’t tell him of my brilliant plan so he was not to be blamed.

But then we went into the game and won. And my sister Beth made a pact with me to visit the basketball team’s tailgate next home game on my behalf (she actually is friends with several of them) So all was well with the world.

Hope your weekends were filled with glorious adventures!