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No More Princesses

No more princesses.

When I first read this, I was surprised. Then, disgruntled. Then, after the Shabby Princess commiserated with me on Twitter, I decided I was MAD.

No more princesses?!

Disney has announced that they are not making any more princess movies. Why? Not because they’ve made a reasoned decision that it’s unhealthy for girls to watch these movies and project them onto their lives. Because they say boys don’t want to watch them. Girls are willing to watch gender-neutral movies, or even boy-oriented movies, but boys don’t want to see movies with “princess” in the title. So, it’s all about the money.

I think this is just a travesty. Think about all the princesses we grew up with. They inspired your imagination. They made you think about something that you knew you couldn’t be (unless you went to England and met Prince William, at which point he would absolutely fall in love with you– oh, what? I’m off-topic? And it’s not happening anymore, thanks to the lovely Kate Middleton? And Ducks? Sorry.) but something that was magical and that inspired your imagination.

Some people may think the loss of princesses is a good thing, because they are anti-feminist symbols of women who are helpless and who need a man to save them. While that may be true for some of the princesses (Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in particular – but, come on, they were asleep!), there are just as many princesses who went out and did things on their own:

– Ariel – Took control of her own destiny to find love

– Mulan – Defended her family and homeland, taking the burden from her aging father

– Belle – Sacrificed to save her father’s life, then found love along the way

Sure, they may have had help or adorable talking animal or candlestick sidekicks along the way, but they did things.

I don’t know if there are actually girls in the world who look up to Cinderella as a role model, but I’d much rather have my children (when I have any) admiring a Disney princess than a girl like Hannah Montana. I sometimes worry about my youngest sister because her career aspirations at this point in time are “to be a famous singer and dancer.” When I was that age, I wanted to be a pediatrician. That’s not what I grew up to be, but I had a goal besides hoping I’d be “discovered” while walking down the street. I think that kind of mentality is far more dangerous to a young girl than hoping one day you might meet a handsome, kind, loving prince who wants to marry you. Isn’t it better to look up to cartoon girls who are loving, kind and virtuous than to look up to the other Disney “princesses”?

Demi Lovato – from Camp Rock to Cutting  Rehab

Britney Spears – from Mickey Mouse Club

to miniskirts and Madonna makeout sessions

Lindsay Lohan – from Parent Trap to….well, I don’t even have the time or space to discuss everything that Lohan’s been into. 

What do you think? How do you feel about the end of the princess era? Is it a good thing, a sad thing or an irrelevant thing?

PS I have borrowed the photos used in this post from several different sources, but I have included links back to those sources on each photo.

Lame Post Time: Recap of My Week

This is just a post to say, whoa, sorry, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Somehow this past week became BUSY. Here’s a quick recap:

– Rangers sucked it up for two games and then pulled it together. Watching them right now – it is essential that they win these home games!

– COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Freaking hurray!

– College basketball starts this week. On that note, here’s a cute picture and a funny story. Picture = my two sisters in their costumes from their sorority’s act in our college’s big musical revue.

And the story. My parents never came to events when I was in college, so this year was their first year to go to the homecoming festivities. While the Littlest Sister was walking around with us, Jo and I kept seeing this extremely tall guy and wondering why he looked familiar to us. After we stared for a while, we sent Amy over to ask him his name, since of course, she’s 12 and adorable.

So, she walks over, taps him on the back and he stoops down. She says, ” What’s your name?” He tells her and she walks back to us and says, “I couldn’t understand him.” Psssh. Useless, just useless. So, we give up on our quest.

Later, Amy’s standing with our father, and asks him, “Dad, what’s that guy’s name?” He tells her, and she freaks out. Why? Because he’s a player who happened to get in trouble for some substance problems recently (and by substance problems, I mean he passed out in the drive-thru of Taco Bell….sigh). Amy runs over to us, stomps her foot, and says, “You made me speak to a crackhead; I could have died!”

Poor innocent little chica. For one thing, it was so not a crack issue. And for another, the problem that he had typically just makes people hungry, not violent (hence, Taco Bell).  😉

Okay, so I got a little sidetracked. Back to my list of what happened this week.

– I dressed up as Snow White this year for Halloween. The girls at the office wanted to dress up — I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween – we didn’t celebrate it growing up, but my friends wanted me to join in, so I did. We had two regular Disney princesses (me and L as Ariel) and two zombie Disney princesses – scary! I realized that I’ve been typecast as Snow White – I’ve been Snow White four times in my life.

– On a completely unrelated note, I was called a snow bunny. Apparently, this is a very derogatory term (link to very inappropriate Urban dictionary definition). To which, I would like to respond by saying, “Ummm….hello….I’m married.” But anyway, I was quite offended, and I told one of the graphic designers I work with that I was offended because I am actually part African-American. He totally believed it. Hehehe. It’s funny because, remember, I’ve been Snow White for four Halloweens – I’m dark-haired, blue-eyed and Irish-freckled.

– We have Trick-or-Treaters! We’ve had, among other things, Cookie Monster, Mario, Power Ranger and a Lucha Libre wrestler. Also, I would like to point out that if you’re a teenage girl not in costume but old enough to have cleavage pouring out of your tank top, you’re too old to trick-or-treat. I mentioned this to Ducks and he said, “Oh, I didn’t notice.” Either he’s the best man on earth or a big fibber.

– I went to buy some chair covers for some wingback chairs my mom gave me. I was super proud of myself for finding a coupon and taking it with me. And THEN, I forgot to use any of my gift cards to pay for it. Grr…

Really, I’ve got nothing else. I’m hosting a jewelry party to help my friend start her business this week, so that should be interesting. I’m behind on ALL my blog reading, so, tell me, how was your week?!