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The Chore Bowl


Today was the Super Bowl….of chores… at my house.

Seriously. I have been hard at work all day, people.

I’m trying to get things more organized and balanced around my house. Honestly, that’s always my goal, but I usually get sidetracked by reading a lot of books, commenting on y’all’s blogs, watching Psych or something else equally more interesting than getting my house in order.

But, today was a different story. First of all, Ducks and I decided to trade a chore. Technically, laundry is his chore because he kept throwing dirty clothes on top of freshly washed ones that hadn’t been moved from the washer. But, since he wasn’t really handling that chore as regularly as I would have wished… (read: never), he offered to swap me dishes for laundry. And so it was agreed.

The chore chart

And that made me want to get a lot of chores done. I was inspired! I have this chore chart, which I created in hopes of doing all chores once a week.

A few chore examples

But….I have never moved all the clips from the left side (the to-do side) to the right side (the completed side) in a week yet. So…this week, I have resolved to get it done. Bathrooms? Check! Laundry? Check! Lunches packed? Check!

Then, I made food for the upcoming week, since I have JL and a wedding photo shoot this week. I made a GIANT amount of soup, which should last us several days, then I made Amanda’s cheese biscuits. I also made our lunch burritos (which I’ll have to tell you about in another post) and some egg muffins for this week’s breakfasts.

Hearty Italian soup

Yummy biscuits - thanks, Amanda!

So….after all this work, I totally think I deserve some Blue Bell (the only real ice cream!) and a l-o-n-g break. Don’t you?

A Bundle of Random and a Proposition

This was a blah weekend. I’m going to chalk it up to a little rain, a horrible week in football (for both collegiate and my fantasy team) and just some bad mood hormones.

And, my husband studied at home Sunday. It’s nice to have him at home all day, but I can tell it was a sacrifice for him. He really needs the structure of the library to study, so I think next Sunday will find him back on campus instead of at home. It also made it a bit more stressful. because I was trying to be quiet but still get all my Sunday work done — cleaning up, laundry, dishes, etc. — while making a minimum amount of noise. Not really possible, so I think that just fueled my melancholy, because every clink of a plate felt like a huge deal. That’s way too much stress — to try to be quiet, be supportive and be a super-tidy superwife all at the same time. So, I’ll miss seeing him on Sundays but I think that this new method may be the best. Thoughts?

Also, thank you for all the recipes! I ended up making queso (thanks, NTNW!), a veggie tray (including red bell pepper slices – yum!), mini pigs in a blanket and brownies (note to ohmypuddin – I didn’t make the Symphony bar brownies Saturday, but have made them before to rave reviews – they are amazing!). I’ll keep using y’all’s recipes each week as we keep watching games. 🙂

I’m having a sort of a thought lately. Probably a bad one – what do you think? Since we’ve moved into our house, I find myself doing a lot more chores. After all, I guess it takes more effort to clean a two-story house than an 800 square foot apartment. I’ve been wondering – how dirty do you think my house might get if I were to “take off” from cleaning for an entire week? Obviously, I wouldn’t leave plates of rotting food out, etc. My husband thinks I’m putting too much stress on myself by fussing about extra chores at this house that I didn’t do on a regular basis at the apartment, in addition to the whole painting/decorating thing — and I’d (kind of evilly) also like to see how much housework gets done if I’m not the one doing it.

What do you think? Would not cleaning (or not cleaning as thoroughly) make life less or more stressful? I don’t know that this activity will happen anytime soon, because during football and basketball season, we tend to have company over at least once a week and I don’t want to shame myself with my slovenliness. But, have you ever tried it? Or would you recommend it?