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Public Service Announcement: Exploding Brownies


This is a public service announcement. Otherwise, your oven will end up looking like this…

Need a recipe for exploding brownies?!

And you’ll have no brownies for your dad’s birthday. If you have sisters, you may be able to talk them into making another dessert, but that doesn’t mean that your stove will be clean.


I can’t believe that pan just exploded. If you look at the reviews online on Target’s website, every single one is like, “Explodes! Explodes! Explodes!” It’s ridiculous. How have they not done a recall on these products? I put it in the oven after it had been at room temperature. It had never been used before and I really did just remove it from the package, then rinsed it out, dried it and put it in the stove. Another pan of brownies was in there at the same time and IT didn’t explode. It was also made by a different brand.

But, still. Can you believe it?! Has this ever happened to you?