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Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who clicked over to Holy Turf on my behalf! We (meaning you guys and myself!) won the tickets to the football game next weekend!

Y’all are such awesome blog friends and I am just so excited about this. Now, I just need to find a “date” for the game because Ducks is already anticipating being snowed under and not being able to attend. Anyone up for a weekend in Central Texas? 😉

Seriously, though, I appreciate you all so much – it’s such a pleasure to get to know you and learn about your lives. I find myself just itching to blog and becoming still more addicted to Twitter so that I can converse with all of you. You rock! 🙂

Now, let’s all cross our fingers for a win over an orange team this weekend and a maroon one next weekend! 🙂


Oh, also, I hope that you won’t stop visiting Holy Turf now that the contest is over! They have really great content for Big 12 and SEC fans and lots of fun information, whether you’re a die-hard stats and analysis lover, or someone looking for a great game day recipe.

Fall Fun Giveaway

So, today, L, H and I went on a shopping trip at lunch. Why?

Well, first of all, to buy my sister Beth a birthday card that says “Party Animal” and has a gerbil or something (I’m not strong on classifying rodentia) in a party hat.

But second of all, to buy some fun stuff for YOU!

Inspired by my friend New Teacher, New Wife, I’ve decided to host my first giveaway. The contest will run from now until Sunday night at midnight.

Since you’ve all been talking about fall and pumpkins and what-not, I decided to select a few gifts with a fall color scheme. And, since I’ve heard most of your ideas about what you love about fall during the week of what Jamie called fallidays postings, I’ve decided to be extremely practical and ask for some information I want — which is,

”What book should we select for our inaugural book club meeting?”

So, to enter, post a response in the blog comments. It doesn’t have to be long and complex (but it can be). It can be as simple as, “Emma is my all-time favorite book,” or “My book club just finished The Other Boleyn Girl  and loved it.” Or, you can link to a review of a book you’ve completed on your own blog. Kate and I thank you in advance. 😉  I will randomly select a winner by making Ducks draw one of your names from a hat. 🙂

What will you win?

A fun flower headband, because I’m extremely headband-obsessed. And I almost kept this for myself (that’s me wearing it and trying to convince myself to give it to you all). As a side note, my hair looks really light in this picture. It’s much darker in person. Weird.

A fall tones cardholder – I’ve also been wanting one of these for myself for a while because I usually use my Vera pouch. (Confession: Okay, so I actually bought two of these card holders, so I guess I don’t ACTUALLY still want one because I was greeeeedy and got one for myself.)

Fall-ish earrings. Nothing particularly special,  just something fun to add to your wardrobe! I’m the kind of girl who wears the same studs (the ones Ducks gave me for Christmas four years ago), almost everyday, but every once in a while, I like to switch it up with something a little more fun.

I’m anxious to hear your suggestions so that we can get our book club up-and-running. And, most of all, I just wanted to thank you guys for being great readers adn friends. Hope you like the giveaway items! 🙂

PS And, in addition, I’ll give a bonus entry for everyone who clicks over to Holy Turf (for the ticket contest) and leaves me a comment saying that you’ve clicked — the comments need to be included on this blog post, so keep clicking and posting! 🙂

A Little Help from my Friends

Okay, I need some help from you lovely blog-friends.

As you may or may not have surmised, I have a little bit of a college football obsession (ha – obviously kidding there – I’m a raving lunatic every Saturday). I’m always happy when I check out my LegallyMarried twitter account on Saturdays because you guys are all (or a majority of you at least) tweeting about your respective teams. Or, like New Teacher New Wife, giving me a prize that reflects MY favorite team. 🙂

Sooo….now, I need your assistance to win some tickets to a very big upcoming game. How, you may ask, can you help me? There is currently a contest on an up-and-coming new sports website called Holy Turf. They are giving away tickets to a big game for my team next month. I actually came across the site through a tweet and it looks like it has promise. The site focuses primarily on the SEC (and I know there are several big SEC — read: Crimson Tide — fans among my blog friends) and the Big 12 — yeah Big 12!

They also have a section that talks about Game Day fashion, tasty tailgate recipes, etc. One thing that I do want to tell the site creator is that I don’t care for that section being titled “For Women” because many of the women I know are extremely avid sports fans and don’t necessarily need terminology tips. I think the tailgate snack tips are great, especially because I’m always looking for game day recipes, and I love that the blog creator is incorporating women into a traditionally male-dominated area, but I think the section should be titled differently and shouldn’t take the attitude that women are chilling in the kitchen during the game. But that’s my one tiny disparagement. Other than that, I think Holy Turf looks cool and has a lot of promise.

What do I need you to do to help me out? Just click over from my blog to the Holy Turf site (notice how many times I’m making it clickable for your convenience?). Everytime that you click over, I’ll be entered into the drawing for the tickets, and I am determined to win!

I wish I could say, “If you click through, you’ll be entered in a contest to win this FABULOUS prize!” But since I just found out about this last night, I don’t have a prize handy. So, what I’ll say is this…. in appreciation for the help you are going to provide me in upping my odds to attend this game (remember, we’re a law school family on a budget and tickets are expensive!!), get sunburned and scream like a maniac, I will post a fun giveaway tomorrow! That will give me time to go find something superbly cute and fun ASAP.

So, will you do it? Start clicking, my friends!